West Wight Community Activities, Organisations and Help Groups – Volunteer to help or join.

The West Wight Community is a vibrant, friendly, collaborative and supportive community who continue to show in many ways that they are willing to give time, money and sheer hard work to  provide support, friendship,  a listening ear, and fun for anyone in need. Set out below are some of the many organisations that operate in the West Wight but is by no means exhaustive and it provides only a flavour of what actually exists. To find out more about what is going on in our area; how you can help, volunteer or join various organisations, visit the parish offices, library or drop in to  ‘Our Place’ in the West Wight Community Centre.


West Wight Sports and Community Centre, Freshwater – Lots of activities – Come and join in!


Friends of Freshwater Library (FOFL)

We are independent of the local Council and answerable to our members and the local community.

  • We aim to sustain and support the library and its facilities in Freshwater.
  • We aim to ensure the continuing provision of a library service in the West Wight.
  • We want to protect the existing building and improve its facilities.
  • We aim to raise funds to spend on improving the library now and into the future.

Join! …………Volunteer! …………Meet Friends!

For more information or to volunteer:

Phone: 01983 752377 (Library) or 01983 755453 (FOFL Committee)

e-mail: foflcommittee@gmail.com; Website: www.fofl.co.uk; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FOFL.library


West Wight Timebank

West Wight Timebank stand at the Freshwater ‘Celebrating Community’ Event


 Could you do with a hand sometimes?

Would you like to help out in our community and make new friends?

Give an hour…..Get an hour……

Share your skills and talents with the community and get others back in return.



Timebanking is a way of linking up the skills and needs of the community. For every hour you put in, you get a one hour time credit which you can ‘spend’ by asking for the help that you need. You can also give the credits to someone else who needs help or you can save them. Your time credits will be banked on a computer for you to spend when you need them. There is no regular commitment, just get involved when you want to. There is no cash involved, only time.

Who can join?

It’s completely free to join and anyone can join and all are welcome. Everyone’s time is valued equally. The Timebank exists to strengthen our communities and find that everyone has something to offer.

For more information:

Tel. 0787 2304294; e-mail: info@wwtb.org

Alzheimers Cafe at St Saviours Family Centre, Totland

Alzheimers Cafe Stand at The Celebrating Community Event


The purpose of the cafe

The purpose of the Cafe is to provide a space in which the issues surrounding dementia can be aired and problems voiced.





What is provided?

The Alzheimer Cafe has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and provides families and professionals with the opportunity to share their feelings, discuss problems, give and receive support, guidance informal education and information. All this happens within the Cafe’s safe and sensitive environment. It also provides a great opportunity to make new friends!

Each session includes refreshments, tea, coffee and drinks. We also have free and informative literature as well as a comments and suggestions book.

Please contact us if you require transport.

Phone: 01983 220200; e-mail: alzheimercafe.iow@btconnect.com


Freshwater and Totland Archive Group

Freshwater & Totland Archive Group Stand at the Celebrating Community Event


The Freshwater and Totland Archive Group is based at Freshwater Library. The aim of the group is to build an easily accessible local archive so that future generations might understand and appreciate our local history and safeguard their character in the future. Activities include working with Parish Councils and with various groups; recording. copying and cataloguing material; recording reminiscences on tape; conducting reminiscence walks; mounting public displays of photographic and written material; showing film featuring past local events; dealing with hundreds of enquiries and the publication of a book, ‘Freshwater Reflections’.

For more information email: info@fatag.co.uk




West Wight Townswomen’s Guild

West Wight Townswomen’s Guild Stand at the Celebrating Community Event








Are you interested in:

  • Meeting new friends
  • Learning a new skill such as knitting, crocheting or painting
  • Going for walks
  • Going to the theatre both on the island and the mainland
  • Having dinner out with your new found friends
  • Listening to speakers at meetings
  • Just attending meetings and having social time together

If you are then maybe joining Townswomen’s Guilds on the island is what you are looking for.

If you would like to hear more about where and when any of the Guilds meet, please feel free to contact Vera Theobald on 01983 407008 for further information.


 Rotary Club of West Wight 

Some Members at the West Wight Rotary Club Stand Celebrating Community Exhibition


We develop, manage and plan projects related to and for the benefit of West Wight Community, individuals and good causes.

These activities necessitate assisting local groups, liason with schools, councils and other local organisations plus match fundraising in a variety of ways.

For more information, Click the following link:





 Freshwater and Totland Parish Councils

Freshwater and Totland Parish Council Stand at the ‘Celebrating Community’ Exhibition

Totland Parish Council

Volunteer to ‘Keep our Village Flowering’.

Could you be a Parish Councillor or Volunteer?

Totland is the most westerly parish on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Within the parish of Totland are the world famous Needles rocks and the colourful sands of Alum Bay. As well as the attraction of the excellent beaches, it is a popular destination for walkers, birdwatchers and all those who enjoy the peace and quiet of rural surroundings. To find out more about Totland’s facilities and services, visitors information and the councils work: Click here to visit our website. http://www.totlandparishcouncil.org.uk/

Freshwater Parish Council

Freshwater is situated in the west of the Isle of Wight. The parish originally consisting of 5 ‘tuns’ or farms; Norton, Sutton, Easton, Weston and Middleton. These names are still in use today except Sutton which has become Freshwater Bay or ‘Freshwater Gate’. The parish is now a thriving community with a population of about 5,400. The economy is mostly agricultural and tourism-based with a small number of manufacturing and service companies.

To find out more about Freshwater’s facilities and services, visitors information and the council’s work: Click here to visit our website. http://www.freshwater-parish.org.uk/


Become Involved With Our West Wight Schools

Churches Together In West Wight are involved with all 4 schools in the West Wight via ‘Open the Book’ and individual school assembly visitors. Why not become involved by helping out at assemblies, reading with or for the children or praying for all of our schools and their work .

All Saints Church of England Primary School

For more information click here: http://www.allsaintsprimaryfreshwater.co.uk/

St Saviour’s Roman Catholic Primary School

For more information click here: http://www.stsaviourspri.co.uk/

Federation of Yarmouth and Shalfleet Church of England Primary Schools

 For more information click here:





 West Wight Women’s Institute


 Arts, Sports, Leisure and Science

From competitions, astronomy, earthquakes, writing, photography and drama to walking, dancing and circus skills.

Floral Art and Gardening

A variety of opportunities for members to develop their floral art skills.

Food and Cookery

The W.I is synonymous with good food and its preparation and these traditions of healthy well made food and preserves continue in a wide range of activities.


The W.I. has a long history of making best use of food to create tempting savoury, sweet and vegetarian recipes and dishes.


Members are offered a wide range of craft opportunities, to develop their existing skills and learn new ones.

Learning and Development

Learning and development has always been an integral part of the Women’s Institute in a wide range of roles.

National Competitions

W I members can take part in a wide range of competitions, all devised to not only bring fun and motivation to members but to act as a good educational learning tool.

WI Groups in the West Wight

Headon Hill – Colwell Baptist Church Hall, Colwell Road, Freshwater – On 3rd Thursday – 2pm

Freshwater Central – The Methodist Church Hall, Brookside, Freshwater – 2nd Tuesday – 2pm

Freshwater Bay – The Parish Hall, Victoria Road, Freshwater – 2nd Thursday – 7pm

To find out more visit our website. Click here: https://www.thewi.org.uk/


West Wight Painting Circle



In 1978 Rachel Bradley a talented artist from Salford near Bath moved to the island and along with her father, formed the West Wight Painting Circle. In those early days their were 15 members, but gradually the club has gone from strength to strength and today has around 70 members. Rachel remains President of the club to this day and with a small but enthusiastic Committee organise a range of events and classes throughout the year.

The club welcomes new members whatever their experience or ability.

The West Wight Painting Circle are a group of art lovers with arrange of abilities who meet monthly (on a Wednesday) at St Saviours Family Centre in Totland. Over the year our committee organises classes, talks, demonstrations, exhibitions, competitions and social ‘get-togethers’ for all its members.

During the summer, the meetings take the form of ‘Painting-Out Afternoons’ in interesting locations throughout the West Wight. These afternoons nearly always end with all important tea and cake!

We hold three exhibitions, in the summer months, at Yarmouth Town Hall where all members are encouraged to submit framed originals, mounted originals, prints and greetings cards.

For the rest of the year we hold one-day workshops and classes. To find out more visit our website: http://www.wwpc.org.uk/