Good At Fund Raising?   Join the Christ Church Fund Raising Team!

If you are good at coming up with innovative Ideas for fund raising events at Christ Church – we need you on our team!

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Join The Mission Fund Raising Team (At The FYT Charity Shop)

Funds raised on a Monday at the FYT Charity Shop on the Broadway, Totland go to the Christ Church Mission Fund.

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Join The Mission Fund Table Top Team (At The Church Hall)


The table top sale is held on the last Saturday of the month between 9.30 and 12 noon in Totland Church Hall, The Broadway Totland

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 Join The Christ Church Flower Arrangers 

Some Members of the Christ Church Flower Team



If you would like to join the Flower Team please Contact Us to help, volunteer or find out more.


See some examples of their work below. Such talent!





Join The Churchyard Clear-Up Team

Some of the churchyard volunteers

The Churchyard Clear-up Team meets on 2 consecutive Saturdays up to 4 times a year to maintain our beautiful churchyard. Come and enjoy our friendly group who welcome people of differing capabilities who find working in this environment a therapeutic pastime. The sessions run from 9 until 12 noon but you can come and go at a time that suits you. If you would like to try it, we can find a task that suits you. Please e-mail : to find out when the next sessions are scheduled.



Join the Memorial Transcription Team as part of the Churchyard Mapping Project

Memorial Transcription Work

Churchyard Mapping Team

Memorial Transcription work








The churchyard has had over 1600 burials. Our website burials database tells us who is in our churchyard but there is very little information about where they are,  which is the first thing that relatives and researchers want to know! Bill and Rose Stanley have been working for several years in generating a new up to date map of Christ Church churchyard. The Memorial transcription team are working along side them gradually examining each burial plot, transcribing the memorial inscriptions, the grave condition and its location onto pro-formas. This information is then uploaded onto the Christ Church burial database. The memorial transcription work runs concurrently with the churchyard clear-up days. All volunteers are welcome even if you have not done memorial transcription work before. You will be given all the information you need for safe working in the churchyard and the practical procedures for data collection on the day. Please e-mail: to volunteer or find out when the next sessions are scheduled.

Join The Church Catering and Refreshments Team

Serving Refreshments – Time for a chat!


Making cakes and puddings for special events or serving refreshments after Sunday services.

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Supporting  Our Churches Together in West Wight (CTWW) Groups

Churches Together in West Wight (CTWW) was set up 30 years ago with the aim of being a more effective work force than single churches in promoting  the work of the Gospel. As a single Christian group, sharing ideas, finance and human resources many ambitious projects have been made possible. CTWW is self supporting. Group organised activities help both the Christian people of the area to grow in faith and informs others of what Christianity has to offer. All fundraising undertaken is for charitable giving. CTWW supports charities locally, nationally and internationally.

CTWW is a very active organisation made up of nine churches which span five denominations – Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed. Each church has two elected representatives who attend the monthly meetings to plan CTWW events and share news from their churches. See also 


Join The Welcoming Team at CTWW ‘Our Place ‘


This is an all age drop in community cafe where you can drop in for a chat, refreshments and free use of games. A  relaxed informal place where you can pick up information about local activities, getting involved with the local community, or get help with forms, applications, employment, finance, housing, debt, benefits, welfare reform or any other issues. Come and meet your ‘Just Ask’ Officer, Southern Housing Rep or Local Area Co-ordinator. Every Tuesday 10.00am – 12.30pm.

The following organisations are available to help at certain times at Our Place. (See the white Board for up to date information on who is present on the day.)



Southern Housing -Julie Gardener, Financial Advisor offering support and advice with Housing Benefits, debt, welfare reform etc.

Local Area Coordination Network – Adam Tucker, offering support with everyday life and connecting you with other groups and organisations.

Just Ask West Wight – Mel Gardiner, connecting you with other west Wight groups and organisations.

Citizens Advice  – Peri Ryan or Davis Overton, offering advice with a wide range of situations.

Groundwork South – Elizabeth Hodgson, The Big Energy Saving Network, helping with fuel poverty issues and assisting with energy switching (until the end of March)

Well Being Reablement Team – Emma and Jane with the new Avenues Group and generally available.


West Wight Timebank – Sally and Roger with the Drop and Swap Table (1st Tuesday of the month)

No Barriers – Ian Goddard, helping those with physical or mental barrier to gaining employment (1st Tuesday of the month)

Barnardo’s – Lisa, offering support and courses for parents and carers of young children (2nd Tuesday of the month)

Age UK – Tara and Vicky (dates to be announced)

IW Society for the Blind – Laura Jasper, offering help and advice for those who are sight impaired. (Dates so far: 16th Jan, 27th Feb, 20th March, 17th April, 15th May.)

Yarmouth Neighbourhood Policing Team – PC Martin Egerton, starting April. (Dates so far: 3rd April, 1st May, 29th May,26th June, 24th July.)

As and When

Adult Social Care Worker – Rachael Millmore.

Carers IW – Julie Cocker, offering advice to those caring for a loved one. Also Nickie and Sadie from Living Well.

Community Navigator – Dale Slone, helping those over 50 to engage with community organisations.

Why not volunteer to welcome, chat and serve refreshments to our clients at Our Place at the front of the West Wight Sports and Community Centre in Freshwater.

Please Contact Us to find out more or visit our Facebook page 


CTWW Youth Project

Volunteering for the West Wight Churches Youth Project

Our new CTWW Youth Worker Faye Smith commences 1st September 2019. Please come along and support her in any way you can.

Dan Wells our previous youth worker comments about working with volunteers in a youth project newsletter. Dan says:

“I am so blessed to work with an amazing team of volunteers. They put so much time and effort into the youth project and without them none of it could happen. So to all of you who help in so many ways, including praying, baking cakes, driving a minibus, running games and chatting to young people, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU! ”

Dan had been chatting to one of the volunteers at The Pack and Rock Solid 2 about their work with young people and they saie:


You do lots of other stuff as well as the youth project. What else have you been involved in?”

“I help with ‘Open the Book’ in primary schools, I recently felt that God was calling me to start something at church for the children so we’ve now started ‘Lighthouse’. I also went to ‘Vibe’ – I love getting involved with the kids and once stepped up to be a superhero dressed in pants!”

What is your favourite thing about volunteering in the youth project?”

“Building relationships. The most common thing at the moment with young people is not having the will to live, with lots of young people self-harming . I feel like God is calling me to be a part of helping to bring hope into their difficult situations and encourage them. I love that when I’m on the streets I see them and can say ‘Hi’”

What is the most challenging thing in youth work?”

“I find it hard sometimes to connect with young people I don’t have much in common with. Sometimes it’s hard to start a conversation, although I’m happy talking to anyone and I ‘m quite good at that really. Sometimes finding a topic of conversation that gets them chatting and engaging can be tricky.”

Get Involved

We are always looking for people to join our amazing team of volunteers, so if you  are interested in finding out more, please feel free to get in touch. Please speak to Dan Wells.

Contact: or please Contact Us to find out more.


CTWW ‘Oasis’

A relaxed meeting space held every Monday morning at Freshwater Methodist Church, Brookside, Freshwater. Friendship and a listening ear whilst enjoying tea, coffee and biscuits, scrabble, jigsaws knitting, newspapers and Fairtrade goods. Every Monday 10.00am – 12noon.

Why not volunteer to welcome, chat and serve refreshments to our clients at the Freshwater Methodist Church. Please contact Doreen Dace or Contact Us to find out more.





CTWW ‘Memory Lane’ 

Christ Church Annexe is the venue for ‘Memory Lane’ a local Churches Together in West Wight group initiative offering support, company and fun activities for those with dementia and memory difficulties. Featuring music, quizzes, reminiscence, tea and a chat. Usually the 1st Wednesday in the month between 2.00pm – 4.00pm. Members of Christ Church are amongst the volunteers.

Why not volunteer to welcome, chat and serve refreshments to our clients at the Christ Church Annexe, Totland. Please contact Anne Linington or Contact Us to find out more.