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Burials database

Due to the volume of data in the database, we suggest that the table is best viewed on a computer, rather than a tablet or smartphone.

SurnameTitle and ForenamesAddressRegister Entry & Map Plot No.Date of BirthDate of DeathAgeDate of BurialOther informationDescription of Grave
A MAN UNKNOWNNot knownNot KnownNot Known26/2/1890Found in Scratchells Bay, Totland
A MAN UNKNOWNNot knownNot KnownNot Known26/3/1890
A MAN UNKNOWNNot KnownNot KnownNot Known18/10/1902Found in Alum Bay, Totland
A MAN UNKNOWNNot KnownNot KnownNot Known22/04/1938Body found in sea in Alum Bay
A BOY UNKNOWNNot KnownNot KnownNot Known25/11/1940
ACLANDMajor, Sir - Anthony GuySunnybank, Church Hill, Totland191614/12/198367 yrs05/01/1984Ashes In Garden of Rememberance (4)Memorial Garden
ADAMSRobertPenshumet, The Avenue, TotlandR1/37084 yrs29/11/1921Scroll Couchant, No kerbs
ADAMSLouisa1 Granville Road, Totland BayR2/13895 yrs04/08/1933Scroll Couchant, No kerbs
ADAMSWilliam HenryGrayingham, Totland BayR2/16064 yrs14/11/1934Interred with Caroline Dorothy Adams No Headstone, Kerbs only
ADAMSCaroline DorothyGrayingham, The Avenue, TotlandR2/36580 yrs05/07/1946Interred with William H Adams No Headstone, Kerbs only
ADAMSWilliam BasilHeathcott, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/? - 234/C422/11/189617/12/197680 yrs21/12/1976In grave of Dorothy HarknettSmall scroll with added plaque
ADAMSKathleenHeathcott, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/153 - 234/C421/03/189431/01/198186 yrs05/02/1981In grave of Dorothy HarknettSmall scroll with added plaque
ADAMSPeter GeoffreyThe Laurels, Weston Lane, TotlandR3/257 - 866/F466 yrs18/06/1997Interred with Pauline AdamsNext to George & Elsie Trevanion
ADAMSPaulineSnowdrop House, Baldock Street, Ware, Herts.R3/360 - 866/F487 yrs21/09/2020Interred with Peter Adams
ADAMSAlfred Gregory29 Lingfield Avenue, Kingston, Surrey14/01/1986--/-/1986Ashes buried with William H. Adams No Headstone, Kerbs only
ADOLPHMaurice HenryTotland BayR1/108 - 190/B53/4/187530/12/189621 yrs2/1/1897Stone Cross on 3 level plinth-kerb surround
AITKENCharles GakingInglefield, Totland BayR2/87 - 209/D51848193082 yrs19/07/1930Interred with Bertha E AitkenEnd to end graves Celtic cross on pedestal,kerb surround
AITKENBertha EdmonstoneDuncliffe, Dunnaut Road, ParkstoneR2/119 - 188/D530/04/185618/10/193276 yrs21/10/1932Interred with Charles Gaking AitkenEnd to end Graves,Celtic cross on pedestal,kerb surround
ALDERDanielTotland Bay66 yrs13/08/1910
ALLENRobertTotlandR2/13 - 208/C508/02/192532 yrs11/02/1925Stone Scroll headstone with kerb surround
ALLENAlice MaryDunollie, Totland BayR2/217 - 302/C424/02/193978 yrs01/03/1939Interred with Emily Sarah Allen (Sister)Headstone with kerb surround
ALLENMargarette AnnRoyal I.W. Hospital, RydeR2/25956 yrs01/02/1941Interred with Henry William AllenOrnate Marble headstone with kerb surround
ALLENWendy MarshBroadway Garage, Totland9 months24/01/1942
ALLENEmily SarahNorton Lodge Nursing HomeR2/568 - 302/C402/04/195692 yrs05/04/1956Interred with Alice Mary AllenHeadstone with kerb surround
ALLENJeremy DavidThe Vicarage, Quorn, LeicsR2/5768 yrs16/08/1956Interred with Herbert Douglas Allen Small headstone, no kerbs
ALLENHenry WilliamHigh Street, FreshwaterR2/61375 yrs08/01/1959Interred with Margarette Ann AllenOrnate Marble headstone with kerb surround
ALLENReverend - Herbert DouglasSun Corner, Totland BayR2/61677 yrs09/03/1959Ashes buried with Jeremy David AllenDouble grave. Small headstone, no kerbs
ALLIBONEJohn EdwardHillcrest, 11 Amos Hill, TotlandR3/275 - 785/F519/04/199972 yrs29/04/1999Interred with Beryl Allibone
ALLIBONEBeryl DorothyHillcrest, 11 Amos Hill, TotlandR3/347 - 785/F518/02/201686 yrs18/02/2016Interred with John Allibone
ALLISTONCaptain - ClaudHursthill, TotlandR2/2820/1/194269 yrs07/01/1942Hon Artillery Coy, Middlesex Regt.Cross on pedestal, no kerbs
AMANSarah TolsonTotland Bay Hotel, TotlandR2/19383 yrs29/06/1937Interred with Frank Gerard AllenCross on pedestal
AMANFrank GerardTotland Bay Hotel, TotlandR2/20581 yrs01/02/1938Ashes buried with Sarah Tolson AmanTriple Grave. Cross on pedestal
AMANGerard James Paul(died Bournmouth)0/11/1949Ashes - (Son of Frank & Sarah Aman)Plaque on soil. Not in Burial register
AMANJohn GodfreySun Corner, Totland BayR2/4530/4/195058 yrs06/04/1950Low Headstone with kerb surround
AMANAnthony JohnWilliam Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent26/12/200068 yrs21/04/2001Ashes buried with John Godfrey Aman
AMIESGrace3 The Council Houses, TotlandR2/55882 yrs16/08/1955Wife of Matthew Amies of GosforthHeadstone with kerb surround
AMOSHenry JamesThe Nest, Totland BayR2/65 - 241/D424/08/192861 yrs28/08/1928Low headstone with kerb surround
ANDERSONDaisy WinifredIvydene, York Road, Totland BayR1/338 - 201/C508/10/191825 yrs12/10/1918Plain Cross on 3 level plinth - kerb surround
ANDERSONDorcasRandolf Villa, Totland BayR1/344 - 202/C527/01/191958 yrs31/01/1919Interred with Joseph AndersonRugged cross on 3 level pinth - kerb surround
ANDERSONJosephRandolph Villa, Totland BayR2/95 - 202/C519/03/193175 yrs23/03/1931Interred with Dorcus AndersonRugged cross on 3 level pinth - kerb surround
ANDERTONJamesElm Cottage, Princes Road, TotlandR2/58383 yrs28/11/1956Interred with Eleanor AndertonStone surround only
ANDERTONEleanorNot Recorded80 yrsInterred with James Anderton-not in burial registerStone surround only
ANDREWSCyril Ernest LottTotland Bay6 months05/07/1906
ANDREWSEmilySt Mary's Hospital, Newport80 yrs26/08/1940
ANDREWSCharlotteWestering, Summers Lane, Totland94 yrs18/04/1961
ANLEYColonel - H. A.Not Recorded0/11/19421942Foot tablet appears to have been taken Bird Bath, crazy paving with kerb surround
ANLEYAgnes PaulineGreengables, Totland86 yrs20/03/1959Interred with H A Anley Bird Bath, crazy paving with kerb surround
ANSELLMaryTotland Bay21 yrs12/6/1888
ANSELLMarcus RobinRoseberry Cottage, Bedbury Lane, FreshwaterR2/13124 yrs13/03/1933Scroll couchant with kerb surround
ANSELLSamuel IsaacCounty Mental Hospital66 yrs10/05/1937
ARLEYHenry AugustusGreen Gates, Totland77 yrs19/08/1942
ARMSTRONGEmily Nellie LouiseMotuea, The Avenue, Totland77 yrs19/04/1961
ARMSTRONGThomas JohnWhitecroft Hospital, Newport84 yrs17/11/1965
ARNOLDEthel MargaretHighdown, TotlandR2/9065 yrs07/10/1930Grand daughter of Dr. Arnold of RugbyKerb surround only
ARNOLDAlfredMimosa, Colwell, TotlandR2/27081 yrs10/06/1941Interred with Lucy ArnoldDouble width grave. Low Headstone with kerb surround
ARNOLDLucyThe Anchorage, Totland BayR2/29185 yrs24/04/1942Interred with Alfred ArnoldDouble width grave. Low Headstone with kerb surround
ARNOLDArthur AlfredWesterly, York Road, TotlandR3/7201/04/197566 yrs05/04/1975Black granite headstone, kerbs, chippings
ARNOLDRuth Emily Alice26 Warwick New Road, Leamington24/05/198983 yrs30/06/1989Ashes with husband Arthur Alfred ArnoldBlack granite headstone, kerbs, chippings
ASHTONJamesSolent Gardens, FreshwaterR3/11758 yrs28/10/1978Ashes with John GoucherStone Ashes Tablet
ATHEYPeter Frederick1 Elm Grove, Weston Road, TotlandR2/716 - 640/F117 yrs25/03/1965Low headstone with kerb surround
ATHEYHarry RichardBirkenshaw Flats, TotlandR2/74578 yrs15/08/1966Low headstone with kerb surround
ATHEYMary HildaBerkenshaw Flats, The Broadway, TotlandR3/13690 yrs01/04/1980
ATHEYFrederick George Richard16 St Saviours Road, TotlandR3/26704/10/199879 yrs14/10/1998Interred with Joan M Athey
ATHEYJoan MargaretDown House,Alum Bay New Rd, TotlandR3/34689 yrs05/06/2015Interred with Frederick G R Athey
ATTEWELLDoris GwendolineThe Largesse, Totland61 yrs18/04/1961
ATTEWELLAugustus GeorgeThe Largesse, Alum Bay,TotlandR3/25509/02/199782 yrs19/02/1997Interred with Vera Evelyn Attewell
ATTEWELLVera EvelynThe Largesse, Alum Bay,TotlandR3/27624/05/199986 yrs04/06/1999Interred with Augustus George Attwell
ATTRILLFlorence WinifredWordville, Middleton, Totland47 yrs12/07/1947
ATTRILLFrederick JamesSt Mary's Hospital, Newport66 yrs30/06/1951
AUSTENDoris GwendolineHomelands, The Broadway, TotlandR2/26848 yrs26/05/1941Interred with Frances Emma Jane HoweHeadstone with kerb surround
AWTYTom AlfredAlum Bay, TotlandR2/17061 yrs02/10/1935Headstone with kerb surround
AWTYNellieHillside, High Street, FreshwaterR2/42773 yrs09/02/1949Interred with Tom Awty d.Royal Cancer Hospital, SW3Headstone with kerb surround
AYRESHilda MaryHia-Ora, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/78477 yrs22/11/1968Interred with William Thomas AyresHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
AYRESWilliam ThomasLittle Hayes,Church Hill, TotlandR3/5988 yrs20/08/1973Chauffeur to HRH Princess BeatriceHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
AYTON-ROBINSONGrace EmilyCulverdene Nursing Home, Church Hill, TotlandR3/27212/02/199980 yrs23/02/1999
BABSTOCKThomasSherbourne, Totland58 yrs21/02/1912Plymouth Bretheren
BABSTOCKMary JaneSherbourne, Middleton, Freshwater94 yrs22/04/1947
BAILEYJames William15 Lanes End, Totland21/10/200083 yrs18/11/2000Ashes interred with Doris BaileyIn Garden of Remembrance
BAILEYDoris MurielOaklands Care Home, Lower Common Rd, West Wellow12/02/201593 yrs11/03/2015Ashes interred with James BaileyIn Garden of Remembrance
BAILLIEJohn GordonWind Ridge, Totland BayR2/38174 yrs25/02/1947Interred with Margaret BaillieCemented grave with headstone and kerb surround
BAILLIEMargaretVictoria Road, YarmouthR2/57483 yrs26/06/1956Interred with John Gordon BaillieCemented grave with headstone and kerb surround
BAIRDRobert WilliamBeacon View, The Broadway, TotlandR2/59167 yrs18/06/1957Headstone with kerb surround
BAISHRosina Sarah1 Sunset Close, FreshwaterR3/33779 Yrs22/08/2011Interred with Maurice Gerald Baish
BAISHMaurice Gerald1 Sunset Close, FreshwaterR3/31220/12/200382 yrs30/12/2003Interred with Rosina Sarah Baish
BAISHDavid Arthur18A Arnhem Road, Freshwater14/06/198645 yrs23/06/1989Ashes buried with George W. BuddenCommonwealth War Grave of G. W. Budden with kerbs
BAKEREdwinNot Recorded17½ yrs0/0/1939Not in burial registerTiny stone flower block. No kerbs. Nothing else.
BAKEREmily MaudJourneys End, The Avenue, Totland Bay237/D401/06/195564 yrs04/06/1955Interred with Edwin Charles BakerLow headstone, kerb surround and chippings
BAKEREdwin CharlesJourneys End, The Avenue, Totland BayR2/731 - 237/D420/12/196574 yrs24/12/1965Interred with Emily Maud BakerLow headstone, kerb surround and chippings
BAKERDoreen GladysTaberna Pines, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/31608/06/200471 yrs09/07/2004Interred with Ronald Charles Baker
BAKERRonald CharlesTaberna Pines, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/36186yrs29/09/2020Interred with Doreen Gladys Baker
BALDERSTONAda Muriel AlexandraAbbeyfield, The Avenue, TotlandR3/28721/10/200098 yrs01/11/2000Interred with Ivy Muriel Balderstone
BALDERSTONIvy MurielSeven Gables Care Home, York Lane, TotlandR3/34585 yrs20/06/2014Interred with mother - Ada M.A. Balderstone
BALDWINFrederick WilliamAshurst Park Nursing Home, Fordcombe Rd, Tunbridge29/12/199986 yrs20/05/2005Ashes In Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
BALDWINNancy Constance3 Yewtree Rd, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent19/12/200990 yrs17/03/2010Ashes (with F.W. Baldwin G of Remembrance)Memorial Garden
BALDWIN TANKARDMary BeatriceSeven Gables, Totland BayR1/6710 yrs15/11/1890Ornate rugged cross on pedestal
BALENellie MayBriary Lodge, Moons Hill, FreshwaterR3/29430/04/200292 yrs10/05/2002York Road Boundary
BALLANTINEGeorginaHamwell Hospital, SouthallR1/37872 yrs20/03/1922Interred with Arthur William BallantineGranite cross on pedestal with kerb surround
BALLARDThomas AlexanderSt Briac, Freshwater81 yrs05/12/1931
BALLARDEdward Charles2 Heathfield Close, FreshwaterR3/182not stated11/12/1984
BALLANTINEArthur WilliamAshmead, TotlandR1/27661 yrs09/02/1914Interred with Georgina BallantineGranite cross on pedestal with kerb surround
BANKSWilliam HenryCornwall Tower, Totland87 yrs21/08/1919
BARBERElizabethGranville road, Totland88 yrs25/07/1946
BARCHARDMary AnnTotland Bay83 yrs29/1/1885
BARCHELLJohnTotland Bay60 yrs3/5/1885
BARLOWCaroline EmmaTotland BayR1/75//189143 yrs15/6/1891of Pentonville, LondonHeadstone, no kerbs
BARNARDClara AnnieWyoming, Upper Princes Rd, TotlandR2/54869 yrs02/04/1955Small headstone, no kerbs
BARNESWilliamFreshwater65 yrs15/1/1898
BARNESJaneFreshwater69 yrs30/11/1907
BARNESCatherine EllenTotland Bay42 yrs28/04/1910
BARNESDorothy LillianTotland BayR2/1 - 228/C407/09/192316 yrs10/09/19231 Grave + 1 Memorial text Angel on double plinth, kerb 2 flower holders
BARNESBessie AliceWeston Villa, TotlandR2/30273 yrs25/01/1943Tiny scroll, no kerbs
BARRETTJerryNot RecordedR1/1820/1/190682 yrs0/0/1906Interred with Marianne Barrett Granite cross and footstone only, no kerbs
BARRETTMarianne27 Brookfield, HighgateR1/27071 yrs17/09/1913Interred with Jerry BarrettGranite cross and footstone only, no kerbs
BASSETTJuliaLucerne Villa, Middleton, Totland77 yrs16/02/1950
BASTIANICecil HaroldTotland Bay2 months10/12/1891
BASTIANIJosephSilcombes Lane, Colwell Bay52 yrs29/04/1916
BASTIANIEllenHeath Lane, Colwell, Totland64 yrs16/12/1919
BASTIANIEdwardColwell, TotlandR2/11578 yrs14/03/1932LifeboatmanPlain marble Tablet, no kerbs
BASTIANIAlice AnnSilcombes Lane, Totland73 yrs06/10/1934
BASTIANIFrances Isabel3 Prospect Cottages, Colwell Bay, Totland79 yrs11/01/1947
BATESAda Robina1 Sunset Close, FreshwaterR3/1264 yrs10/07/1970
BAYSYANDNorah Ellen MaryLittle Hayes, Totland82 yrs22/04/1968
BEAUMONTLeonore Margaret4 west View, Queens Road, Freshwater20/01/198652 yrs29/01/1986Ashes buried with James Steel McCall
BEESLEYWilliam Henry24 St Saviours Road, Totland47 yrs16/11/1966
BELLSybilHeatherwood, Totland BayR1/333 - 199/C514/02/191821 yrs19/02/1918Cross on 3 stone plinth with no kerb surround
BELLAugusta Charlotte Annie4 Heath Villas, Colwell Lane, Totland72 yrs25/10/1957
BELLPhyllis Margaret7 Egliston Road, Putney, London. SW15R3/112 - 209/D416/21/188501/02/197892 yrs16/06/1978Ashes buried with Charles AitkenLong Grave, Celtic cross on pedestal,kerb surround
BENNETTWalter JackTavistock, Ward Road, TotlandR3/21379 yrs06/07/1990
BERKELEYLaura SpurlingAmbleside, Totland BayR2/12384 yrs25/01/1933Low headstone with kerb surround
BERKLEY-Not Recorded-01/10/1950Ashes - Reg. Entry between 9 & 27 Oct 1950
BICKNELLEmily ElinyaWhite Webb, The Mall, Totland91 yrs19/01/1967
BIGGSFrancis JamesNot Recorded70 yrs0/0/1978Not in burial registerGrave is next to Ruth Elizabeth Moore
BILLSONFrederick JohnWintonia, The Broadway, TotlandR2/324 - 290/B428/03/19441 yr30/03/1944Tiny Grave, Headstone with kerb surround
BIRCHELLJames Michael ConradWeston Manor, TotlandR3/28426/06/200069 yrs01/08/2000York Road boundary
BIRDBeatrice VictoriaAston House, Church Hill, TotlandR3/13983 yrs21/05/1980Burial of Ashes
BIRDIEMuriel ZenaGlendovere, Totland Bay77 yrs18/02/1946
BLACKMaryFreshwaterR1/59186713/4/188921 yrs17/4/1889Small printed headstone, no kerbs
BLACKMOREWilliam Robert2 Hurstview, Eden Road, TotlandR3/25308/12/199682 yrs13/12/1996
BLAKERose AnnaManor Cottage, TotlandR2/29786 yrs31/07/1942formerly of YarmouthNo headstone, Kerb surround
BLANNArthur Henry Stonor10 Manor Villas, TotlandR2/19159 yrs19/05/1937Interred with Clara BlannLow headstone, kerb surround and green chippings
BLANNClaraSt Margarets, 10 The Broadway, TotlandR3/3505/04/197294 yrs08/04/1972Ashes buried with Arthur H. S. BlannLow headstone, kerb surround and green chippings
BLOOMFIELDFrederick ArthurAshmeade, Weston Road, TotlandR2/63285 yrs01/09/1959Known as BromfieldNo headstone, Kerb surround
BLOOMFIELDEmilyLittle Ash, The Broadway, TotlandR2/75191 yrs28/12/1966Interred with Frederick Arthur BloomfieldNo headstone, Kerb surround
BLUNDELLFrederick WalterTotland BayR1/2245 yrs10/02/1910Small grave, small cross on pedestal with kerb surround
BLUNDELLWalterClifton Cottage, TotlandR1/44 yrs21/08/1912
BLUNDELLMargaret Ena (Emi)Clifton Cottage, Colwell Lane, TotlandR1/32811 yrs07/11/1917Small grave, Scroll headstone with kerb surround
BLUNDELLPamela Ena ElaineThe Summer House, Guyers Road, Freshwater12 weeks11/11/1923
BODENGeorge2 Hamborough Villas, TotlandR2/58682 yrs02/04/1957Interred with Annie Florence BodenRed polished granite Tomb cover with no kerbs
BODENAnnie FlorenceRestholme, Victoria Road, FreshwaterR2/76296 yrs03/08/1967Interred with George BodenRed polished granite Tomb cover with no kerbs
BONTHRONShiela Elizabeth7 Eastdean Ave, Epsom, Surrey09/12/201691 yrs19/08/2017Ashes with mother Marjorie Byrne
BOOTIsabella JohnstonMount Pleasant, TotlandR1/32879 yrs08/10/1924
BOSWELLGeorgeSchool House, Totland Bay37 yrs17/01/1907
BOURNEPhoebieTinklers, Eden Road, TotlandR2/66768 yrs22/08/1961Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
BOURNEWilliam ChristopherHillrest, Cliff Road, TotlandR3/24722/01/199676 yrs25/01/1996under hedge behind vicarage
BOWENCatherine ElizabethGlenheadon, Totland BayR2/17386 yrs22/02/1936Cross on pedestal, chippings and kerb surround
BOWENReverend - ChristopherNot Recorded0/0/18900/0/1890Not in register. Founder of Christ ChurchMarble Cross on pedestal. No kerbs
BOWENWilliam EdwardGlenheadon, Totland BayR2/21176 yrs23/07/1938Interred with Catherine Elizabeth BowenCross on pedestal, chippings and kerb surround
BOYLEHelen GraemeTotland BayR1/123 - 216/B414/01/18993 yrs16/1/1899Headstone, no kerbs
BRETTAmy WinifredMoons Hill, TotlandR3/17279 yrs04/03/1983Interred with Ethel Irene Brett
BRETTEthel Irene1 Moorside, Moons Hill, TotlandR3/23308/02/199495 yrs14/02/1994Interred with Amy Winifred Brett
BREWERWilliam HenryNot Recorded46 yrs04/05/1916
BREWERDoctor - Alexander HamptonHome Rest, Totland BayR1/33174 yrs01/02/1918Interred with Louisa Sckmack BrewerGranite Celtic on pedestal,kerbs,chippings
BREWERLouisa SchmackHome Rest, Totland BayR2/11382 yrs07/03/1932Interred with Alexander Hampton BrewerGranite Celtic on pedestal,kerbs,chippings
BREWERTom LlewellynGakley, Station Road, RadyrR2/1740/2/193648 yrs04/03/1936Granite cross on pedestal,kerb surround, green chippings
BREWEREllenHome Rest, The Broadway, TotlandR2/35860 yrs18/02/1946Daughter of Alex and Louisa BrewerStone surround and kerbs
BREWERRosina MaryPrinces Road, TotlandR2/39580 yrs25/10/1947Interred with William James BrewerUnmarked mound with tiny flower block,no kerbs
BREWEREmma LouiseHome Rest, The Broadway, TotlandR2/42172 yrs26/11/1948Interred with Edith Mary BrewerStone surround and chippings
BREWERReverend - Peter James Llewellyn333 Croxted Road, London SE24R2/46224 yrs27/10/1950Stone surround and chippings
BREWERWilliam JamesUpper Princes Road, TotlandR2/49479 yrs12/01/1952Interred with Rosina M Brewer By Tree on pathUnmarked mound with tiny flower block,no kerbs
BREWEREdith MaryRestholme, Victoria Road, FreshwaterR2/74888 yrs16/11/1966Interred with Emma Louise BrewerStone surround and chippings
BREWERBeatrice Susannah SarahNot RecordedR3/778 yrs06/04/1970Burial of Ashes
BREWERTONJosephTotland BayR1/188 - 211/D509/10/190681 yrs13/10/1906Cross carved Headstone, no kerbs
BREWERTONEmma ElizabethTotland BayR1/206 - 212/D504/06/190847 yrs06/06/1908wife of Joseph BrewertonCross carved Headstone, no kerbs
BRIDGEREdith EyreThe Windmill, TotlandR2/202 - 305/C478 yrs08/11/1937Interred with Herbert BridgerNo headstone, kerb surround
BRIDGERHerbert KynastonThe Wndmill, TotlandR2/271 - 305/C482 yrs24/06/1941Interred with Edith BridgerNo headstone, kerb surround
BRIDLELilian EmilyNot RecordedR2/3620/5/194668 Yrs0/0/1946Granite headstone with kerb surround
BRIGGSRichard AlfredHigh Dower, Totland bayR2/46873 yrs23/01/1951Interred with Eva Gertrude BriggsLow headstone with kerb surround and chippings
BRIGGSEva GertrudeHighdown, TotlandR2/52372 yrs18/05/1953Ashes interred with Richard A. BriggsLow headstone with kerb surround and chippings
BRINEHarold Jesse3 Brickfield Cottages, Totland3 weeks23/10/1916
BRINEJohn Henry3 Brickfield Cottages, Totland3 weeks25/10/1916
BRISCOERobert DixonGrassington, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/3330/2/194578 yrs05/02/1945No headstone, polished granite surround
BRITTENAlgernon JohnCollingtree, Upper Granville Road, TotlandR2/63581 yrs14/12/1959Interred with Louisa Emma BrittenLow headstone with kerb surround
BRITTENLouisa EmmaElliston House, TotlandR3/3885 yrs26/05/1972Ashes buried with A. J BrittenLow headstone with kerb surround
BROADBANKAda EmilyColwell Common, Totland78 yrs09/10/1945Interred with Reginald Bishop Broadbank
BROADBANKReginald BishopChristchurch Hospital-15/05/1957Ashes buried with Ada E Broadbank
BROADLEYCaroline MayHaldene, The Avenue, TotlandR2/23219/01/199482 yrs26/01/1994Interred with Betsy Elizabeth Knight
BRODIEMuriel ZaraNot RecordedR2/3590/2/194677 yrs0/0/1946Interred with William Alexander BrodieMassive granite block with kerb surround
BRODIEMajor - Frederick CardenGlenfield, Carisbrooke, I.W.R2/45285 yrs31/03/1950Interred with Ellen Margaret BrodieHeadstone, no kerbs
BRODIEEllen MargaretGlenfield, Carisbrooke, I.W.R2/45783 yrs27/05/1950Interred with Frederick Carden BrodieHeadstone, no kerbs
BRODIEWilliam AlexanderDownside, Summers Lane,TotlandR2/72692 yrs14/10/1965Interred with Muriel Zara BrodieMassive granite block with kerb surround
BRODIEFreda Margaret CardenWhitecroft Hospital, NewportR3/177 yrs04/11/1969Interred with Frederick & Ellen BrodieHeadstone, no kerbs
BRODIEJocelyn Mary SccidamoreGreen Meadows, Colwell Road, Freshwater22/04/198284 yrs05/05/1982Burial of Ashes
BROOKE-WEBBEdward VernonWoodland Cottage, FreshwaterR2/35180 yrs24/12/1945Interred with Myna Gwendoline Brooke-WebbLarge cross couchant, no kerbs
BROOKE-WEBBMyna GwendolineCollingford Farm, Dane Hill, Haywards HeathR2/6310/5/195985 yrs25/08/1959Ashes buried with Edward V. Brooke-WebbLarge cross couchant, no kerbs
BROOMFIELDMary AnneTotland76 yrs24/04/1925
BROOMFIELDGeorgeTotland Bay93 yrs11/07/1928
BROOMFIELDAliceOld Coastguard Cottages87 yrs04/04/1956
BROOMHEADAnnieMental Hospital, NewportR2/31177 yrs26/08/1943Interred with Sarah Ann PalinHeadstone with kerb surround
BROUJES*Dorothy ElizabethLinks View, Upper Princes Road, TotlandR2/61465 yrs29/01/1959Spelt BRUNJESSmall headstone with kerb surround and chippings
BROWNGeorge HenryElm Cottage, Princes RoadR1/34737 yrs20/02/1919Small headstone with kerb surround
BROWNColin1 Irene Villas, The Avenue, Totland6½ months23/02/1933
BROWNElsie EmilyElm Cottage, Princes Road,FreshwaterR2/66 yrs14/03/1950Interred with Sophia & William TwymanLong,Narrow concrete covered grave,stone slab on pillow
BROWNArchibald StanleySaunders Hotel, Freshwater BayR2/64069 yrs22/03/1960died Royal National Hospital, VentnorHeadstone with kerb surround and cemented top
BROWNAlfred EdwardCherat, The Avenue, TotlandR2/69681 yrs29/06/1963Interred with Celia Watts BrownHeadstone with kerb surround
BROWNCecilia Watts18 Birdwood Grove, Fareham, HantsR2/79774 yrs30/06/1969Interred with Alfred Edward BrownHeadstone with kerb surround
BROWNNellie SarahMary Ross, The Square, Freshwater BayR3/8892 yrs09/06/1976Interred with Archibald Stanley BrownHeadstone with kerb surround and cemented top
BROWNCyril George HartGarth, Madiera Road, TotlandR3/14068 yrs28/09/1980Burial of Ashes (Funeral Service 30.5.1980)
BROWNWilliam CyrilBurland Cottage, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/32381 yrs04/01/2007
BROWNLOWBeatrice NanGlenheadon, York Lane, TotlandR2/77473 yrs03/06/1968Ashes with Godparents W. & C. BowenAshes Tablet Couchant
BRYANTSarah JaneJourneys End, The Avenue, Totland Bay83 yrs01/03/1940
BUCHANANFrancis Henry TheodoreThe Hoo, Totland BayR2/24967 yrs22/08/1940Interred with Gwendoline May BuchananCross on pedestal with kerbs and chippings
BUCHANANDavid GeorgeVictor House, Partland Avenue, RydeR2/37174 yrs06/09/1946No headstone, kerb surround, flower Block, cemented
BUCHANANGwendolene May IsobelThe Hoo, Totland BayR2/68364 yrs13/12/1962Interred with Francis H.T BuchananCross on pedestal with kerbs and chippings
BUCKETTHarry Ambrose2 Maydene, Princes Road, Totland65 yrs13/03/1957Cremated Southampton. Ashes scattered
BUDDENPrivate - George WilliamRoyal I.W. Hospital, RydeR2/25823/01/194155 yrs28/01/1941Hampshire Regiment 13th (HD) Battn.Commonwealth War Grave with kerb surround
BUDDENDorothy EileenFlukes Cottage, Totland Bay10 days06/03/1942
BUDDENArthurNot Recorded-0/0/1943-0/0/1943Killed in action. Not in burial registerCommonwealth War Grave of G. W. Budden with kerbs
BUDDENSarah Jane8 Brickfield Cottages, TotlandR2/61570 yrs22/02/1959Book at foot of Commonwealth War Grave of G. W. Budden
BUDDENWalter Henry29 Fountain St, Heckmondwike, YorksR3/10260 yrs03/09/1977Ashes buried with G. W. BuddenCommonwealth War Grave of G. W. Budden with kerbs
BUDDENAlbert James3 Old Mill Cottages, Middleton, Totland26/03/199582 yrs03/04/1995Ashes buried with G. W. BuddenCommonwealth War Grave of G. W. Budden with kerbs
BULLOCKAlfredI.W. County Hospital, Ryde75 yrs09/01/1943
BUNNCharlotte SophiaThe Avenue, TotlandR2/491 - 245/D414/12/195182 yrs18/12/1951Low headstone with kerb surround and chippings
BURFORDAlice MaudPrinces Road, Totland33 yrs26/03/1913
BURGESSKathleen AliceAinsworth Court, Cameron Close, FreshwaterR3/25080 yrs22/10/1996
BURGESSLorna SophiaLittle Mount, Cliff Road, Totland05/05/200483 yrs27/05/2004Ashes in Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
BURNETTAlice MaryHurstview, Eden Road, TotlandR2/60898 yrs03/10/1958Interred with Frederick & Alice BurnettTablet Restant with kerb surround and chippings
BURNETTFrederick HenryLittle Orchard, Ward Road, TotlandR3/7071 yrs23/01/1975Interred with Alice Mary BurnettBook Restant with kerb surround and chippings
BURNETTGladys MarianSt Lawrence, Warden Road, TotlandR3/11680 yrs12/10/1978Interred with Frederick BurnettTriple width grave
BURRATTJeremiahHarrow82 yrs03/04/1906
BURRIDGEEmilyHighdown, Totland66 yrs10/04/1907
BURROWSLily MarchSakara, Granville Road, TotlandR3/20087 yrs25/09/1987
BURTONDavid MorganThe Hawkridge, Totland BayR2/58248 yrs26/10/1956No Headstone with Red Granite kerb surround
BURTONFlorence ElizabethBethany, Ward Road, Totland87 yrs20/07/1966
BURTONIvy BrendaDown House, TotlandR3/21912/05/199181 yrs17/05/1991
BURTONCaroline RosalineChequers, Weston Lane, TotlandR3/23620/03/199449 yrs25/03/1994
BURTONMichael Victor DavidCherrytrees, Farthings Way, TotlandR3/24413/09/199558 yrs22/09/1995
BUSHElsie Doris (Ellie)Not RecordedR3/7468 yrs27/04/1975Burial of ashes
BUTCHERGeorge William JamesTotland Bay75 yrs29/03/1926Interred with Mary ButcherCross on Pedestal with kerb surround and green chippings
BUTCHERGertrude AnnRyde County Hospital, Ryde, I.W.R2/2586 yrs06/06/1968
BUTCHERMaryRestholme Nursing HomeR2/67698 yrs25/01/1962Interred with George W J ButcherCross on Pedestal with kerb surround and green chippings
BUTLERGeorge ThomasBelvedere, The Broadway, TotlandR2/56678 yrs18/02/1956Interred with Lucy Lydia ButlerSmall stone shield, no kerbs
BUTLERLucy LydiaBuckleberry Elliston Road, TotlandR2/75883 yrs26/05/1967Interred with George T ButlerSmall stone shield, no kerbs
BUTLINAlice Maud MaryCastel Garth, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/76598 yrs25/11/1967Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
BUTLINGeorgeThe Corner House, Avenue Road, FreshwaterR3/16589 yrs20/01/1982
BUXTONMary JosephineIllanara, The Avenue, Totland BayR2/27683 yrs09/10/1941Interred with Anthony BuxtonHeadstone with kerb surround
BUXTONFrederick WilliamRedcroft, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR2/3300/12/194453 yrsInterred with Esther BuxtonBook only, no kerbs
BUXTONAnthonyBifield, The Avenue, TotlandR2/40690 yrs23/03/1948Interred with Mary J BuxtonHeadstone with kerb surround
BUXTONEstherRedcroft, Colwell Road,FreshwaterR2/7490/10/196682 yrs16/11/1966Burial of Ashes with F W BuxtonBook only, no kerbs
BYRNEMarjorie SarahSweet Briars, Colwell Chine Road, TotlandR3/13079 yrs17/07/1979Burial of Ashes with ashes of Shiela Bonthron (daughter)
CALDERBANKSidney BertramBuchan, Isle of Man23 yrs12/08/1939Found drowned in Needles channel
CALDWELLRobertHeatherdown, Alum Bay, Totland81 yrs07/07/1933
CALLADINEJohnThe Broadway, Totland BayR2/33961 yrs29/03/1945died I.W County HospitalHeadstone with kerb surround
CALLAWAYRobert HenryMiddleton, Freshwater77 yrs07/10/1931
CALLAWAYAlbert HenryMyrtle Cottage, Weston Road, Totland bayR3/5624/04/197377 yrs16/06/1973Burial of Ashes
CALLAWAYSylviaSeven Gables Nursing Home, Cliff Rd, Totland11/04/198891 yrs19/04/1988Ashes with husband's AshesHusband's ashes plot N.E.Churchyard
CALLOWAYEmily JaneRose Cottage, Totland57 yrs02/08/1913
CALLOWAYCharles RiceFreshwaterR2/5063 yrs26/05/1927Low headstone with kerb surround
CALLOWAYSarah JanetSringfields, Guyers Rd, Freshwater75 yrs16/06/1946
CAMERONRobert GregoryKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay R3/17182 yrs07/02/1983Interred with Celia Annie Cameron
CAMERONCelia AnnieKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay R3/17682 yrs24/11/1983Interred with Robert Gregory Cameron
CAMPBELLGraceKinloch Tay, Totland BayR2/40165 yrs03/01/1948Daughter of Col. CampbellNo headstone, kerb surround
CAMPBELLAda LouiseKinlock Tay, Granville Road, TotlandR2/47373 yrs14/04/1951Interred with Grace CampbellNo headstone, kerb surround
CAMPBELLHelen MaryKinlock Tay, Granville Road, TotlandR2/65786 yrs05/04/1961No headstone, kerb surround
CAMPBELLMajor - Robert ColinKinlock Tay, Granville Road, TotlandR2/74481 yrs01/08/1966East Surrey RegimentEngraved Cross, no kerbs, large stone grave cover
CANDLISHAlan George CampbellCornerbrook, Church Hill, TotlandR3/26478 yrs28/04/1998
CANHAMPercy JamesHawthorndene, Colwell69 yrs31/03/1965
CANHAMSylvia Ethel GladysSouthmead Hospital, Bristol27/06/198177 yrs17/09/1983Burial of Ashes
CANHAMJoy Kathleen EmilyHawthorndene, Colwell Road,TotlandR3/33522/01/193714/10/201073 yrs28/10/2010Interred with ashes of James Webberley Canham
CANHAMJames WebberleySt Marys Hospital, Newport30/12/201581 yrs26/08/2016Ashes interred with Joy Canham
CANNJessie MurrySeaview Cottage, Totland83 yrs12/10/1943
CANNJamesSeaview Cottage, Totland Bay87 yrs03/06/1948
CANNINGJohn StratfordPridings, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/7878 yrs25/09/1975
CAPLELilyTotland Bay23 yrs 10m17/6/1891
CAPONSybil GladysLandholm, Church Hill, Totland29/03/198274 yrs27/05/1982Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (1)Memorial Garden
CARBENMary JaneNightingale Cottage, The Avenue, Totland94 yrs08/01/1948
CARBONFrankThe Avenue, Totland Bay79 yrs04/01/1933
CARNEYElizabethTotland Bay78 yrs22/3/1894
CARONLilian ClariceSunnymeade, Colwell Lane, Totland77yrs19/01/1951
CARPENTERPhilip Edward LTotland BayR2/73066 yrs06/08/1946Plot next to W.M.H. WathenUnmarked grave
CARSONAlice MaryTotland BayR1/18050 yrs20/10/1905Memorial leaning -wooden cross decayedWooden cross on pedestal with no kerb
CARSONMary Lizzie8 Eden Place, Eden Road, Totland09/07/199688 yrs19/07/1996Ashes in Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
CARVERPaul David James23 Skylark Close, Billericay, Essex14/07/199734 yrs20/10/1997Ashes in Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
CARVERJean Alice19 Lanes End, Totland16/05/200674 yrs11/08/2006Ashes in Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
CASSELLHenryMiddleton, Totland Bay47yrs7/2/1891
CHAMElizabeth AmyPrinces Road, Totland79 yrs06/09/1924
CHANTRYMillicent HelenTotlandR2/20 - 229/C422/08/192561 yrs25/08/1925Wooden cross on stone pedestal, no kerbs
CHANTRYJohn HenryTusec, Ridgeway Road, NestonR2/13066 yrs03/03/1933Masonic FuneralLow headstone
CHAPLINChristopher35 Lanes End, TotlandR3/23018/12/199370 yrs30/12/1993
CHAPPELLEsther Kate3 Broadway Totland25 yrs04/05/1922
CHARTMargaret DouglasRed Cottage, Totland Bay58 yrs27/02/1932
CHARTDavidDilskeedha, The Avenue, TotlandR2/20387 yrs28/12/1937Double grave with Mary J ChartNo headstone, kerb surround
CHARTMary JosephineThe Avenue, TotlandR2/35485 yrs10/01/1946Interred with David ChartNo headstone, kerb surround metal star of David sign
CHARTFrederick WilliamWhitecroft Hospital, Newport75 yrs23/07/1957
CHASEAnn ElizabethWeston, Totland Bay68 yrs30/05/1904
CHASEJosephChichester Cottage, Weston Lane, Totland75 yrs25/05/1916
CHILDSAlfred CharlesBrickfield Cottages, Totland6 months09/02/1917
CHILDSGertrudeNorth Row, Moons Hill, TotlandR2/50765 yrs03/07/1952Granite headstone with kerb surround & chippings
CHILDSEthelburt EdwardNorthbrooke, Moons Hill, TotlandR2/68979 yrs04/03/1963Interred with Gertrude ChildsGranite headstone with kerb surround & chippings
CHILDSBernard Allen3 Oak Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland31/01/199278 yrs23/05/1992Ashes buried with Gertrude Childs
CHILDSWinifred ClaraDown House Nursing Home, Alum Bay New Rd, Totland02/01/199984 yrs08/02/1999Ashes buried with Gertrude Childs
CHITTICKNellie FlorenceWoodleigh, Middleton, Totland78 yrs23/03/1966
CHITTICKArthur BertramMiddleton, TotlandR3/15772 yrs20/05/1981
CHIVERTONGeorge HenryThe Avenue, TotlandR1/32338 yrs26/03/1917Low headstone with kerb surround
CHIVERTONJulie JaneColwell House80 yrs28/01/1922
CHIVERTONHerbertFreshwaterR2/3546 yrs19/08/1926husband of Ellen ChivertonCross on pedestal with kerb surround
CHIVERTONEllen Ann86 Ember Lane Esher, SurreyR2/36669 yrs24/07/1946wife of Herbert ChivertonSmall stone black flower recepticle
CHIVERTONGraceAncona, The Square, Freshwater Bay87 yrs30/09/1964
CHOWNClement Richard-0/0/1970-Not in Burial RegisterSmall polished granite surround
CHOWNLillian Daphne GertrudeSt Michael's Nursing Home, Rhos-on-Sea, ClwydR3/10383 yrs24/09/1977Burial of Ashes
CLARKEdith MaryMasonette, Totland BayR2/43369 yrs15/06/1949Interred with Lawrence E J ClarkNo headstone, kerb surround
CLARKHenry AgarGlenmore, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/5080/7/195268 yrs12/07/1952Interred with Violet Alice ClarkCross on pedestal with kerb surround & green chippings
CLARKAndrew StewartBrecknock, Colwell Road, TotlandR3/17863 yrs03/07/1984
CLARKEFlorence MaryTotland BayR1/6112 months21/6/1889Simple cross, no kerbs
CLARKViolet AliceGlenmore, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/63964 yrs16/03/1960Interred with Henry Agar ClarkCross on pedestal with kerb surround & green chippings
CLARKLawrence Edwin JohnMaisonette, York Road, TotlandR2/66378 yrs04/05/1961Interred with Edith Mary ClarkNo headstone, kerb surround
CLAYDONAlice Fanny43 Epnorth Road, Copnor55 yrs28/10/1940
CLAYDONEdward VictorI.W. County Hospital, Ryde65 yrs29/12/1945
CLAYTONAdelaide LouiseWeston Farm House, Weston Road, TotlandR3/19607/03/198782 yrs13/03/1987A sump next to this grave
CLEATONFrank WilliamBethel, Colwell Chine Road, Totland54 yrs08/11/1949with Arabella Ella Gladys DimsdaleSmall headstone with kerb surround
CLEGGBob-0/0/1967-Burial of Ashes (Not in Burial Register)Sunken Slab
CLIFTONEdward CharlesBourne House, Church Hill, Totland13/12/199584 yrs24/12/1996Ashes in Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
CLOETEElizabeth FrancesTotland BayR2/417 months25/01/1927Small grave,cross on pedestal,kerb surround & chippings
CLOSERebeccaHeathercroft, Totland BayR2/106 - 243/D426/10/193191 yrs29/10/1931Small marble scroll couchant, tubular iron surround
COADJames DarrghHayles, Colwell Road, Totland50 yrs01/04/1953
COATEMaryHill Farm, FreshwaterR2/54141 yrs11/02/1955Interred with Hannah KidwillTablet couchant
COATESElsie EnaLinda Villas, The Avenue, TotlandR2/64762 yrs25/10/1960Interred with Percy Herbert CoatesNo Headstone, kerb surround and chippings Plate 20
COATESPercy Herbert2 Linda Villas, The Avenue, TotlandR2/75974 yrs31/05/1967Interred with Elsie Ena CoatesNo Headstone, kerb surround and chippings Plate 20
COCKBURNElizabeth GordonThe Cottage, Totland BayR2/38984 yrs10/06/1947Interred with Amy Gwendolene MoneyHeadstone with no kerb surround
COCKBURNHannah KaleLanes Inn, Totland Bay79 yrs08/07/1958
COEElizabeth AnnCounty Mental Hospital71 yrs05/02/1942
COKESThomas ChristopherWeston Villa, Weston Road, Totland25/08/199581 yrs12/09/1995Ashes buried with Cecil Percival Cooke
COKESWinifred Ethel1 Waterworks Cottages, Bowcombe Rd, Newport14/11/200391 yrs27/11/2003Ashes buried withThomas C Cokes
COLEEleanorYe Olde Cottage, Totland BayR1/34669 yrs13/02/1919Interred with George Thomas ColeHeadstone with kerb surround
COLEArthur ThomasThe Crtoft, Totland BayR2/43574 yrs09/08/1949Interred with Beatrice Bennett ColeHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
COLEBeatrice BennettThe Croft, TotlandR2/62778 yrs02/07/1959Interred with Arthur Thomas ColeHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
COLEGeorge ThomasYe Olde Cottage, Summers Lane, TotlandR1/39178 yrs11/01/1923Interred with Eleanor ColeHeadstone with kerb surround
COLESDorisCarrihdhu, Hurst Hill, TotlandR3/4259 yrs02/08/1972Burial of Ashes
COLLIERAlice AmyBushy Rise, Weston Road, TotlandR3/4621/07/197273 yrs29/09/1972Burial of Ashes
COLLIERAlbert GeorgeBushey Rise, Weston Road, TotlandR3/13481 yrs28/02/1980Burial of Ashes
COLLINSMarian MarthaGorse Hill, Colwell Common, TotlandR2/49264 yrs29/12/1951Interred with John Preedy CollinsCross couchant on rest, kerb surround & granite chippings
COLLINSAmyMalvern, The Avenue, Totland76 yrs22/12/1955
COLLINSJohn PreedyTree Tops, Freshwater BayR2/70377 yrs28/02/1964Interred with Marion CollinsCross couchant on rest, kerb surround & granite chippings
COLLYERWinifred AllenDown House, Alum Bay New Rd, Totland19/10/199085 yrs-/10/1990Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (15A)Memorial Garden
CONWAYFrances HannahMiddletonR1/15219/03/190284 yrs25/03/1902Interred with Charles Conway (Double width grave)Cross on Pedestal with kerb surround and chippings
CONWAYCharlesMiddleton Cottage, TotlandR1/160 - 217/B420/04/190279 yrs24/04/1903Interred with Frances ConwayCross on 3 level plinth kerb surround and chippings
CONWAYEllenMiddleton Cottage, TotlandR1/24178 yrs21/07/1911Daughter of Charles ConwayCross on Pedestal with kerb surround
CONWAYKittyMiddleton Cottage, TotlandR1/25671 yrs21/10/1912Interred with Ellen ConwayCross on Pedestal with kerb surround
CONWAYGeorge BurnettGranville Road, TotlandR1/30988 yrs24/07/1916Interred with Sarah ConwayLarge granite cross on pedestal, no kerbs
CONWAYRoseStaffa, Colwell, TotlandR1/34244 yrs14/12/1918Wife of Charles ConwayCross on Pedestal, kerb surround & green chippings
CONWAYSarahFreshwaterR2/4488 yrs10/02/1927Interred with George Burnett ConwayLarge granite cross on pedestal, no kerbs
CONWAYMabelBrighstone Grange Residential HomeR3/24321/07/199588 yrs28/07/1995Interred with Alice & Frederick KellewayNo headstone, granite kerbs with 4 Tablets
COOKETerrenceSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR2/6745 minutes15/01/1962near large tree, close to hedgeMound only, no kerb surround
COOKEKenneth TomlinsRavenswood, Granville Road, Totland43 yrs01/07/1963Burial of Ashes
COOKECecil PercivalWeston Villa, Weston Road, TotlandR2/77089 yrs05/03/1968Interred with Margaret Jane Cooke
COOKEMargaret JaneWeston Villa, Weston Road, TotlandR3/9695 yrs06/03/1977Interred with Cecil P Cooke
COOKSONAlfred8 Brickfield Cottages, Totland63 yrs27/01/1944
COONEYJames George1 Linda Villas, Totland77 yrs22/03/1933
COOPERRoseTotland BayR2/361 yrs21/01/1924Interred with Thomas CooperNo Headstone, kerb surround and chippings
COOPERThomasTotland BayR2/3673 yrs11/07/1926Interred with Rose CooperNo Headstone, kerb surround and chippings
COOPERWilliam GeorgeSt Kilda, Heath Meadow, Totland Bay86 yrs05/02/1945
COOPERVictor AlfredGranville Hotel, Granville Road, TotlandR3/18855 yrs15/08/1985Sump next to this grave
COPPENEdith ElizabethCotswold, The Avenue, TotandR2/54281 yrs26/01/1955Double grave with kerb surround & chippings
COPPERSarahTotland BayR1/19661 yrs18/06/1907Long narrow Double graveHeadstone with kerb surround
COPPERGeorgeTotland BayR1/20772 yrs03/07/1908Interred with Sarah CopperHeadstone with kerb surround
CORKELeonora, HarrietWeston Bank, Totland Bay88 yrs24/03/1947
CORNEYMargaretTotland Bay57 yrs06/07/1906
CORSTONMary AnnSurrey Cottage, Freshwater71 yrs22/04/1911
COTTONEthel MaryTotland Bay5 yrs17/11/1902
COTTONLouise Mary EmberleyTotland BayR1/198 - 221/B419/08/190725 yrs23/08/1907Small decorated cross-3 level plinth-no kerbs
COTTONElizabeth PalmerTotland BayR1/3930/2/192368 yrs01/03/1923Interred with James CottonScroll couchant with kerb surround
COTTONJamesFreshwaterR2/230/12/192684 yrs02/01/1926Interred with Elizabeth CottonScroll couchant with kerb surround
COTTONEliasColwell Road, FreshwaterR2/8671 yrs31/05/1930Interred with Kate Mary Anna CottonBook restant with kerb surround
COTTONPetty Officer - ThomasLongford House, HavenstreetR2/30944 yrs03/08/1943Royal Naval ReserveCommonwealth War Grave of Thomas Cotton
COTTONKate Mary AnnaSurrey Cottage, Colwell BayR2/40082 yrs20/01/1948Interred with Elias CottonBook restant with kerb surround
COTTONLeslie James4 Station Road, Freshwater63 yrs12/04/195682 Ernest Road, Buckland
COTTONRobert Charles FrederickZannelieke, Princes Road, TotlandR3/7077 yrs05/08/1970Interred with Daisy Ada Cotton & ashes of Christina SmithPolished Granite Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
COTTONDaisy AdaKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay R3/19910/05/198792 yrs13/05/1987Interred with Robert C F Cotton & ashes of Christina SmithPolished Granite Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
COTTONVictor EricThe Anchorage, Granville Rise, TotlandR3/24187 yrs14/12/1994
COTTONDoris ElizabethFlat 1, The Anchorage, Granville Rise, TotlandR3/29826/10/200294 yrs05/11/2002Interred with Victor Eric Cotton
COTTONBasil RobertThe Sheiling, Colmar way, Totland10/04/200684 yrs28/09/2006Ashes buried with Dorothy CottonPolished Granite Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
COTTONDorothy RoseKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay 26/02/200388 yrs13/03/2003Ashes buried with Robert C. F. CottonPolished Granite Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
CONNELLAlexander Richard CampbellTotland BayR1/10043 yrs28/5/1895Double width graveRed granite Celtic cross on pedestal, with kerb surround
CRAIGColonel - Robert AnneslyTotland BayR2/11062 yrs07/01/1932Royal ArtilliaryCeltic cross on pedestal with chippings
CRAIGEmily MaryWestways, Totland BayR2/13492 yrs12/04/1933Marble cross on pedestal
CRAIGEdwin StewartWestways, Totland BayR2/23374 yrs21/12/1939with Elizabeth Stewart CraigCross on pedestal with kerb surround & chippings
CRAIGHelen Mary StuartWestways, Alum Bay Road, TotlandR2/77787 yrs06/08/1968Interred with Robert Annesley CraigCeltic cross on pedestal with chippings
CRAIGElizabeth StewartHillamley, Madeira Road, Totland56 yrs06/03/1973Interred with Edwin Stewart CraigTablet couchant
CRAIGCommander - Harry GrahamKilarney, Madeira Lane, FreshwaterR3/21512/02/199085 yrs19/02/1991
CRANSTOUNLady - Pauline EmilyTotland Bay75 yrs15/08/1929
CREAGHWilliam Frederick1 South View, Clayton Road, FreshwaterR2/53355 yrs03/05/1954Interred with Marion Agnes CreaghBook Restant with kerb surround
CREAGHMarion Agnes1 South View, Clayton Road, FreshwaterR2/72166 yrs17/06/1965Interred with William Frederick CreaghBook Restant with kerb surround
CREERSidney William11 St Saviours Road, TotlandR2/67962 yrs19/04/1962BarberNo headstone with kerb surround
CREERWinifred Clara AnnieMelulia, Weston Road, TotlandR3/5068 yrs05/01/1973Mound with small wooden cross
CREERAudrey JuneYarmouthR3/18550 yrs0/8/1985complete date not entered
CRESSWELLMalcolm EnglebertAboukir, Warden Road, Totland76 yrs06/06/1952
CROADCaroline MaryTotland Bay4 yrs20/12/1885
CROADRuebenTotland Bay4 months29/12/1885
CROADWilliamTotland Bay88 yrs22/1/1895
CROADEdward VictorTotland Bay4 months21/09/1901
CROADFrankTotland Bay53 yrs14/07/1903
CROADJohn5 Flukes Cottages Totland74 yrs30/06/1913
CROADEdithWorkhouse, Carisbrooke25 yrs22/11/1918
CROADLaviniaGodshill, I.W.89 yrs25/04/1931
CROADWilliam JamesSherbourne, Middleton, TotlandR2/31545 yrs15/10/1943Small stone flower holder, no kerbs
CROADCeclia Mabel6 Brickfield Cottages, Totland64 yrs25/02/1944
CROADEdwinTibborne Terrace, Middleton, Totland72 yrs11/05/1946
CROADGeorge6 Brickfield Cottages, Totland75 yrs26/02/1948
CROADHenrietta4 Weston Terrace, Totland84 yrs22/06/1965
CROOKEEvelyn AliceTotland Bay20 yrs28/05/1927
CROOKSEdithClovelly, The Broadway, Totland74 yrs07/06/1952
CROSBYJessie RuthWhitecroft Hospital (Formerly Sandykeld,Colwell Chine Rd)05/02/198467 yrs15/02/1984Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (6)Memorial Garden
CULLMary EvesleighSt Mary's Hospital, Newport77 yrs25/08/1955
CULLIFORDSusanCamp Lodge Cottage, FreshwaterR2/14878 yrs11/04/1934Interred with Isobel May Life ('Lifey')Polished granite headstone, memorial tablet, vase & kerbs
CUNNINGHAMMargaret Jocelyne5 Elm Grove, Weston Road, TotlandR3/8644 yrs17/03/1976Interred with Charles Edward CunninghamHeadstone with kerb surround
CUNNINGHAMCharles Edward19 Sutton Close, Ryde13/01/200070 yrs18/03/2000Ashes buried with Margaret CunninghamHeadstone with kerb surround
CUTLERMaurice-0/4/196571 yrsNot in Burial Register
DALLMargaret AgnesGolden Cottage, Freshwater50 yrs30/11/1931
DAVEYMabel FrancesPrinces Road, Totland Bay45 yrs04/04/1931
DAVIDSONColonel - George Francis De BudaTotland BayR1/22663 yrs22/04/1910Solid stone cover on base, no kerb surround
DAVIDSONBrigadier - EdmundMay Cottage, TotlandR2/34570 yrs02/06/1945C.M.G.Granite cross on pedestal with kerb surround and chippings
DAVIDSONNancy VioletHolly Tree Cottage, FreshwaterR2/64548 yrs24/08/1960Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
DAVIDSONAnna Maria EdithRestholme, Freshwater BayR2/73690 yrs01/02/1966Interred with Edmund DavidsonGranite cross on pedestal with kerb surround and chippings
DAVIDSONThomas Ian5 Manor Villas, The Broadway, TotlandR3/28111/03/200071 yrs20/03/2000
DAVIEEmily JaneFreshwaterR1/4730 yrs18/10/1886Headstone with kerb surround
DAVIEThomasCliff Hall, High Street, FreshwaterR1/24082 yrs13/07/1911Interred with Annie DavieCross on pedestal with kerb surround
DAVIEWillam JamesHigh Street, FreshwaterR1/25347 yrs28/07/1912Interred with Elizabeth DavieMarble cross on pedestal with kerb surround
DAVIEAnnieHenley VillaR1/33589 yrs23/03/1918Interred with Thomas DavieCross on pedestal with kerb surround
DAVISMary Talbot2 Lynton Villas, Totland41 yrs29/08/1911
DAVIEElizabethWhitecroft Hospital, NewportR2/5100/9/195283 yrs02/10/1952Interred with William James DavieMarble cross on pedestal with kerb surround
DAWEDoris EnidMiddleton, Totland22 yrs09/06/1928
DAWESFrances AmyUpper Princes Road, Totland73 yrs07/06/1951
DAWESAlbert GeorgeMafeking Villa, Princes Road, Totland74 yrs26/02/1952
DAWSONWilliamLamount Cottages, Norton Green, Freshwater247/E41889195565 yrs09/06/1955Burial of Ashes with Lucy H DawsonSmall polished granite surround
DAWSONLucy Helena11 Queens Close, FreshwaterR3/65 - 247/E41894197480 yrs29/08/1974Ashes buried with William DawsonSmall polished granite surround
DAYJames Edwin Stephen28 Arundel Close, Ryde12/01/198665 yrs23/01/1986Ashes buried with Albert & Lily YoungHeadstone with kerb surround, cement covered
DAYViolet MaryShackleton, Upton Road, Ryde05/04/200383 yrs0/0/2003Ashes buried with James E. Day & A.E. YoungHeadstone with kerb surround, cement covered
DEADMANFrederick WilliamWindmill Cottage, Summers Lane,Totland82 yrs26/03/1965
DEADMANElizabethWindmill Cottage, Summers Lane, Totland80 yrs05/05/1969
DEANLeonard Victor7 Chine Cliff, Cliff Road, Totland24/03/199693 yrs19/04/1996Ashes in Garden of Rememberance.Memorial Garden
DEANPhyllis7 Chine Cliff, Cliff Road, Totland23/04/199685 yrs02/05/1996Ashes buried with Leonard V. DeanMemorial Garden
DEANEHenry1 Westlands, The Avenue, TotlandR2/21879 yrs10/03/1939Interred with Sarah Ann DeaneMarble book, no kerb surround
DEANESarah Ann1 Westlands, The Avenue, TotlandR2/42983 yrs22/04/1949Interred with Henry DeaneMarble book, no kerb surround
DENNETTArthur HenryTotland BayR1/29427 yrs22/10/1915Interred with George Alfred Dennett1 large & 1 small stone cross on pedestal, kerbs & chippings
DENNETTArthur PopeAhmad Khal, Middleton, FreshwaterR2/37590 yrs20/11/1946Interred with Frances DennettHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
DENNETTWilliam George7 Brickfield Cottages, TotlandR2/41342 yrs14/09/1948Small carved headstone, no kerbs
DENNETTFrancesAmad Khal, Middleton, FreshwaterR2/42587 yrs19/01/1949Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
DENNETTGeorge Alfred-0/4/191722 yrsKilled Battle of Gaza,with Arthur H Dennett1 large & 1 small stone cross on pedestal, kerbs & chippings
DENNISElizabeth AnnOban Villa, Totland BayR1/17239 yrs05/04/1904George Dennis having charge of the burial.Marble cross with kerb surround
DEVONSHIREJohn10 Havelock Flats, High Street, FreshwaterR3/21025/08/198960 yrs05/09/1989
DIBDENWilliam GeorgeCliftonVilla, Princes Road, FreshwaterR2/6650 yrs26/09/1928Cross on pedestal with kerb surround & chippings
DIBDENCuthbert Charles GeorgeBroadclyst, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/68068 yrs11/09/1962Interred with Rosetta Florence DibdenPolished granite surround
DIBDENRosetta FlorenceBroadclyst, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/75077 yrs22/12/1966Interred with Cuthbert C G DibdenPolished granite surround
DIMMICKFrederick OliverTotland Bay5 yrs22/03/1900
DIMMICKEllenTotland BayR1/141- 249/B422/04/190171 yrs27/04/1901Interred with James DimmickHeadstone only
DIMMICKIrene AliceTotland BayR1/1764 days25/09/1901
DIMMICKJames5 Western Cottages, Totland Bay249/B402/08/190476 yrs06/08/1904Interred with Ellen DimmickHeadstone only
DIMMICKSylvia IreneHighdown, Totland10 months15/12/1904
DIMMICKElizaHighdown, Totland22 yrs19/08/1905
DIMMICKGeorge EdwardMoons Hill, Totland Bay52 yrs08/02/1909
DIMMICKFrances Annie4 Swanage Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland57 yrs26/02/1913
DIMMICKMichael Charles JohnWarren Farm, Totland BayR2/2372 yrs05/02/1940Interred with George & Edith DimmickSmall Headstone
DIMMICKEdith MaudeManetee, Amos Hill, TotlandR3/5376 yrs16/03/1973Interred with Michael C J DimmickCovered stone with kerb surround
DIMMICKGeorge HenryThe Post Office, The Broadway, TotlandR2/75775 yrs05/04/1967Interred with Edith M DimmickCovered stone with kerb surround
DIMSDALEArabella Ella GladysBowbrooke House, Bowbrooke, Shrewsbury, Shropshire18/01/2008102 yrs24/10/2011Interred with Frank Cleaton
DODDSMadeline LucyThe Knoll, TotlandR2/248 - 309/D427/08/185707/08/194083 yrs07/08/1940Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
DOEFlorence ElizabethSeven Gables, York Lane, TotlandR3/15671 yrs08/05/1981Interred with John James Doe
DOEJohn JamesFlat 4, Town Mews, Station Avenue, SandownR3/22283 yrs30/08/1991Interred with Forence Doe
DONNELLYEllen MaryOak Cottage, Wilkins Green Lane, Hatfield, Herts08/01/199588 yrs19/01/1995Ashes (formerly of 53C Sunset Close, F'water)
DOREWilliam HenrySheepwash, Totland64 yrs25/01/1906
DOREEmma ElizabethWest Green, Totland75 yrs20/08/1917
DOREWilliamTotland BayR1/10386 yrs25/2/1896Interred with Caroline Green & Harriett DoreCross on pedestal with kerb surround
DOREHarriett0/2/190889 yrs0/0/1908Interred with William Dore & Caroline GreenCross on pedestal with kerb surround
DOREYAlice LouisaTennyson Road, Freshwater56 yrs11/02/1957
DOUBLEWalter DaleKieresley, Colwell bayR2/52073 yrs08/04/1953Interred with Catherine Louisa DoubleHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
DOUBLECatherine LouisaKersley, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR2/76482 yrs08/11/1967Interred with Walter Dale DoubleHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
DOUGLASShenton ErnestFreshwater4 yrs23/12/1893
DOVEDora Ivy1 Queens Cottages, Heath Lane, TotlandR2/44639 yrs11/02/1950Small book restant, no kerbs, tiny corner blocks
DOVEDaisy PatriciaSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR2/69449 yrs30/04/1963Interred with Jessie SmithBook restant with kerb surround & green chippings
DOVERSusanTotland BayR2/7972 yrs30/11/1929wife of John DoverCross on pedestal with kerb surround
DOVERJohnAston House, Totland BayR2/41886 yrs11/11/1948MA F R Met SGranite cross on Pedestal, no kerbs
DOVERMaryTotland BayR1/1108 yrs3/5/18972nd daughter of John DoverCross on pedestal with kerb surround
DOWLYIney LeonoraRestholme, Victoria Road, Freshwater Bay92 yrs05/04/1968
DOWNERCharlesTotland Bay24 hours3/11/1894
DOWNERWilliam CharlesTotland BayR2/6060 yrs27/04/1928Interred with Lillie DownerMarble cross on pedestal,concrete cover with kerb surround
DOWNERLillieMaycroft Nursing Home, ShanklinR2/33174 yrs12/01/1945Interred with William Charles DownerMarble cross on pedestal,concrete cover with kerb surround
DOWNERLaura Elizabeth 2 Golden Villas, Colwell Lane, FreshwaterR2/41463 yrs22/09/1948Interred with Bernard James DownerNo headstone, kerbsurround and chippings
DOWNERMinnie EdithLynwood, Weston Road, Totland75 yrs28/08/1953with Harold & Margaret Downer& Vera Lowe
DOWNERJoseph ReubenSt Mary's Hospital, Newport76 yrs22/04/1960
DOWNERBernard James2 Golden Villas, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR2/72083 yrs22/04/1965Interred with Laura Elizabeth DownerNo headstone, kerbsurround and chippings
DOWNERFrederick VictorStickledown, Madeira Road, TotlandR3/683 yrs02/04/1970Burial of Ashes
DOWNERMargaret AlineStickledown, Madeira Road, Totland30/08/198973 yrs18/09/1989Ashes with Minnie Downer
DOWNERHaroldAncona Nursing Home, The Square, Freshwater Bay15/11/200385 yrs12/12/2003Ashes with Minnie Downer
DOWTYSusanLismore, The Avenue, TotlandR1/273 - 196/B530/9/184502/01/191468 yrs05/01/1914Interred with Henry DowtyPlain Cross on double plinth-kerb surround. Stone surface
DOWTYHenryThe Avenue, TotlandR2/46 - 196/B513/04/192784yrs19/04/1927Ironmonger. Interred with Susan DowtyPlain Cross on double plinth-kerb surround. Stone surface
DOWTYArchibald Arthur0/11/1941Not In Burial Register. Killed in action.Stone covered tomb
DOWTYArchibald WilliamIngerston, Ward Road, Totland BayR2/23169 yrs12/10/1939Interred with Inez Leonora DowtyStone covered tomb
DOWTYInez LeonoraR2/7710/3/19680/0/1968wife of Archibald William DowtyStone covered tomb
DRAKEEliza(beth) JaneTotland BayR2/29 - 231/C407/05/192670 yrs29/05/1926Interred with George Edward DrakeLow headstone with Lillies - kerb surround
DRAKEGeorge EdwardThe Avenue, Totland Bay231/C427/03/192769 yrs10/04/1927Interred with Elizabeth Jane DrakeLow headstone with Lillies - kerb surround
DRAKERoseCotswold, The Avenue, Totand68 yrs12/08/1955Interred with Edith E CoppenDouble grave with kerb surround & chippings
DRAKERonald VictorCotswold, The Avenue, TotandR2/67871 yrs04/04/1962Interred with Rose DrakeDouble grave with kerb surround & chippings
DREWEWilfred John14 St Saviours Road, TotlandR2/67064 yrs10/11/1961Interred with Mary Davidson DreweHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
DREWEMary DavidsonDriftwood, The Avenue, TotlandR2/76768 yrs10/01/1968Interred with Wilfred John DreweHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
DREWETTWilliamFreshwaterR1/13165 yrs28/02/1900burial laws act 1880 without ordinary serviceDouble grave. Headstone with kerb surround
DREWETTElizaChalfont, FreshwaterR1/28078 yrs20/05/1910Interred with William DrewettDouble grave. Headstone with kerb surround
DREWETTCharles EdwardWindmill Cottage, TotlandR2/49678 yrs23/02/1952Interred with Marion Elizabeth Drewett
DREWETTMarion ElizabethSt Margarets, Victoria Road, FreshwaterR3/3193 yrs10/02/1972Interred with Charles Edward Drewett
DRINGJane Reid Greenshields3 Victoria Place, RydeR2/46980 yrs12/02/1951Widow of Sir W. DringHeadstone with Kerb surround
DRORYMargaret AnnaLacey Farm, TotlandR2/39070 yrs07/07/1947Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
DUKEAlfred WalterTotland BayR1/22378 yrs22/01/1910Interred with Lydia Woolls2 headstones surmounted crosses with kerbs & chippings
DUNCANEileenWard House, Ward Road, TotlandR3/25601/05/199778 yrs09/05/1997
DUNFORDAlbert Francis John0/9/194120 yrsKilled in action. With Joseph & Alice Dunford
DUNFORDJoseph AlbertWoodville, Middleton, TotlandR2/21570 yrs08/02/1939Interred with Alice Maud DunfordMarble book on slab, kerb surround & chippings
DUNFORDGeorge William2 Mill Cottages, Middleton, TotlandR2/63856 yrs11/02/1957Grave covered in crazy paving with kerb surround
DUNFORDAlice Maud28 Briants Avenue, Caversham, Reading84 yrs07/06/1963Burial of Ashes with Joseph A DunfordTablet couchant
DUNFORDMaud AliceClifton, The Broadway, TotlandR3/28392 yrs26/04/2000
DUNGATEErnest JosephChene, Weston Lane, Totland80 yrs27/01/1966Internment of Ashes
DYCHEEmmaleneUplands, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/21201/01/199080 yrs04/01/1990Interred with Roy Dyke (son)
DYCHERoyField House, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/33477 yrs16/09/2010Interred with Emmalene Dyche (Mother)
DYKESJames LawrenceChine Cottage, Cliff Road, TotlandR3/30427/01/200357 yrs06/02/2003
EATONGertrude AnnieBerkenshaw Flats, The Broadway, TotlandR2/40262 yrs18/02/1948Book restant with kerb surround
EATONElla MarySherbourne, Middleton Totland300/C423/02/194156 yrs26/02/1941Memorial flower holder, no kerbs
EBORALLAlbert ThomasWeston Farm House, Weston Road, TotlandR3/18672 yrs09/08/1985Interred with Cissie May Eborall
EBORALLCissie MayWeston Farm Cottage, Church Hill, TotlandR3/31011/10/200387 yrs20/10/2003Interred wih Albert Thomas Eborall
ECCLESDr. - George DunluceSentry Mead Hotel, Totland BayR2/61 yrs27/07/1951
EDGARJacob LaneTotland Bay18 yrs29/3/1885
EDGARCaroline2 Penryhn, The Avenue, TotlandR2/14782 yrs31/03/1934Interred with Josias James William EdgarNo Headstone with kerb surround
EDGARJosias James WilliamThe Avenue, TotlandR2/16477yrs16/03/1935Interred with Caroline EdgarNo Headstone with kerb surround
EDMONDSArthurNot Recorded0/6/197881 YrsBurial of Ashes
EDMONDSAlice Martha57C Sunset Close, Freshwater13/02/198986 yrs27/02/1989Burial of Ashes
EDMUNDSElizabeth1 Maida Villas, Camp Road, FreshwaterR2/29262 yrs03/06/1942Small headstone with kerb surround & chippings
EDWARDSJocelyn St JohnWeston Manor, TotlandR2/75570 yrs31/03/1967Headstone, no kerbs
ELDERIDGEDavid AugustusSpringhill Cottage, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR3/28614/08/200057 yrs25/08/2000
ELLARDJohn AlbertDownside House, Summers Lane, TotlandR2/3300/11/194472 yrs30/11/1944Headstone with kerb surround & chippings.
ELLARDMinnie HarrietNorton Lodge, TotlandR2/3560/1/194667 yrs15/01/1946Small scroll, no kerbs
ELLIOTTMajor - Harry RichardGiluery, Weston Road, TotlandR2/68868 yrs15/02/1963M.C R.ALow headstone, kerb surround & chippings
ELLISSusannah HowardFreshwaterR1/234 - 222/B403/12/191080 yrs08/12/1910Low kerb memorial no kerb surround
ELLISFlorence Janet HowardWalnut Cottage, Nindwood, ShalfleetR1/35662 yrs21/10/1919Low headstone with kerb surround
ELLISEffie Mabel HowardFreshwater BayR2/4350 yrs05/02/1927
ETHERIDGEWallace Frederick CliffordClifton, The Broadway, TotlandR3/26914/10/199892 yrs19/10/1998
FAITHFULLSybil IreneInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, TotlandR3/19721/04/198780 yrs29/04/1987
FENNELLLeslie ErnestLyndhurst, Church Hill, TotlandR3/33998 yrs30/03/2012York RoadNo headstone or kerbs
FERNHEADAnnie Elizabeth5 Elm Grove, Weston Road, TotlandR2/77680 yrs16/07/1968No headstone, kerb surrounds
FINCHMaureen FrancisRidgeway, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/1622 yrs01/09/1970Granite surround
FINCHMichael ArthurMyrtle Cottage, Ommaney Road, YarmouthR3/22014/04/199144 yrs03/05/1991
FINCHMajor - John HeneageRidgeway, Uplands Road,TotlandR3/27916/11/199985 yrs26/11/1999
FLEMINGCyril ArthurFernleigh, Copse Lane, FreshwaterR3/6209/10/197361 yrs09/02/1974Ashes (with Daisy Mable Georgina Fleming)
FLEMINGDaisy Mabel GeorginaFernleigh, Copse Lane, Freshwater24/09/199683 yrs02/10/1997Ashes buried with Cyril A Fleming
FLEMINGJames MichaelSt Marys Hospital, Newport16/01/201643 yrs02/08/2017Ashes interred with Cyril and Daisy Fleming (Grandparents)
FLETCHERWilliam Alfred RowlandSunnymeade, 5 Glenheadon Drive, TotlandR3/30205/01/200388 yrs16/01/2003Interred with Constance Fletcher
FLETCHERConstanceCornelia Haven, Ward Road, TotlandR3/30630/04/200389 yrs09/05/2003Interred with William Alfred Roland Fletcher
FLINTWilfred WillisArnewood, The Avenue, TotlandR2/64892 yrs05/12/1960Interred with Minnie Louisa FlintNo headstone, kerb surround with tablet at foot of grave.
FLINTMinnie LouisaArnewood, The Avenue, TotlandR2/70595 yrs23/03/1964Interred with Wilfred Willis FlintNo headstone, kerb surround with tablet at foot of grave.
FORDJohn Tennyson RandleInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, TotlandR3/33381 yrs29/06/2010
FORRESTGeorge0/8/196463 yrs0/0/1964Interred with Malcolm George Forrest (Son)Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
FORRESTMalcolm GeorgeThe Hermitage, Totland BayR2/78225 yrs31/10/1968Interred with George Forrest (Father)Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
FOSTERMay ElizabethTotland Bay49 yrs02/05/1927
FOXEdwinTotland BayR1/8069 yrs20/2/1892Interred with Margaret FoxLarge Celtic cross on pedestal with kerb surround
FOXMargaretTotland BayR1/13774 yrs11/02/1901Interred with Edwin FoxLarge Celtic cross on pedestal with kerb surround
FRANCISAnthony CharlesBradfield CottageR2/220 - 213/D514/04/192531/05/193914 yrs06/06/1939Dunedin Nursing Home, Bath Road, ReadingBird Bath carved 'Tony' Footstone memorial-kerb surround
FRYGeorge Edward1 Old Coastguard Cottages, The Broadway, TotlandR2/20474 yrs25/01/1938Interred with Kate FryNo headstone,kerb surround and chippings
FRYKate2 Neweclose Cottages, Thorley, ShalfleetR2/55681 yrs09/08/1955Interred with George E fryNo headstone,kerb surround and chippings
FULLEsther AnnieSunnyside, Totland Bay76 yrs25/11/1935
FULLFORDEric ErnestDorsetR3/31384 yrs14/01/2004
GALLOPGertrude Mary Ann CarolineNorton Lodge, Granville Road, Totland BayR2/19563 yrs21/07/1937Interred with Alfred Frank GallopHeadstone, marble surround and chippings
GALLOPAlfred FrankNorton Lodge, Granville Road, Totland BayR2/48876 yrs30/10/1951Interred with Gertrude M A C GallopHeadstone, marble surround and chippings
GALLOPMary Freda MayKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay R3/20529/06/198887 yrs07/07/1988Interred with Herbert Albert Victor Gallop
GALLOPHerbert Albert VicorCulverdene Nursing Home, Church Hill, TotlandR/25101/11/199690 yrs07/11/1996Interred with Mary Freda May Gallop
GALLOPAlice Ellen4 Portland Terrace, Moons Hill, TotlandR3/28906/01/200194 yrs18/01/2001Age not recorded
GARLICVioletSherbourne, Heath Meadow Lane, Freshwater03/09/198382 yrs30/08/1983Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (8)Memorial Garden
GARRETTTrevor Douglas BuckannanElliston House, Elliston Road, TotlandR3/12116/09/197858 yrs26/01/1979Internment of Ashes (died in Kuwait)
GAUKRODGERFrances MoiraThe Avenue Totland76 yrs17/02/1953
GEARYConstance AnnSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR2/57186 yrs07/06/1956daughter of Lieut. Gen. Sir Henry GearyHeadstone with kerb surround
GEARYJohn AlexanderWoodlands, Briary Lane89 yrs29/09/1967
GEILINGERReverend - John22 Hanover Court, Dulverton, Somerset14/06/202093 yrs12/09/2020Ashes interred with Sylvia Ann Geilinger
GEILINGERSylvia AnnEmmaus House, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR3/19224/06/198653 yrs01/07/1986Interred with John Geilinger
GEORGEFrankHM Signals Station, The Needles, Totland Bay43 yrs21/04/1934Wooden Cross on wooden pedestal,no kerbs
GEOYNEElsie Susan JeanLittle Hayes, Church Hill, TotlandR3/7998 yrs27/09/1975
GIBBSArthur AugustusCarvania, Colwell, Totland67 yrs19/08/1938Interred with Florence GibbsScroll couchant, with kerb surround and chippings
GIBBSFlorenceR2/5870/4/195782 yrsInterred with Arthur A GibbsScroll couchant, with kerb surround and chippings
GIBBSLillianPenshurst, The Avenue, TotlandR2/65384 yrs14/02/1961Interred with Florence SmithBook restant with kerb surround & green chippings
GIBBSSydney Edward1 Alma Court, Princes Road, TotlandR3/22122/07/199180 yrs16/08/1991Ashes with Rose & Amos White
GIDONMaxwell de Pina, HamiltonFreshwater Bay34 yrs10/10/1948
GIFFORDMichael SeymourDe La Ware, TotlandR1/40014 months16/07/1923Small grave, cross on pedestal with kerbs
GILASAlexander GeorgeThe Haven, Avenue Road, Wroxall, I.W.R2/9861 yrs21/04/1931Low headstone with kerb surround
GILBERTThomasTotland BayR1/6659 yrs7/5/1890Interred with Margery GilbertHeadstone, no kerb surround
GILBERTMargeryFreshwaterR1/21883 yrs21/03/1909interred with Thomas GilbertHeadstone, no kerb surround
GILESA.G.242/D416/04/193161 yrsLow Headstone with kerbs
GILESAlfred GeorgeWinchester House, Granville Road, TotlandR2/42368 yrs04/01/1949Headstone with kerb surround
GILESJessie Ann2 Palmerston, The Broadway, Totland88 yrs11/01/1966
GILESThomas GeorgeTall Trees, York Road, TotlandR3/15286 yrs28/01/1981Internment of Ashes
GILESEdith MayKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay 15/03/198888 yrs10/06/1988Ashes interred in N.E. Ashes plot
GILESElizabeth VictoriaTotland BayR1/12158 yrs25/10/1898Interred with John GilesStone grave cover,Engraved cross
GILESJohnTotland BayR1/13265 yrs03/03/1900Interred with Elizabeth V GilesStone grave cover,Engraved cross
GILLAnnaTotland Bay31 yrs06/08/1908
GILLINGPearl EileenBroadway House, TotlandR1/322 - 198/C515/02/19174 yrs 11m19/02/1917Fleur De Lys Cross on 3 stone plinth with kerb surrounds
GILLINGThomasLyddington, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/459 - 313/D402/08/195082 yrs05/08/1950Interred with Ethel GillingHeadstone, paved grave with kerb surround
GILLINGEthelLyddington, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/485 - 313/D411/09/195174 yrs14/09/1951Interred with Thomas GillingHeadstone, paved grave with kerb surround
GILLINGBernard ThomasOverton, The Broadway, TotlandR2/70157 yrs28/11/1963Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
GILLINGMuriel Edith MatildaOverton, Ward road, TotlandR3/30723/07/200388 yrs24/07/2003
GIVANEmilyGranville Road, TotlandR2/512 - 351/E488 yrs09/12/1952Interred with Henry & Louise GivanCross on pedestal with kerb surround
GIVANHenry CookePine Tops, Heatherwood Park Rd, TotlandR3/15 - 351/E475 yrs29/08/1970Ashes with Emily GivanCross on pedestal with kerb surround
GIVANLouise JoycePine Tops, Heatherwood Park Rd, TotlandR3/25 - 351/E469 yrs18/11/1971Ashes with Henry & Emily GivanAshes tablet couchant
GLOYNEWilliam SamuelVictoria Cottage, TotlandR1/31966 yrs21/11/1916Interredwith Susannah GloyneGranite Headstone and kerb surround
GLOYNESusannahVictoria Cottage, TotlandR2/14386 yrs07/12/1933Interred with William S GloyneGranite Headstone and kerb surround
GLOYNEGeorge HerbertVictoria Cottage, TotlandR2/18053 yrs25/08/1936Granite surround with kerbs
GODFREYJohn RobertBrecknock, Colwell Road, Totland77 yrs22/05/1935
GODWINFrankWeston Manor, TotlandR3/29329/01/200275 yrs08/02/2002
GOLLOPWilliamTotlandR2/34-232/C415/08/192684 yrs17/08/1926of Newport, MonmouthshireTiny scroll couchant with kerb surround
GONTERCharlesHighdown, Totland Bay1 day14/1/1891
GOODERichard VernonElectra, The Broadway, TotlandR3/20912/08/198968 yrs22/08/1989
GOODMANLieutenent Colonel - Harry RussellFairy House, Totland BayR2/17760 yrs25/05/1936Lietenant Colonel R.U.RDouble grave - 2 Large rugged Celtic X's on ped's with kerbs
GOODMANKathleen MurielVernon, Granville Rise, TotlandR2/70684 yrs13/04/1964Double grave - 2 Large rugged Celtic X's on ped's with kerbs
GOODMANRosemary Patricia TaxEden House, Totland BayR2/71148 yrs30/10/1964Daughter of Harry & Kathlen GoodmanSmall bird bath on pedestal
GORDONWalter HamiltonSeaview Cottage, Totland BayR2/29064 yrs23/04/1942Double width grave Small Cross on a large block with kerbs
GORDONDenis Michael H0/11/1942Not in burial register missing at seaDouble width grave Small Cross on a large block with kerbs
GOSDENVictor John4 St Saviours Road, TotlandR3/25819/06/199780 yrs25/06/1997Interred with Rita May GosdenPurbeck Stone memorial, no kerbs
GOSDENRita May4 St Saviours Road, TotlandR3/30013/11/200286 yrs21/11/2002Interred with Victor John GosdenPurbeck Stone memorial, no kerbs
GOUCHERJohn11 Princes Close, Totland03/04/200288 yrs12/04/2002Ashes interred with James AshtonStone Ashes Tablet
GOULDWalter EdwardHighdown, Totland Bay19 yrs10/12/1890
GOULDMaryTotlandR1/9185 yrs11/1/1894Interred with James GouldHeadstone no kerbs
GOULDAgnes MaryTotland Bay4 hours25/8/1896
GOULDLilian GertrudeTotland Bay18 months22/12/1898
GOULDJamesPound Green, FreshwaterR1/13588 yrs21/06/1900Interred with Mary Gould without ord serviceHeadstone no kerbs
GOULDLeslie AlbertFreshwater Court Lodge, Court Road, Totland1 day17/03/1908
GOULDEllenMiddleton, Freshwater47 yrs13/04/1916
GOULDArthur JohnMoons Hill, Totland BayR1/35953 yrs06/01/1920died Royal I.W. Hospital, RydeMarble cross on pedestal
GOULDErnest AlbertThe Lodge, Freshwater Court, Totland BayR2/15071 yrs19/04/1934Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
GOULDHelen MableR2/2130/12/193872 yrs0/0/1938Headstone with kerb surround
GOULDGeorge WilliamColwell Cottage, TotlandR2/21478 yrs19/01/1939Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
GOULDCaroline MildredCliff Hall Cottage, Clayton Road, FreshwaterR2/44275 yrs02/12/1949Interred withErnest albert GouldHeadstone with kerb surround and chippings
GRANTEllenTotland Bay68 yrs28/05/1908
GRANTThomas WilliamSunny Bank, Totland BayR1/25970 yrs17/12/1912Grave no 1Marble cross on pedestal with kerb surround
GRANTFrances FranckWoodmancote, St Leonards on Sea74 yrs11/10/1924
GRANTFrankTotland Bay73 yrs21/10/1929
GRAYAlice Eliza LouisaStaffa, Colwell Road, Totland64 yrs14/04/1953
GRAYHarryStaffa, Colwell Road, Totland65 yrs14/04/1953
GRAYDavid JohnLodore, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/9343 yrs18/01/1977Book restant, no kerbs
GRAYRosalind7 Heatherwood Lodge, Church Hill, Totland BayR3/35474 yrs28/07/2018Headstone -no kerbs
GREENCarolineAlum Bay, TotlandR1/18757 yrs14/09/1906Interred with William Dore(Father)Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
GREENAnn ElizabethElmhurst, Totland BayR1/291 - 225/C419/03/191572yrs24/03/1915Tree in graveRounded Top Headstone (with cross in a crown)
GREENGordon Roderick4 St Barbara, Monks Lane, FreshwaterR2/7606 yrs17/06/1967Headstone Scroll, no kerbs
GREENTonyBon Accord, The Broadway, TotlandR3/9812 yrs25/04/1977Killed while horse ridingSmall Headstone
GREGSONJoan MaxwellPuffins Howe, Cliff Rd, Totland BayR3/350 - 778/F582 yrs21/02/2017Interred with Aunt - Ada TweddleHeadstone - no kerbs
GRIFFITHSAmbrose2 Somerset Cottages, Totland Bay75 yrs05/04/1939
GRIFFITHSKateWeston Cottages, Totland Bay83yrs24/02/1950
GRISTCharles FrancisI Raymond Villas, York Road, TotlandR2/66576 yrs30/06/1961Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
GROVESElizabeth ElsieTotland Bay1 year26/04/1901
GROVESSidney FrederickTotland Bay7 months17/02/1902
GROVESPercy JohnSilcombe Lane, Totland Bay22 yrs13/04/1933
GROVESSusannahSilcombe Lane, Totland74 yrs21/04/1938
GUESTGilbert3 Rineo, Middleton, FreshwaterR2/74171 yrs24/03/1966Interred with May GuestNo Headstone- Tablet at foot
GUESTMayWest Glen, Middleton, FreshwaterR3/6988 yrs1974Interred with Gilbert Guest (late 74/early 75)No Headstone- Tablet at foot
GUNTONCharlotteTotland Bay88 yrs03/06/1909
GUYBeatriceMiddleton, Freshwater52 yrs23/10/1933
GUYChristopher WrayVectis House, Totland BayR2/48727 yrs02/10/1951Unmarked grave no kerbs
GUYWinifred GertrudeKite Hill Court, WoottonR3/16484 yrs18/12/1981
GYTONMary EllenSolent Peep, Colwell Chine Road, Totland72 yrs12/09/1961
GYTONFrederick GeorgeHawthorndene, Colwell Bay, Totland84 yrs21/03/1969
HACKKathleen Marion Baddeley7 Gables Care Home, York Lane, Totland Bay15/01/201499 yrs05/03/2014Ashes interred with Lorna BurgessIn Garden of Remembrance
HACKETTRose HelenLarch Cottage, Kendal Road, TotlandR3/4384 yrs10/08/1972Small wooden cross with inscribed plate
HAGANIsabelle GeorgianaNorthbrooke Nursing Home, Main Street, HavenstreetR3/26304/02/199899 yrs13/02/1998Headstone
HAILEYMelville MacphersonTotland BayR1/16542 yrs26/08/1903Cross on Headstone with kerb surround
HAILEYWilliam BenjaminKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay R3/29092 yrs11/05/2001Age not recorded. (In new part)
HAINESElizabethThe Workhouse, Carisbrooke, I.W.80 yrs23/02/1915
HALDENStuart JohnHome of Rest Hospital, Shanklin2 weeks13/10/1945
HALECharles William AnsticeWeston Bank, Weston Road, TotlandR3/39 - 308/D415/06/197285 yrs21/06/1972Interred with Jessie Attwood HaleCross on pedestal with kerb surround
HALENellie RuthThe Gouldings, St Andrews Way,FreshwaterR3/23809/04/199497 yrs15/04/1994Cross on pedestal with kerb surround - memorial plaque
HALEJessie AttwoodWeston Bank, Weston Road,Totland BayR2/245 - 308/D415/05/194058 yrs18/05/1940Interred with Charles William Antice HaleCross on pedestal with kerb surround
HALLCecil Hamilton LionelTotland Bay1 yr27/8/1898
HALLEmily JaneHenley Villa, Princes Road, Totland48 yrs15/07/1916
HALLGertrude AlrwinesColwell Lane, Totland Bay4 yrs20/11/1918
HALLHerbert CharlesAdelaide Cottage, Colwell Lane, Totland66 yrs12/09/1953
HALLAmelia Ann2 River View, Stroud Road, FreshwaterR3/14967 yrs17/12/1980
HALLJohnThe Gouldings, St Andrerws way,FreshwaterR3/20116/10/198777 yrs20/10/1987
HALLFrank JamesHenley Villa, Princes Road, Totland73 yrs01/01/1942
HALLDeidraBay Tree Cottage, Pound Green, Freshwater1 day25/05/1944
HALLFrances EmilyClaremont, The Avenue, Totland Bay40 yrs16/05/1950
HAMBROOKThomasFreshwaterR1/5076 yrs1/9/1887Interred with Mary HambrookHeadstone with kerb surround
HAMBROOKMaryFreshwaterR1/6077 yrs16/5/1889Interred with Thomas HambrookHeadstone with kerb surround
HAMPSHIRECordelia Mary (Paddy)39 Golden Ridge, FreshwaterR3/22706/07/199384 yrs22/07/1993Internment of Ashes
HANDSSelina EmmaGlendalough, TotlandR1/27252 yrs13/11/1913Wife of D R HandsCross on pedestal, no kerbs
HANNAHDorothy TrevanionWindmill Cottage, Totland16 yrs30/08/1920
HANNAHCaroline HannahKendal Lodge, TotlandR2/12081 yrs06/12/1932Granite surround with kerb surround
HANNAHJames JosephRolls Hill, Cowes, I.O.W.R3/6863 yrs02/11/1974Burial of Ashes with Entry 652
HANNAMElizabeth Mary Churchill13 St Saviours Road, Totland72 yrs26/06/1964
HANNAMFrederick James13 St Saviours Road, TotlandR3/2979 yrs15/12/1971
HANNAMEdith EleanorJourneys End, Westlands, The Avenue,TotlandR3/13252 yrs14/12/1979Interred with Alfred Derrick Hannam
HANNAMAlfred DerrickFlat A, Homecroft, Copse Lane, TotlandR3/26077 yrs04/08/1997Interred with Edith Eleanor Hannambottom Right corner of graveyard
HARGREAVESSarah AnneHawthorne, Totland Bay94 yrs25/01/1915
HARKNETTDorothy CarolineGrayingham, The Avenue, TotlandR2/93-234/C42501193131 yrs28/01/1931Tiny scroll with kerb surround +added marble plaque
HARLANDEmilie Pauline NorahCarrickdhu, Hurst Hill, TotlandR2/78083 yrs09/10/1968Interred with Hilda and Rosalie Yeates (friends)Tablet restant
HARRINGTONWilliam BentrickThe Hoo, Totland BayR1/34582 yrs11/02/1919memorial erected by Emily (widow)Large carved Celtic cross on pedeatal with kerb surrond
HARRISGeorge ParkerCulverdene, Totland BayR2/9668 yrs02/04/1931Interred with Minnie O M HarrisHeadstone with marble surround & chippings
HARRISWilliam AlfredChinscliff, Totland Bay69 yrs04/09/1939
HARRISMinnie Olympia MaudHawesfield, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/79089 yrs09/01/1969Interred with George P HarrisHeadstone with marble surround & chippings
HARRISONMary ElizabethBlenham House, FreshwaterR2/33264 yrs26/01/1945No headstone, blocks with kerb surround
HARROLDPeggy Elaine6 Bradleigh Avenue, Grays, Essex RM17 5UT24/02/199977 yrs16/06/1999Ashes interred in Garden of Rememberance.Memorial Garden
HARVEYGeorgeSummerville, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/11977 yrs18/12/1978
HARVEYMarjorie RuthAbbeyfield, The Avenue, TotlandR3/24517/10/199585 yrs28/10/1995(next to Jeanette Withnall)
HATTONMuriel JoyceCornlea, The Broadway, Totland65 yrs04/10/1957
HAWKINSMary AnnRed Cottage, Colwell Common,Totland Bay72 yrs09/01/1940
HAWKINSCharlesRed Cottage, Colwell Common,Totland Bay86 yrs15/03/1955
HAYMANRichard LancelotTotlandR1/9010 yrs8/1/1894Son of RG & FE HaymanSmall cross on pedestal
HAYMANWilliamTotland BayR1/12880 yrs06/01/1900Interred with Ann Hayman & Anne E HaymanCross on Pedestal
HAYMANAnnBeacon View, TotlandR1/30688 yrs06/05/1916Interred with William HaymanCross on Pedestal
HAYMANHarrietBroadway, Totland62 yrs12/02/1918Headstone with kerb surround
HAYMANHilda MaryForest House, CarisbrookeR1/36427 yrs08/10/1920Headstone with kerb suround
HAYMANAnne ElizabethBeacon View, TotlandR1/37361 yrs23/12/1921Interred with William and Ann HaymanCross on Pedestal
HAYMANRichard Gibbs28 Allerton Road, Lordship Park, London N16R1/39865 yrs19/05/1923No headstone solid stone corner with kerbs
HAYMANWilliam HenryTotland BayR2/2775 yrs24/04/1926Small headstone with kerb surround
HAYMANSylvia DorisBeaconview, TotlandR2/12638 yrs08/02/1933Interred with Francis Elizabeth HaymanMarble scroll couchant with kerb surround
HAYMANFrancis Henry TheodoreBeacon View, Totland75 yrs18/06/1940
HAYMANJane MarchantBeacon View, The Broadway, TotlandR2/44488 yrs07/01/1950Headstone with kerb surround and chippings
HAYMANFrances, Elizabeth1 Beacon Villas, The Broadway, TotlandR2/46491 yrs28/12/1950Interred with Sylvia Doris HaymanMarble scroll couchant with kerb surround
HAYMANBlanche Maud21 Regent Street, Shanklin88 yrs25/04/1956
HAYMANNorman Eric18 Hill House, Kendal Road,TotlandR3/24813/02/199672 yrs22/02/1996(under Yew Tree)
HAYNESElizabethTotland Bay66 yrs14/8/1890
HAYNESGertrude AnnieConiston, Victoria Road, Freshwater24/08/198482 yrs31/08/1984Internment of Ashes
HAZELWOODEpharairaSummers Lane, Sheepwash, Totland71 yrs13/10/1945
HAZELWOODAnnie Maria1 Westfield Cottages, Summers Lane, Totland72 yrs01/04/1947
HEARDEmmaTotland Bay74 yrs27/04/1909
HEASMANLeonard WilliamManor Villas, TotlandR2/17732 yrs27/06/1925Scroll couchant with kerb surround and chippings
HEDGERAnne2 Oak Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland80 yrs07/11/1944
HEDGESGordon Charles20 Pine Ridge Court, Totland05/01/199683 yrs17/04/1996Ashes interred in Garden of Rememberance.Memorial Garden
HEIJBROEKMarinus HenriBourne House, Church Hill, TotlandR3/31426/02/200484 yrs05/03/2004Interred with Pamela Heijbroek
HEIJBROEKPamelaBourne House, Church Hill, TotlandR3/351 -100 yrs12/02/2018Interred with Marius Henri Heijbroek
HELEFlorence Elizabeth1 Bradfield Cottages, Queens Road, FreshwaterR2/62990 yrs18/08/1959No headstone, tablet couchant at foot with kerb surround
HELLEWAYFrederick Charles4 Portland Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland91 yrs20/11/1962
HELLYERSarah FoordWard Road, Totland BayR2/10478 yrs10/08/1931Granite kerb surround
HEMSWORTHWilliam FrederickBarfield, Totland1 day10/03/1941
HENDERSONLeslie Arthur4 Elm Grove, Weston Road, TotlandR3/12765 yrs22/06/1979
HENDERSONMabel Gertrude4 Elm Grove, Weston Road, TotlandR3/24011/09/199480 yrs19/09/1994
HENDERSONDavis LeslieThe Croft, Hooke Hill, FreshwaterR3/32165 yrs04/07/2006
HENDYJamesFirsleigh, Totland62 yrs20/02/1918
HENDYFrankWeston Cottage, Totland48 yrs11/03/1920
HENINGEMClara EdithClarence Cottage, Totland BayR1/34175 yrs27/11/1918Low headstone with kerb surround
HENRYWilliam JosephTotland Bay12 days10/6/1888
HERBERTThomas RothwellAxosfa, Madeira Road, TotlandR3/4163 yrs27/07/1972Burial of AshesTablet sunk in earth
HERBERTMargaret Elizabeth3 The Pines, Ward Road, TotlandR3/32460 yrs07/01/2008
HEYDENReginald AlecTotlandR2/1531 yrs20/04/1925No headstone, kerb surround and chippings
HICKLEYFrances WildsThe Hut, Totland BayR2/42676 yrs04/02/1949Interred with Harry William Hickley(brother)Low headstone with kerb surround
HICKLEYHarry WilliamThe Hut, Totland BayR2/48986 yrs03/12/1951interred with Frances Wilds HickleyLow headstone with kerb surround
HICKLEYKatherine, MaryThe Hut,Colwell Road, Totland BayR2/49878 yrs28/02/1952Headstone with kerb surround
HILLElizabethTotland BayR1/10540 yrs2/4/1896Headstone no kerbs
HILLJane MariaTotland Bay37 yrs03/09/1910
HILLIda KateMoons Hill, Totland 2 months10/02/1912
HILLJamesQueens Road, Freshwater75 yrs03/12/1921
HILLJamesMoons Hill, Totland Bay68 yrs21/03/1944Died St Mary's Hospital, Newport
HILLMajor - Eustace HowardIvybank, The Mall, TotlandR2/772 - 50/A471 yrs08/04/1968Church WardenSmall cross on pedestal, paved with kerb surround
HILLBernard Stanhope4 Chine Cliff, Totland BayR3/14467 yrs31/10/1980Internment of Ashes
HILLIERJamesThe Workhouse Infirmary, Carisbrooke, I.W.65 yrs25/10/1916
HILLIERLucy EllenMoons Hill, Totland54 yrs15/08/1917
HILLIERMargaret, CeciliaSentry Mead, TotlandR2/9 - 207/C517/09/192468 yrs20/09/1924Plain Cross on 3 level plinth - kerb surround
HINTONAnne Catherine8 St Saviours Road, Totland17 months31/08/1957
HISCOCKFrederickI.W. County Hospital, RydeR2/29372 yrs10/06/1942Interred with Elizabeth Ann HiscockNo headstone, kerb suround and chippings
HISCOCKElizabeth AnnSt Mary's Hospital, Newport79 yrs26/06/1952interred with Frederick Hiscock
HOAREAlfred HerbertTotland73 yrs01/03/1922died I.W. County Hospital
HOAREEllenForest House, Newport89 yrs30/04/1948
HOBSONRobert DenisonPilgrims, ThorleyR2/77965 yrs24/09/1968Headstone with kerbs and chippings
HOBSONDorothy AliceClifton, The Broadway, TotlandR3/14877 yrs05/12/1980
HOCKLEYCharlotteHawthorne, Totland Bay77 yrs30/01/1915
HODGEAda MaryIvanhoe, The Avenue, TotlandR2/66884 yrs31/08/1961Interred with Stephen HodgeHeadstone,kerb surround and green chippings
HODGEStephen54 Watling Street, Strood, Rochester, KentR3/2395 yrs04/10/1971interred with Ada Mary HodgeHeadstone,kerb surround and green chippings
HOLBROOKFrankSummers Lane, Totland Bay86 yrs16/02/1929
HOLLANDRoseGlen Bungalow, Freshwater BayR2/26962 yrs12/06/1941Small stone scroll
HOLLIDAYRobert (Bob)Little Ash, The Broadway, TotlandR3/29201/07/200173 yrs11/07/2001Interred with Brenda Holliday
HOLLIDAYBrenda Rosetta12 Princess Close, Totland BayR3/34989 yrs21/12/2016Interred with Robert Holliday
HOLLISAnnaFirholm, TotlandR1/31169 yrs17/08/1916Interred with Mary Lucy HollisCross on pedestal with kerb surround
HOLLISMary LucyFirholme, TotlandR2/19487 yrs23/03/1936Interred with Anna HollisPlaque on soil (daughters of Dr Hollis of Yarmouth)
HOLMANMaryLittle Hayes, Church Hill, TotlandR3/1940/8/198684 yrs01/09/1986
HOOPERChristine Margaret (Peggy)Colwell BayR2/117 - 235/D428/06/192819/08/19324 yrs21/08/1932Tiny Tablet, flower holder, snall posts
HOPKINSandra PatriciaRose Hill,Cliff Road, TotlandR3/30514/04/200359 yrs25/04/2003
HORTONDaisy MargaretWard House, Ward Road, TotlandR3/28807/11/200088 yrs16/11/2000
HOULDERCharles ArthurHeathercroft, Totland BayR2/32870 yrs27/09/1944Interred with Mina R S E HoulderSmall Headstone with kerb surround
HOULDERMina Ricketts Sarah ElizabethNot RecordedR3/7193 yrs18/06/1975Internment of Ashes with Charles A HoulderSmall Headstone with kerb surround
HOUNSELLAnnie LauretteBelvedere, The Broadway, TotlandR3/11823/01/197863 yrs07/12/1978Internment of AshesSloping Block
HOWARDThomasGarrow, Church Hill, TotlandR3/14772 yrs17/11/1980Internment of Ashes
HOWARDEmily MabelEden House, Eden Road, Totland Bay15/09/199797 yrs26/09/1997Ashes interred with Ernest Howard
HOWEAlice MargeryCosy Corner, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/5481 yrs05/04/1973Interred with Robert Martin Howe (Father)Headstone with kerb surround
HOWEFrederick JamesBroadclyst, The Mall, TotlandR3/12467 yrs05/06/1979
HOWEEileen RosettaBroadclyst, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/23519/02/199473 yrs25/02/1994
HOWEFrances Emma JaneHomelands, The Broadway, TotlandR2/23070 yrs30/09/1939Interred with Doris Gwendoline AustenHeadstone with kerb surround
HOWERobert MartinThe Golf House, Alum Bay, TotlandR2/60488 yrs09/07/1958Interred with Alice Margey Howe (Daughter)Headstone with kerb surround
HUDSONKeithWindy Ridge, TotlandR2/20672 yrs02/03/1938No Headstone, kerb surround
HUGHESAlfredAlmonte, Totland44 yrs24/07/1914
HUGHESRosina EmmaHimonte, The Avenue, Totland Bay64 yrs23/02/1939
HUMBYKatherine MustonBriar Bank, TotlandR2/116 - 210/D512/05/193284 yrs16/05/1932Kerb Headstone - Marble kerb surround- lead inscription
HUMEAgnes MargaretThe Mount, Totland BayR2/40364 yrs20/02/1948Low Heastone with kerb surround
HUNTDavidTotland BayR2/52669 yrs20/08/1927Interred with Mary Rachel Hunt and Dorothy HuntMarble Scroll couchant with kerb surround & chippings
HUNTMary RachelHurstleigh, TotlandR2/14485 yrs19/12/1933interred with David HuntMarble Scroll couchant with kerb surround & chippings
HUNTArthur Henry2 Irene Villas, The Avenue, TotlandR2/19450 yrs14/07/1937Interred with Emma and James Henry Hunt4 Memorial Tablets couchant, kerb surround & chippings
HUNTEmma2 Irene Villas, The Avenue, Totland75 yrs21/07/1937Interred with Arthur and James Henry Hunt4 Memorial Tablets couchant, kerb surround & chippings
HUNTJames Henry1 Highlands Road, Drayton80 yrs28/12/1940Interred with Arthur and Emma Hunt4 Memorial Tablets couchant, kerb surround & chippings
HUNTAnn ElizaThe Avenue, Totland84 yrs03/10/1949
HUNTDorothyRoyston, The Avenue, TotlandR2/52675 yrs27/08/1953Ashes interred with Mary & David HuntMemorial Tablet
HUNTEdward Joseph37 Yarborough Road, Wroxall17/06/198173 yrs17/08/1986Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (12)Memorial Garden
HUNTMyra Diane37 Yarborough Road, Wroxall16/10/200787 yrs29/02/2008Ashes interred with Edward HuntMemorial Garden
HURRIONMaurice RaymondAlum Bay House, Alum Bay Road, TotlandR3/30807/08/200376 yrs18/08/2003
HUTCHINLeonard AlbertApple Cottage, Eden Road, Totland01/09/198565 yrs14/10/1985Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (7)Memorial Garden
IRISHHenryHawthorndene, Colwell, Totland Bay71 yrs13/06/1935
IRISHKate ElizabethHawthorndene, Colwell,Totland Bay82 yrs30/10/1936
ISAACSMary annWhitecliff, Alum Bay, Totland63 yrs06/07/1914
ISAACSAlfredAlum Bay, Totland74 yrs08/06/1926Interred with Agnes and Florence IsaacsBook Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
ISAACSAlfred WilliamWhitecliff, Alum Bay, TotlandR2/46366 yrs14/11/1950Interred with James Alfred Isaacs
ISAACSJames AlfredRoyal Needles HotelR2/77859 yrs17/08/1968Interred with Alfred William Isaacs
ISAACSAgnesWhitecliff, Alum Bay, Totland87 yrs25/01/1971Interred with Alfred IsaacsBook Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
ISAACSMary FlorenceWhitecliff, Alum Bay, TotlandR3/28091 yrs21/01/2000Interred with Alfred & Agnes IsaacsBook Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
IVESJohn Henry GellHeatherland, Colwell Common, TotlandR3/13880 yrs14/04/1980Interred with Blanche IvesHeadstone, no kerbs
IVESBlanche Emilie HayterBirchwood Rest Home, Stockland Green Road, SpeldhurstR3/26521/04/199898 yrs29/04/1998Interred with John Henry Gell IvesHeadstone, no kerbs
IVESONBenjamin BowmanLynton Villas, The Avenue, Totland Bay82 yrs08/12/1945Interred with Mabel L Iveson & Isabel M StoneNo Headstone, kerb surround & chippings + Tablet
IVESONMabel LNot Recorded0/0/197182 yrsInterred with Benjamin Iveson & Isobel StoneNo Headstone, kerb surround & chippings + Tablet
JACKMANHanryUpper Princes Road, Totland80 yrs02/03/1914
JACKMAN (RN)Lieutenant - ThomasRaymond Villas, Totland BayR2/11159 yrs15/02/1932No Headstone, Granite surround
JACKSONAlfredBowdene, The Avenue, TotlandR2/3756 yrs14/10/1926of Coventry with Emily JacksonGranite Bird Bath on Pedestal with kerb
JACKSON (RAOC)QMS - EmilyThe Avenue, TotlandR2/6959 yrs20/12/1928interred with Alfred JacksonGranite Bird Bath on Pedestal with kerb
JAMESEthel MaryTotland Bay3 yrs9/3/1896
JAMESWilliam JamesTotland BayR1/11874 yrs7/3/1898No Headstone with kerb surround
JAMESMariaTotland Bay46 yrs06/12/1902
JAMESSarah AnneTotland BayR1/22182 yrs20/12/1909No Headstone with kerb surround
JARDINEDavidR1/369 - 204/C520/09/192181 yrsSmall Red Headstone Granite surround & granite chippings
JARDINEGladysAston House, Totland BayR2/ 64466 yrs17/08/1960Interred with Gladys JardineSmall Headstone, kerb surrround & Chippings
JARDINEAliceHeathside, The Avenue, TotlandR2/39282 yrs01/09/1947Interred with Alice Jardine
JEFFREYRachel RickmanChalfont, FreshwaterR1/33069 yrs23/01/1918No Headstone, stone surround
JENKINSKeaslyMarrick, Ward Road, TotlandR2/275 - 244/D408/08/194174 yrs09/08/1941Master Mariner
JOHNSONRobert RawdonGranville House Totland Bay66 yrs08/09/1937Interred With Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSONMary AnnWhitecroft Hospital, Newport86 yrs24/12/1952
JOHNSONWalter IsaacOsbourne Cottage, East Cowes84 yrs24/11/1954
JOHNSONMaudGlendovere, Totland BayR2/61295 yrs27/12/1958Small Headstone + cross couchant & chippings
JOHNSONMary NorringtonThe Mall, Totland81 yrs13/04/1963Interred with Robert JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSONRawdonNot recorded0/0/19070/0/197164 yrsInterred with Robert, & Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSONUrsulaNot recorded0/0/19650/0/196551 yrsInterred with Robert, & Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSONHenry RawdenUmtali, RhodesiaR3/28-15/12/1971Ashes Interred with Robert, & Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSON (MBE)Dorothy PriscillaIvy Bank, The Mall, Totland23/04/200487 yrs23/08/2004Ashes Interred with Robert, & Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSONFlorenceTiptoft Farm, Cole End Lane, Saffron Walden, Cambs11/09/201088 yrs07/10/2010Ashes Interred with Robert, & Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSONChristopher RawdonPrincess Royal, University Hospital, Farnborough22/08/201083 yrs16/06/2011Ashes Interred with Robert, & Mary JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
JOHNSTONENorman RonaldChalfont, FreshwaterR1/171 - 219/B418/03/190439 yrs22/03/1904Esther Johnstone responsible for the burialFleur-de-Lys Cross on triple plinth-no kerbs
JOLLEYLeslie EdwardLucerne, The Avenue, Totland BayR2/15631 yrs01/08/1934Headstone with kerb surround
JONESAlastair Edwin21 Granville Rd, Totland BayR3/33867 yrs29/09/2011Interred with Betty Jones
JONESBettyInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, TotlandR3/352 -90 yrs29/06/2018formerly Betty White-Interred with Alistair Jones
JONESLillian Emily1 Westfield Cottages, Totland26 yrs15/07/1921
JONESCharlesLismore, The Avenue, Totland71 yrs11/01/1941
JONESEvelyn MaySummerville, Totland BayR2/27950 yrs03/12/1941Small stone flower holder only, no kerb surround
JONESEliza AnnSt Mary's Hospital, Newport71 yrs08/10/1943
JONESPansyMiddletonR3/873 yrs21/04/1970
JOYCEMichael GordonLittle Hayes, Church Hill, TotlandR3/9-24/04/1970Service 27.04.70 Ashes committed at sea.
JOYNERVera Mabel GeorginaLittle Hayes Nursing Home, TotlandR3/31803/10/200481 yrs08/10/2004formerly of 5 Arnhem Villas, FreshwaterHeadstone, no kerbs
KEARNEYMildred ScottHurstleigh, The Broadway, TotlandR2/46578 yrs12/12/1950Interred with Mildred Norah KearneyNo Headstone with kerb surround & chippiongs
KEARNEYMildred NorahHurstleigh, The Broadway, TotlandR3/5573 yrs14/05/1973Interred with Mildred Scott KearneyNo Headstone with kerb surround & chippiongs
KELLEHERPercy JamesTotland Bay1 month23/8/1888
KELLEWAYLouisaTotland Bay66 yrs4/8/1894
KELLEWAYAnnTotland BayR1/14763 yrs04/11/1901Headstone , no kerbs
KELLEWAYLewisBroadway Mews, Totland65 yrs02/06/1914
KELLEWAYMatthewMoons Hill, Totland BayR2/785 yrs24/07/1924Headstone , no kerbs
KELLEWAYCharles JohnFirsleigh, The Avenue, TotlandR2/29489 yrs27/06/1942Interred with Elizabeth Mary KellewayNo Headstone, with kerb surround
KELLEWAYElizabeth MaryFirsleigh, The Avenue, TotlandR2/29885 yrs01/08/1942interred with Charles John KellewayNo Headstone, with kerb surround
KELLEWAYHarry William124 Cromwell Rd, PeterboroughR2/57567 yrs06/07/1956Interred with Nellie Florence KellewaySmall Headstone,crazy paving & kerb surround
KELLEWAYAlice Kate4 Portland Terrace, Moons Hill, TotlandR2/63418/11/195888 yrs21/11/1958Interred with Frederick Charles KellewayNo headstone, granite kerbs with 4 Tablets
KELLEWAYFrederick CharlesNot RecordedR2/68216/11/196291 yrsInterred with Alice Kate KellewayNo headstone, granite kerbs with 4 Tablets
KELLEWAYNellie FlorenceTussy Butt, The Broadway, TotlandR2/65573 yrs04/03/1961Interred with Harry William KellewaySmall Headstone,crazy paving & kerb surround
KELLEWAYFrederick Charles4 Swanage Terrace, Moons Hill, TotlandR3/4865 yrs28/11/1972Polished granite surround
KELLEWAYLouis OliverRyde92 yrs20/08/1976
KELLEWAYNora MarySt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/18382 yrs28/12/1984
KEMPSTERKathleen MurielColwell, TotlandR2/4930/12/195148 yrs01/01/1952died St Mary's Hospital, NewportHeadstone with kerb surround
KEMPSTERWilliam JohnPamona, The Avenue, TotlandR3/6674 yrs27/09/1974No headstone, kerb surround & chippings
KEMPSTEREthel DaisyAncona, The Square, Freshwater BayR3/32394 yrs18/05/2007
KENTRose1 Solent Gardens, FreshwaterR3/21614/02/199171 yrs20/02/1991Interred with Percy Alfred Kent
KENTPercy Alfred1 Solent Gardens, FreshwaterR3/27130/01/199981 yrs05/02/1999Interred with Rose Kent
KENTRobertInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, Totland15/06/200182 yrs27/07/2001Ashes with Peggy KentMemorial Garden
KENTPeggy Muriel OliveSeven Gables Care Home, York Lane, Totland28/03/201892 yrs28/03/2018Ashes with Robert KentGarden of Remembrance
KENTRichard EdwardSeaward, Cliff Road, Totland Bay02/07/199291 yrs02/07/1992Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (20)Memorial Garden
KERRIDGEEmmaThe Mount, Totland BayR2/8890 yrs11/09/1930Marble cross on pedestal with kerb surround
KETTERIDGELilian MayMonks Lane, FreshwaterR3/4955 yrs21/12/1972Leading Boatman HM CoastguardMilitary type headstone with Anchor
KEWELLJohnCoastguard Station, TotlandR1/29841 yrs09/12/1915
KIDWiLLHannah KaleHawkridge, Totland BayR2/23972 yrs23/02/1940Interred with Daughter Mary CoateHeadstone ,kerbs, covered by crazy paving, Tablet couchant
KINGElizaTotland BayR1/16246 yrs05/08/1903Heastone with kerb surround
KINGStella LauraCherry Trees, Madeira Lane, TotlandR3/29523/05/200280 yrs31/05/2002
KINGJoan RosemaryCherry Trees, Madeira Lane, TotlandR3/30912/08/200386 yrs20/08/2003
KINGSWELLGertrude MariaTotland Bay9 months6/5/1885
KINGSWELLSarah MariaTotland Bay38 yrs22/2/1893
KINGSWELLCharles HenryGrabville Villa, Totland20 yrs03/09/1908
KINGSWELLErnest WilliamGranville Villa, Totland70 yrs16/07/1923
KINGSWELLEmilyManor View, The Broadway, Totland85 yrs08/06/1951
KINGSWELLErnest FrankDown House, TotlandR3/19322/08/198685 yrs29/08/1986Interred with Ethel Kingswell
KINGSWELLEthelDown House, TotlandR3/19522/02/198782 yrs27/02/1987Interred with Ernest Frank Kingswell
KIRKAda LouiseThe Broadway, Totland65 yrs04/08/1942
KIRKArthur HenryPalmerston Villas, The Broadway, Totland87 yrs13/02/1954
KISSICKArchie ReginaldTotland BayR1/2004 yrs09/11/1907son of J and R KissickCross Headstone , no kerbs
KISSICKJesse (Perce)Madeira Cottage, The Broadway, Totland BayR2/38371 yrs11/03/1947Interred with Rosa KissickHeadstone, no kerbs
KISSICKRosa37 Myrtle Avenue, PorchesterR2/57880 yrs13/09/1956Interred with Jesse (Perce) KissickHeadstone, no kerbs
KISSICKLeslie JesseSunny Cottage, Summers Lane, TotlandR2/71563yrs29/01/1965No Headstone , Kerb surround
KISSICKLily VioletSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/18979 yrs19/11/1985
KNIGHTCharlotteWinchester House, Totland BayR1/30077 yrs01/01/1916Granite Celtic Cross on pedestal with kerbs
KNIGHTBetsy ElizabethSeven Gables, York Lane, TotlandR3/24610/01/199687 yrs19/01/1996Interred with Caroline May Broadley
KNILL JONESDr. - Peter AlanBrooklands, FreshwaterR2/69849 yrs21/09/1963Interred with Jocelyn Knill JonesHeadstone with Kerb surround
KNILL-JONESJocelyn Blanche OndesloweRoundstone, FreshwaterR3/30115/11/200290 yrs22/11/2002Interred with Peter Alan Knill Jones
KNILL-JONESAlanAshes interred with Peter Knill-Jones
KNILL-JONESSamuel Alan1 Moorside, Moons Hill, Totland Bay03/08/202077 yrs03/08/2020Ashes interred with Peter Knill-Jones
KNOTTReverend - HerbertThe Vicarage, Totland41 yrs29/01/1903Interred with Laurence Rendell KnottMarble cross couchant with kerb surround
KNOTTLaurence RendellEasthill House for the Deaf, Ashey Road, Ryde28/07/198794 yrs12/08/1987Ashes with Rev. Herbert Knott
KNOWLESBertrum GeorgeTotland55 yrs02/08/1939died Longford House, Havenstreet
KUNHARDTHillejonda JohannaGorse Hill, TotlandR3/11481 yrs07/03/1932Cape of Good HopeRed granite cross with kerb surround
KUNHARDTLieutenent Colonel - John Conrad GiaGorse Hill, TotlandR2/12757 yrs11/02/1933Indian Medical ServiceStone surface, kerbs and bird bath pedestal
LAKEMANRobertTotlandR1/18473 yrs26/06/1906Marble Cross pedestal (broken) with kerbs
LAKEMANMaria MargaretRomany, Warden Road, Totland Bay83 yrs24/10/1922
LAKEMANThomasRomany, Warden Road, Totland Bay85 yrs22/03/1958
LANEJacob EdgarTotland Bay18 yrs29/3/1885
LANEWilliamTotland Bay87 yrs13/11/1887
LANEAnnaLacy Farm, Totland BayR1/16786 yrs28/09/1903wife of Charles LaneHeadstone with kerb surround
LANEJacobTotlandR1/1940/4/190774 yrs03/05/1907Headstone with kerb surround
LANEMaryHighdown Inn, TotlandR1/210 - 236/D408/09/190880 yrs12/09/1908sister of Anne OwenHeadstone, no kerbs
LANERuthWeston Farm, Totland BayR1/21379 yrs18/01/1909daughter of William & Elizabeth LaneCross on pedestal
LANEMarthaTotland BayR1/22559 yrs19/02/1910Interred with Anna Maria Edith LaneUnmarked granite cross on pillar with kerb surround
LANECharlesTotland BayR1/22991 yrs16/06/1910of Lacy FarmHeadstone with kerb surround
LANESophia AnnTotlandR2/2289 yrs31/12/1925Interred with Elizabeth Kate LaneLrg. Double plot No headstone with kerb surround
LANEAnna Maria EdithTotland BayR2/7677 yrs19/10/1929Interred with Martha LaneUnmarked granite cross on pillar with kerb surround
LANEElizabeth KateTotland Villa, Totland BayR2/8466 yrs10/03/1930Interred with Sophia Ann LaneLrg. Double plot No headstone with kerb surround
LANEGertrude MabelRosemead, TotlandR2/18757 yrs01/04/1937Marble cross couchant with kerb surround
LANEFrancis JosephRosemead, Weston Road, TotlandR2/48475 yrs24/08/1951Interred with Ellen LaneNo Headstone, Granite pieces with kerb surround
LANEEllenRestholme, Victoria Road, Freshwater BayR2/63685 yrs18/02/1960Interred with Francis Joseph LaneNo Headstone, Granite pieces with kerb surround
LANGMEADEdith Kathleen1 Swanage Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland Bay16/02/198483 yrs09/04/1984Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (5)Memorial Garden
LARCUMJosephRose Cottage, Totland BayR1/28863 yrs12/02/1915Interred with Elizabeth LarcumDouble grave, stone cross on pedestal with kerb surround
LARCUMElizabethBuckleberry Cottage, Princes Rd, TotlandR1/38175 yrs22/05/1922Interred with Joseph LarcumDouble grave, stone cross on pedestal with kerb surround
LARCUMJames PTotland BayR2/7880 yrs28/11/1929(behind Arthur Dennett)Cross on pedestal, no kerb surround
LARCUMLouisa JaneColwell Lane, Totland BayR2/20758 yrs19/04/1938Interred with Grace LarcumMarble Headstone with kerb surround
LARCUMGraceWestby Nor, Colwell Lane, TotlandR2/47772 yrs07/06/1951Interred with Louisa Jane Larcum (Sister)Marble Headstone with kerb surround
LARCUMJoseph AllenColwell Lane, Totland BayR2/58075 yrs10/10/1956Low Headstone, carved anchor with kerb surround
LAWSONSarah Louisa FrancisTotland BayR2/7571 yrs09/10/1929Faithful retainer of the Aman FamilyFlat slab pavement with no kerb suround
LAYFrancesTotland BayR2/52 - 205/C530/05/192792 yrs03/06/1927wife of Capt. LaySmall Kerb headstone
LE FEUREEric WilliamBethany, Ward Road, TotlandR3/1063 yrs22/05/1970Internment of Ashes
LEALWinnie AgnesThe Pines, Ward Road, TotlandR3/1770/1/198477 yrs03/02/1984
LEALMary AnnTotland Bay65 yrs1/12/1886
LEALEMargaretSouthview, Weston Lane, Totland90 yrs07/01/1969Internment of Ashes
LEECatherineBrambles Chine, FreshwaterR1/14475 yrs02/08/1901Interred with James LeeMarble cross on pedestal with kerb surround
LEEJamesBrambles House, FreshwaterR1/23279 yrs09/10/1910Interred with Catherine LeeMarble cross on pedestal with kerb surround
LEEJamesLindisfarne, Amos Hill, Totland77 yrs28/01/1937
LEETrevor MervynWoodp[eckers, Clayton Rd, Freshwater15/10/202014/11/2016Ashes interred with Alfred Dennis (Grandfather)
LEECHAnnieNew Brillan, Princes Road, TotlandR2/54377 yrs27/01/1955Interred with George Edmund LeechSmall Headstone with kerb surround
LEECHGeorge EdmundNew Brillon, Princes Road, TotlandR2/54479 yrs01/02/1955Interred with Annie LeechSmall Headstone with kerb surround
LEVERLillian AnnePenrhyn, The Avenue, Totland BayR2/15754 yrs08/08/1934Interred withRobert Edmonds LeverMarble headstone with kerbs - Double Width
LEVERAubreyNot Recorded - (Died at Sea)0/1/194134 Yrs(Lost at Sea)M.N. Monogram on book.
LEVERRobert EdmondsNewlyn, The AvenueR3/1794 yrs08/10/1970Interred with Lillian Anne LeverMarble headstone with kerbs - Double Width
LEVERDorothy MayMarkeaton, Amos Hill, TotlandR3/26811/10/199887 yrs19/10/1998
LEWISBettyCamp Lodge, FreshwaterR2/3219 yrs05/07/1926Interred with Arthur Lewis (Father)Cross on Pedestal with kerbs & chippings
LEWISArthurNot Recorded - (Died at Sea)0/5/192655 YrsInterred with Betty Lewis (daughter)Cross on Pedestal with kerbs & chippings
LEWISElizabethCamp Lodge, Freshwater82 yrs21/10/1955
LEWISAlbert EdwardManora, The Avenue, TotlandR2/70468 yrs13/03/1964Interred with Winifred & Chrisine LewisHeadstone with kerb surround covered in.
LEWISWinifred RoseManora, The Avenue, TotlandR3/15588 yrs16/03/1981Interred with Albert Edward LewisHeadstone with kerb surround covered in.
LEWISFrank ThomasRoyal Hants County Hospital, Winchester, Hants307/D408/07/199976 yrs24/07/1999Ashes with Thomas & Rose SaundersMemorial Plaque Headstone with kerb surround
LEWISChristine AnneMartins, Hammond Close, Norton, Yarmouth01/04/200776 yrs23/08/2007Ashes with Albert LewisHeadstone with kerb surround covered in.
LIFE (MBE)Isabel MayCamp Lodge Cottage, FreshwaterR2/67176 yrs30/11/1961"Lifey" interred with Susan CullifordPolished granite headstone, memorial tablet, vase & kerbs
LLOYDAnnie Mary ConstanceTotland BayR1/16801/10/190332 yrs05/10/1903died in childbirth wife of Charles T LloydCross on pedestal, kerbs surround - double width
LLOYD (ASC)Captain - Charles TrevorNot Recorded0/7/1941Died in India husband of Annie M C LloydCross on pedestal, kerbs surround - double width
LLOYDMary Constance Winifred9 Marine Mansions, BexhillR1/24301/10/19037 yrs28/09/1911only child of Annie & Charles LloydCross on pedestal, kerbs surround - double width
LLOYD-PRICELieutenant Colonel - OwenWhiteriggs, FreshwaterR2/59080 yrs07/06/1957
LONGMary AnnHolmleigh, Totland81 yrs08/11/1913
LOWHarry HamiltonIvybank, The Mall, Totland07/08/1985-09/09/1987Ashes with R Rawdon JohnsonHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
LOWMargaret Mary (Peggy)Ivybank, The Mall, Totland23/11/200596 yrs01/12/2005Ashes with Harry LowHeadstone with memorial blocks & kerb surround
LOWEViolet Maud2 Manor Villas, TotlandR1/26141 yrs09/01/1913No headstone, kerb surround
LOWEVera May16 Mill Street, Eastleigh, Hants31/10/200691 yrs22/08/2007Ashes with Minnie Downer
LOXTONMichael Neale35 Raymond Road, Southampton, Hants11/02/200375 yrsAshes with Emily NealeSmall headstone with kerb surround
LUCASReubenSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/3314½ hours07/01/2000
LYNNJessieTotland BayR2/5574 yrs10/10/1927Stone Cross with carved tomb cover no kerb surround
MABEYLillieTotland Bay2 months6/10/1888
MABEYGeorge EdwardDuchandon, Heath Lane, TotlandR2/34659 yrs13/06/1945Interred with Charles K MabeyNo headstone with kerb surrround
MABEYCharles Kitchener35 The Avenue, Totland15/06/198670 yrs27/06/1986Ashes interred with George E MabeyNo headstone with kerb surrround
MACFARLAINELauraWeston Road, Totland Bay47 yrs25/01/1927
MACROWHilary JoyceThe Shieling, Colmar Way, TotlandR3/2020/4/198878 yrs18/04/1988Interred with Mary Mc Shee
MADDOCKMarjorie EllaSeven Gables Nursing Home, Cliff Rd, Totland07/05/199289 yrs16/09/1992Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (19)Memorial Garden
MAGEESean James58 Lanes End, TotlandR3/27015/01/199947 yrs29/01/1999
MAKINSAnnie EdithThe Old Coastguard Station, Alum Bay, TotlandR2/14957 yrs17/04/1934Interred with Clifford Coneman MakinsCross carved in headstone with kerb surround
MAKINSClifford Coneman7 Knarsborough Place, Kensington86 yrs11/04/1963Interred with Annie Edith MakinsCross carved in headstone with kerb surround
MANSFIELDAlbion JamesTotland Bay193/B521/08/190354 yrs26/08/1903Peaked memorial with engraved clasped hands
MANSFIELDJane MercyAlbion Cottage, Totland Bay66 yrs28/05/1912Mound only no kerbs
MARFLEETBenjaminAlum Bay, TotlandR1/21587 yrs31/03/1908Interred with Rosina MarfleetLarge cross on pedestal with kerb surround
MARFLEETRosina (Rosie)Granville house, TotlandR1/25852 yrs12/12/1912Interred with Benjamin Marfleet (wife of H Marfleet)Large cross on pedestal with kerb surround
MARFLEETElsieGranville House, Totland Bay52 yrs02/01/1935
MARFLEETSamCoinlea, Totland BayR2/33686 yrs10/03/1945of Carshalton, SurreyNo headstone with kerb surround
MARFLEETHerbert SidneyDrums, The Broadway, Totland62 yrs10/01/1950Service held Christ Church 11. 07. 1951
MARKHAMMariaHorne Hospital, Ryde0/7/194381 yrs03/08/1943Crazy paving top with kerb surround
MARSHEmily MayI.W. County Hospital, RydeR2/30749 yrs13/07/1943Interred with brother Albert Edward PageLow Headstone double grave with kerb surround
MARSHGeorge HenryI.W. County Hospital, Ryde59 yrs09/02/1944
MARTINLeonard William2 Weston Terrace, The Broadway, TotlandR2/78647 yrs20/12/1968No headstone with kerbs, Tablet at foot
MARTINAlan FrederickFlat 1, Linstone, Colwell Road, Freshwater10/04/200848 yrs24/05/2008Internment of Ashes
MARTINMaryNutfield, Kendall Road, TotlandR3/32687 yrs06/10/2008Abode not stated
MASSASara Margherita TheodoraSeymour Nursing Home, Ward Road, TotlandR3/14188 yrs20/06/1980
MASTERMANFrances Eliza SarahAmbleside, The Avenue, Totland79 yrs17/12/1934
MAYHanna C.Not RecordedChildGrave next to George & Eva McCahey
MCCAHEYGeorge EdwardCulverdene Nursing Home, Church Hill, TotlandR3/21115/12/198991 yrs19/12/1989Interred with Eva Mc Cahey
MCCAHEYEvaCulverdene Nursing Home, Church Hill, TotlandR3/27319/02/199988 yrs01/03/1999Interred with George Edward Mc Cahey
MCCLEANGeorge Frederick8 Manor Villas, Totland BayR2/238 - 306/C418/02/194074 yrs22/02/1940Interred with Eleanor Kate McCleanRectangular Headstone with kerb surround
MCCLEANEleanor KateBurnlisland, Fife306 - C421/11/194377 yrs25/11/1943Interred with George Frederick McCleanRectangular Headstone with kerb surround
MCCLEANEthel LouiseMeadowside, Granville Rise, Totland71 yrs18/06/1964
MCCLEANFrank AllenSeymour Nursing Home, Ward Road, TotlandR3/17993 yrs06/07/1984
MCCOLLJames SteelBrickfield Cottages, Totland54 yrs14/06/1956
MCGILLEdwardTotland Bay15 minutes12/8/1891Unbaptised
MCGILLEmilyTotland Bay30 minutes12/8/1891Unbaptised
MCSHEEMary Ann AmeliaThe Shieling, Colmar Way, TotlandR3/16074 yrs12/08/1981Interred with Mary Joyce Macrow
MEANINGSarah AnnMoons Hill, Totland68 yrs30/06/1926
MEANINGErnest AlbertSeaview Cottages, TotlandR2/24345 yrs02/04/1940Interred with Norah Elsie MeaningSmall marble scroll couchant - Chain surround
MEANINGNorah ElsieNot Recorded0/1/197587 YrsInterred with Ernest Albert MeaningSmall marble scroll couchant - Chain surround
MEANINGGeorge HenryHill House Hotel, Totland65 yrs28/06/1948
MEANINGVictorTotland Bay1 month26/6/1897
MEANINGWalter EdwardTotland Bay1 month2/7/1897
MEANINGReginaldTotland Bay3 days24/02/1900
MERWOODMary DianaCloverley, The Avenue, Totland BayR1/38366 yrs16/06/1922Cross on Pedestal Block with kerb surround & Chippings
MERWOODAlice JaneFirsleigh, The Avenue, TotlandR2/1962 yrs08/07/1925Cross on Pedestal with kerb surround
MERWOODLouisaKingsbourne, Totland76 yrs23/02/1944
MERWOODGeorge HenryHillcrest, Totland BayR2/33584 yrs07/03/1945Interred with Emma Francis MerwoodGranite cross on pedestal with kerb surround & Chippings
MERWOODEmma FrancesHill Crest, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/40774 yrs02/04/1948Interred with George Henry MerwoodGranite cross on pedestal with kerb surround & Chippings
MERWOODCharles Frank WilliamThe Broadway, Totland82 yrs10/05/1961
MERWOODIda EmilyNot Recorded298/C401/04/192437 yrs0/4/1924Interred with Helen Beatrice RaileyLow Headstone, no kerbs, 2 small corner blocks
METCALFEHenry GranvilleThornhill, The Avenue, Totland78 yrs08/11/1933Kerb surround - nothing else
MEWFrederick George EdwardTotland Bay5 months12/1/1894
MEWJane ElizabethGlena Cottage, Colwell Road, TotlandR2/26080 yrs03/02/1941Interred with Samuel MewHeadstone with kerb surround
MEWSamuelGlena Cottage, Colwell Road, TotlandR2/28382 yrs29/01/1942Interred with Jane ElizabethMewHeadstone with kerb surround
MEWHarriet Sabina1 Linda Villas, The Avenue, Totland64 yrs24/04/1947
MEWEveleigh EdwinWhitecroft Hospital, Newport72 yrs16/12/1953
MILAMGeorge FrederickTotland Bay14 months18/11/1887
MILAMAlfred EdwardTotland Bay9 yrs4/12/1887
MILAMLucy AgnesTotland Bay37 yrs18/3/1891
MILLERAnnette HenriettaHighdown, TotlandR2/660 yrs27/06/1924No headstone with kerb surround
MILLERCatherine EmmaRibbadene, Totland BayR2/59875 yrs28/02/1958Interred with Albert Edward MillerStone Headstone - black surround kerbs corner birdbath
MILLERAlbert EdwardRibbadene, Totland BayR2/60677 yrs13/09/1958Interred with Catherine Emma MillerStone Headstone - black surround kerbs corner birdbath
MILLSCharles Frank VictorAinsworth Court, Cameron Close, FreshwaterR3/32573 yrs27/02/2008
MINTONFrederick CharlesLandholme, Church Hill, Totland79 yrs07/01/1956
MITCHELLLydia IsabellaWinchester House, Totland Bay1 day9/7/1891
MITCHELLEsme IreneMarda Cottage, Totland20 months28/01/1914
MITCHELLAlfredGranada Cottage, Colwell Lane, Totland56 yrs10/05/1922
MITCHELLDean PeterSpringvale, Summers Lane, Totland2 yrs04/01/1965
MONEYJohn ThomasSpringvale, York Road, TotlandR2/43882 yrs28/10/1949Interred with Martha Money & Arthur Henry MoneyScroll couchant with kerb surround &Green chippings
MONEYAmy GeraldineThe Cottage, Totland BayR2/46693 yrs18/01/1951Interred withElizabeth G CockburnHeadstone with no kerb surround
MONEYMarthaTrusco, The Avenue, Totland97 yrs21/11/1963Interred with John Thomas Money
MONEYArthur HenryWindsor, BerksR3/26-18/11/1971Ashes interred with John & Martha MoneyScroll couchant with kerb surround &Green chippings
MONEYRonald John CharlesRoyal Berks Hospital, ReadingR3/16301/07/198160 yrs07/10/1981Ashes Interred with Joan MoneyScroll couchant with kerb surround &Green chippings
MONEYJoan Violet ChristineAncona Nursing Home, The Square, Freshwater Bay26/06/201685 yrs09/09/2016Ashes interred with Ronald Money
MOORERuth Elizabeth SophRavenswood, Granville Road, TotlandR3/1172 yrs10/06/1970Polished Granite Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
MOORELeonora PhyllisLismore, The Avenue, TotlandR3/6172 yrs26/11/1973Polished Granite Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
MORELLIKenneth Gordon3 The Avenue, TotlandR3/14370 yrs09/09/1980
MORELLIRena JoyceSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/332101 yrs30/04/2010
MOREYEthel HildaTotland Bay1 day21/11/1893
MOREYRosabellaManor Villa, TotlandR1/175 - 220/B429/07/190451 yrs02/08/1904Pointed stone headstone
MOREYEdward Urry5 Manor Villas, TotlandR2/1840/1/193786 yrs01/02/1937Christ Church Organist for 27 yearsHeadstone with kerb surround
MORGANEllenThatch Cotage, Middleton, Totland88 yrs28/01/1933
MORGANGeorge HenryNodewell Farm, Alum Bay, TotlandR3/22509/02/199278 yrs17/02/1992Interred with Elizabeth Morgan
MORGANElizabethEden House, Eden Road, Totland BayR3/25201/11/199682 yrs08/11/1996Interred with George Henry Morgan
MORRISAustinNot Recorded0/6/1917Hants Reg. Died France with Charles MorrisLow polished Red Granite Headstone with kerb surround
MORRISCharlottePrinces Road, TotlandR2/1282 yrs13/01/1925Interred with Charles MorrisLow polished Red Granite Headstone with kerb surround
MORRISCharlesNot RecordedR2/140/3/192584 yrsInterred with Charlotte MorrisLow polished Red Granite Headstone with kerb surround
MORRISWilliam Henry1 Maydene, Princes Road, TotlandR2/125 - 315/D431/01/193374 yrs04/02/1933Double Grave Plot (Under Tree)Headstone with kerb surround
MORRISHannahMaydene, Princes Road, TotlandR2/185 - 315/D425/02/193776 yrs04/03/1937interred with William Henry MorrisHeadstone with kerb surround
MORRISObed Eden McMesby4 Heath Villas, Colwell Lane, TotlandR2/34273 yrs23/04/1945No Headstone with kerb suround & chippings
MORRISKate Beatrice1 Clarence Cottages, Queens Road, Freshwater67 yrs08/12/1951
MORRISCharlesClarence Cottage, Queens Road, Freshwater86 yrs20/04/1965
MORRISHerbert JosephLaleham, The Avenue, TotlandR2/79454 yrs15/04/1969Interred with Louise WheelerGranite polished headstone, no kerbs, double width grave
MORRISEmily Georgina GladysAltea, Cliff Road, TotlandR3/22308/09/199177 yrs16/09/1991Interred with John (Jack) Morris
MORRISJohn (Jack)The Garland, 115 Humber Doucy Lane, Ipswich 1PH3NUR3/29690 yrs14/08/2002Interred with Emily Georgina Gladys Morris
MOUNTFORDGertrude AlrwinesTotland Bay53 yrs19/09/1918
MOWLAMHarold EdwardNot Recorded0/4/197772 yrs0/0/1977Interred With Margaret Cunningham (daughter)Headstone with Kerb surround (bottom SE Corner)
MOWLAMSarah FrancesSandown Nursing Home,28 Grove Rd, Sandown23/01/200294 yrs0/0/2002Ashes interred with Charles CunninghamHeadstone with Kerb surround (bottom SE Corner)
MUDDIMANFrederick AlfredCasterbridge, The Avenue, TotlandR2/64278 yrs16/04/1960Interred with Rosetta Maud MuddimanHeadstone covered crazy paving with kerb surround
MUDDIMANRosetta MaudRosedene, Monks Lane, FreshwaterR3/5112/01/197375 yrs20/01/1973Burial of ashes with Frederick MuddimanHeadstone covered crazy paving with kerb surround
MUNDAYEdith FannySt Mary's Hospital, Newport60 yrs29/12/1945
MUNTONLaura JaneNot RecordedR2/5020/5/195275 yrsInterred with Frederick Charles MuntonHeadstone with kerb surround
MUNTONFrederick CharlesNot RecordedR2/5640/Jan/195679 yrsInterred with Laura Jane MuntonHeadstone with kerb surround
MUNTONLaura GraceRosedene, York Road, TotlandR3/73259 yrs24/12/1965Ashes with Laura & Frederick MuntonHeadstone with kerb surround
NAIRNEReverend - SpencerLatton, Totland BayR1/32684 yrs13/10/1917Priest of Hernsden, withMarion NairneTriple Grave, No headstone with kerb surround
NAIRNEMarion Walker8 The Cloisters, Windsor Castle, BerksR1/39786 yrs29/03/1923Interred with Spencer NairneTriple Grave, No headstone with kerb surround
NAIRNEMargaret MarshallInsula, Waterford Road, LymingtonR2/74290 yrs02/06/1966Ashes with Spencer and Marion NairneTriple Grave, No headstone with kerb surround
NASHMaris DonaldVia Maris, Eden Road, TotlandR3/170-06/01/1983Interred with Emily Annie Nash
NASHEmily AnnieVia Maris, Eden Road, TotlandR3/21782 yrs20/03/1991Interred with Maris Donald Nash
NEALEEmilie Victoria (Emily)Minicoy, The Avenue, TotlandR2/57766 yrs18/08/1956Interred with Fanny Louise NealeSmall Headstone with Kerb Surround
NEALEFanny Louise (Frances)St Mary's Hospital, NewportR2/73086 yrs20/12/1965Interred with Emily Victoria NealeSmall Headstone with Kerb Surround
NEEDHAMJames BryanTotland BayR2/283yrs 7 mths21/05/1926Interred with John Moore Needham (Twin)Small granite Celtic cross on pedestal with kerb surround
NEEDHAM (CBE)James ErnestTotlandR2/18661 yrs27/03/1937Interred with Dorothy NeedhamCeltic cross on pedestal with kerb surround
NEEDHAMDorothy24/7/188325/07/195471 YrsInterred with James Ernest NeedhamCeltic cross on pedestal with kerb surround
NEEDHAMJohn MooreNot recorded18 YrsInterred with James Bryan Needham (Twin)
NELMESEmmaCornlea, Totland BayR1/31487 yrs16/10/1916Celtic cross with signs of trinity & kerbs
NEWBERYRosettaTotland Bay11 months3/8/1899
NEWBERYEdward PercyNeedles Golf Club, Totland BayR2/8555 yrs31/03/1930Interred with Wilfred Fenton NewberyMarble cross on pedestal with kerbs (Triple Grave)
NEWBERYWilfred FentonAlum Bay, TotlandR2/8923 yrs02/10/1930interred with Edward Percy NewberyMarble cross on pedestal with kerbs (Triple Grave)
NEWBERYEmily AnneSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR2/58180 yrs24/10/1956Stone surround with chippings
NEWBOLDGrace MizpahSunnyside, Totland32 yrs04/11/1912
NEWNHAMArthur Harry (Henry)Old Coastguard Station, Alum Bay, TotlandR1/39458 yrs08/03/1923Interred with Gertrude Ethel NewnhamCeltic cross in headstone with kerb surround & chippings
NEWNHAMEdwin PhillipsMiddleton, Freshwater66 yrs17/09/1946
NEWNHAMGertrude EthelHazelhurst, Freshwater BayR2/62584 yrs23/05/1959Interred with Arthur Harry NewnhamCeltic cross in headstone with kerb surround & chippings
NEWTONLaura JaneChurch Hill, Totland75 yrs08/05/1952
NICHOLSONIreneSouthampton (Lodging in the parish)R1/875 yrs24/8/1893Small Cross on pedestal (broken) Kerb surround & chippings
NOBLEDianeSandyfield, Colwell Chine Road, TotlandR3/12545 yrs19/06/1979
NORRISReginald, FrederickTotland11 yrs15/11/1916
NORRISPeter CecilFlukes Terrace, Totland Bay7 yrs08/07/1936
NUNNHenryGuyers Road, FreshwaterR1/312 - 226/C410/09/191679 yrs13/09/19162 Kerbs side by side2 Kerbs side by side no headstone
NUNNAnnFreshwaterR2/39 - 294/B408/12/192683 yrs11/12/1926No Headstone, kerb surround
NYEWilliam JamesWaterdip, York Lane, TotlandR3/348 - 992/G168 yrs07/11/2016Headstone with Kerbs
OGLEWilliam LambertWestways, Alum Bay New Road, TotlandR3/19824/04/198779 yrs02/05/1987Interred with Beryl Leigh Ogle
OGLEBeryl Leigh27 Summers Court, Totland BayR3/23118/01/199483 yrs24/01/1994Interred with William Lambert Ogle
OGLEKenneth3 Summers Court, Totland BayR3/29719/09/200282 yrs27/09/2002
OLIVEREmmaMiddleton Cottage, FreshwaterR2/34178 yrs05/04/1945Interred with Charles Arthur OliverStone Book on rest, no kerbs
OLIVERHerbert JohnMiddleton Cottage, Freshwater49 yrs18/11/1949
OLIVERWilliam DudleyThe Rafters, Totland BayR2/51485 yrs11/02/1953Interred with Jane Eunice OliverGranite Bird Bath, kerb surround & Chippings
OLIVERJane EuniceThe Rafters, Totland BayR2/56178 yrs15/10/1955Interred with William Dudley OliverGranite Bird Bath, kerb surround & Chippings
OLIVERCharles ArthurWhitecroft Hospital, NewportR2/59689 yrs31/10/1957interred with Emma OliverStone Book on rest, no kerbs
OLIVERMargaret SarahThe Pines, Ward Road, TotlandR3/17482 yrs20/05/1983
OLIVERFrancis George14 Jameson Gardens, Totland27/02/199791 yrs08/02/1997Ashes in G.O.R. (25)Memorial Garden
OLNEYMargaret JaneTavistock Villas, Totland50 yrs13/08/1912
OLNEYWilliamThe Broadway, Totland61 yrs08/12/1915
OSBORNEFrankTotland Bay74 yrs04/09/1929
OSBORNEEdith Maud VivianThe Broadway, Totland70 yrs01/01/1948
OSMANPatricia FrancesWarren Farm, Alum Bay, TotlandR3/18441 yrs08/03/1985
OSMANValerie Gaye22 Malborough Rd, Carisbrooke, NewportR3/35574 yrs25/03/2019
OSWALDCharles Augustus VictorThe Peak, Totland BayR2/47483 yrs14/04/1951Interred with Lilian Rose OswaldSmall Headstone with kerb surround and scroll
OSWALDLilian RoseBrightlingsea, Avenue Road, SandownR2/72571 yrs23/08/1965Burial of Ashes with Charles OswaldSmall Headstone with kerb surround and scroll
OWENEdith MaryTamarisk, Weston Road, TotlandR2/80088 yrs30/10/1969Granite headstone with kerb surround
PAGEAlbert EdwardTresco, The Avenue, TotlandR2/30541 yrs09/04/1943Interred with Emily May Marsh (Sister)Low Headstone double grave with kerb surround
PAGEGeorgeMinnicoy, Avenue Road, FreshwaterR2/6765 yrs01/11/1928Interred with Harriet Sabina PageCross on pedestal (Fallen) with kerb surround
PAGEHarriet SabinaWeston Cottage, High Street, FreshwaterR2/47683 yrs05/06/1951Interred with George PageCross on pedestal (Fallen) with kerb surround
PAGEPrivate - H.O.Not Recorded (Killed In Action)Interred with George & Harriet Page
PALMEROliveNot RecordedInterred with Albert V Palmer east of Belfrey
PALMERAlbert VictorNot Recorded0/4/197779 YrsInterred with Olive Palmer -east of Belfry
PALINSarah AnnNorton Lodge, TotlandR2/41097 yrs28/06/1948Interred with Annie BroomheadHeadstone with kerb surround
PARFITTJohn ThomasWestlands, The Avenue, Totland78 yrs24/02/1947
PARFITTEllen HarrietWestlands, Totland Bay78 yrs27/07/1948
PARFITTEthel Blanche Susan2 John Street, Barton, NewportR3/11128/03/197888 yrs10/06/1978Internment of Ashes
PARKERAnnieAvalon, The Avenue, TotlandR3/3490 yrs05/04/1972Plain Tablet Restant, No Kerbs.
PARNELLEdward LionelTotland Bay5 days20/04/1901
PARNELLCaroline MargaretTotland Bay4 days20/04/1901
PARNELLArthur Edward DawsonTotland Bay7 weeks05/08/1903
PARRElsie MaudWhitecroft Hospital, Newport74 yrs30/01/1968
PARSONSReverend - Joseph ElliottThe Avenue, TotlandR1/212 - 195/B523/12/183305/12/190874 yrs09/12/1908Rector of North WalthamSmall IHS Stone Cross on a 3 level plinth
PARSONSAmy MargaretLonghalves, Freshwater13/07/193380 yrs15/07/1933
PARSONSCedric Clifford SpencerWindrush, Uplands Road, Totland18/03/199087 yrs29/03/1990Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (16)Memorial Garden
PARSONSReverend - Reginald GeorgeFlat 2, Tennyson View, Alum Bay New Road, TotlandR3/20731/12/198872 yrs06/01/1989Minister - Interred with Hilda Parsons
PARSONSHildaNot recordedInterred with Reginald G Parsons
PARSONSONGeorge Henry18 St Saviours Road, TotlandR2/74073 yrs31/03/1966Internment of AshesBook Restant and Tablet, no kerb surround
PARSONSONBeatrice8 Chawfield Road, Petersfield, HantsR3/5824/07/197375 yrs01/08/1973Internment of AshesBook Restant and Tablet, no kerb surround
PATERSONWalter Gerald BurnsMentana, The Avenue,Totland4 months08/06/1904
PATRIDGEMosesTotland Bay73 yrs13/3/1895
PAULArthur EdwardTotland BayR1/12411 yrs6/4/1897Son of W.H. Paul with Emma M. Paul(Mother)Small Headstone, kerb surround, chippings
PAULWilliam HenryKendal Mount, Totland BayR1/28458 yrs07/11/1914Husband of Emma M Paul with Eva PaulMarble Headstone, kerb surround, chippings
PAULErnestNot recorded - (P.O.W)0/3/191831 YrsInterred with William Henry Paul (Father)
PAULEmma MariaKendal Lodge, The Broadway, TotlandR2/29686 yrs22/07/1942Interred with Arthur E Paul (Son)Small Headstone, kerb surround, chippings
PAULFlorenceCaravania, Colwell Chine Road, Totland82 yrs09/04/1957(formerly GIBBS)
PAULEvaKendal Lodge, The Broadway, TotlandR3/4589 yrs05/09/1972Interred with William E. PaulMarble Headstone, kerb surround, chippings
PAYNESarah ElizabethTotland Bay46 yrs11/04/1908
PAYNERonald William2 Glenheadon Drive, Totland BayR3/12056 yrs22/12/1978Internment of AshesSloping Block
PEACOCKElizabeth MayColwell Chine, Freshwater7 yrs17/10/1934
PEACOCKHerbertIvy Villa, The Square, Freshwater Bay77 yrs15/03/1950
PEASLANDArchibald EverettRhonda, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/70274 yrs09/01/1964Scroll Couchant with Kerb surround
PEASLANDOlive EnidRhonda, The Mall, TotlandR2/75369 yrs19/01/1967Scroll Couchant with Kerb surround
PEESDorothy VidaNot recordedR2/200 - 304/C423/09/193749 yrs0/0/1937New Zealand - 'East West Homes Best'Small scroll couchant with kerb surround
PESCODJohn MichaelInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, Totland02/01/201687 yrs24/05/2016Ashes in Garden of Remembrance
PETERSJohn Richard2 Weston Terrace, The Broadway, Totland76 yrs03/03/1952
PETERSAnnie SophiaWeston Bank, Totland BayR2/470 - 310/D410/03/195159 yrs15/03/1951Headstone with kerb surround
PHILIPSWalter RichardTotland Bay12 days18/12/1891
PHILIPSMatilda BlanchTotland19 days25/1/1894
PHILIPSAlice KateTotland Bay1 hour6/4/1897
PHILLIPSEvaTotland BayR2/6356 yrs19/07/1928Interred with Samuel John PhillipsScroll couchant, kerb surround and chippings
PHILLIPSRosina AmeliaSt Mary's Hospital, Newport73 yrs14/06/1954
PHILLIPSSamuel John5 Richmond Mead, FreshwaterR2/68584 yrs28/01/1963Interred with Eva PhillipsScroll couchant, kerb surround and chippings
PHILLIPSErnest Leslie16 Fairfield Way, TotlandR3/26280 yrs14/11/1997
PICKERINGGeorge FrederickTotland BayR1/11459 yrs12/9/1897Interred with Lydia Frances PickeringHeadstone, Engraved Anchor, Large Triple grave
PICKERINGLydia FrancesTotland BayR1/19074 yrs03/12/1906Interred with George Frederick PickeringHeadstone, Engraved Anchor, Large Triple grave
PIGGOTTDaisy PrudenceClifton, The Broadway, TotlandR/44?85 yrs30/08/1972
PIKEMary AnnEastcott, The Avenue, TotlandR2/17888 yrs04/06/1936No Headstone, Kerb surround and chippings
PILSBURYWinifred AgnesNyetimber, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/22614/07/199386 yrs22/07/1993Internment of Ashes
PIMSylvanusBrambles Chine Villa, Monks, FreshwaterR1/21189 yrs15/09/1908Interred with Eleanor Stanley Pim
PIMEleanor StanleyIvyhurst, TotlandR1/26570 yrs24/06/1913Interred with Sylvanus Pim
PIMEleanor MaryPrivetts, Totland BayR2/62228/04/195986 yrs01/05/1959Interred with Sylvia PimMemorial Slab in paved and kerbed grave
PIMSylvia MayPrivetts, Totland BayR2/62329/04/195990 yrs01/05/1959Interred with Eleanor Mary PimMemorial Slab in paved and kerbed grave
PINKFrederickFreshwater Bay Road, FreshwaterR2/10371 yrs07/08/1931interred with Mercy Elizabeth PinkMarble Cross Pedestal, kerb surround 'of Freshwater Bay'
PINKMercy ElizabethThe Broadway, TotlandR2/26777 yrs24/05/1941Interred with Frederick PinkMarble Cross Pedestal with kerb surround 'our dear mother'
PINKArthurGate Lane, FreshwaterR2/30347 yrs18/02/1943with Kerb surround
PINKEdith EthelUpper Granville Road, TotlandR3/2480 yrs10/11/1970Internment of Ashes
PITMANEmmaSummers Lane, Totland Bay51 yrs29/11/1915
PITMANMary JaneWestview, Summers Lane, Totland81 yrs06/03/1944
PITMANTheresa Margaret2 Granville Road, Totland11 Months12/05/1945
PITMANNatassja Kelly25 Solent Gardens, FreshwaterR3/32814 yrs29/05/2009
PLENTMayberry VeraCanlon Linn, Weston Road, TotlandR2/76665 yrs11/12/1967Interred with Arthur Stanley PlentHeadstone, no kerb surround
PLENTArthur StanleyCalon Lan, Weston Road, TotlandR3/374 yrs01/01/1970Interred with Mayberry Vera PlentHeadstone, no kerb surround
PLUMBLEYNorahTotland Bay3 months1/1/1897
PLUMBLEYVictorTotland Bay4 yrs22/12/1906
PLUMBLEYGeorgeSheepwash, Totland72 yrs29/09/1926
PLUMBLEYStanley Francis2 Kendal Road, TotlandR3/10673 yrs09/12/1977Interred with Christine May PlumbleyBook restant, no kerb surround
PLUMBLEYChristine MaySatina, Kendal Lodge, TotlandR3/14276 yrs26/08/1980Interred with Stanley Francis PlumbleyBook restant, no kerb surround
POLLWilliamThe Avenue, TotlandR2/575 yrs08/12/1927Small cross on pedestal, no kerb surround
POLLHildaNightingale Cottage, The Avenue, TotlandR2/79177 yrs09/01/1969Book headstone, no kerb surround
POOLEGeorge William8 St Saviours Road, TotlandR3/33678 Yrs07/06/2011
PORTERGordon MarshallSt Clare, Clayton Road, FreshwaterR2/72452 yrs03/08/1965Interred with Vera Evelyn PorterNo Headstone, kerbs and Tablet couchant at foot
PORTERVera EvelynSt Clare, Clayton Road, FreshwaterR3/9568 yrs21/01/1977Ashes interred with Gordon Marshall PorterNo Headstone, kerbs and Tablet couchant at foot
POTTENSarah Jane ('Tops')The Cholmme,Totland BayR1/36537 yrs03/12/1920Daughter of C. Kelleway 2nd wife of T. Potten
POTTEREliza AnneTotland BayR2/4977 yrs19/05/1927Interred with Annie May & Walter ReddallMarble Scroll couchant & Tablet
POTTLEPatricia Gladys3 Hill House, Kendal Road, TotlandR3/31508/06/200451 yrs18/06/2004near York Road Boundary
PRATTHenry Ernest AustinChine Cliff, TotlandR3/5767 yrs20/07/1973No Headstone, Tablet Restant with Kerb surround
PRATTAudrey June9 Cranstoun Close, Totland BayR3/27815/10/199984 yrs26/10/1999
PREECEEdward2 Amos Villas, Totland BayR2/22871 yrs05/09/1939Interred with Louisa PreeceMarble Headstone, kerb surround,Marble Tablet couchant
PREECELouisa2 Amos Hill. TotlandR2/34074 yrs04/04/1945Interred with Edward PreeceMarble Headstone, kerb surround,Marble Tablet couchant
PREECEGeorge EdwardRivelin, Solent Road, CranmoreR2/73872 yrs01/03/1966Internment of Son's Ashes with E & L PreeceMarble Headstone, kerb surround,Marble Tablet couchant
PREECEDorothyNot recorded0/1/1973Internment of Ashes with E & L PreeceMarble Headstone, kerb surround,Marble Tablet couchant
PREECEEdward FrancisSpringvale, York Road, Totland55 yrs30/06/1982Internment of Ashes
PREECEEileen MargaretForest House, NewportR2/22518 yrs11/08/1939Small carved Angel Headstone, no kerbs
PRENTICEHenrietta HoslettArncliffe, The Broadway, TotlandR2/69069 yrs13/03/1963Interred with Vera Honor PrinticeNo Headstone, Kerb surround & chippings
PRENTICEVera HonorArnecliffe, The Broadway, Totland72 yrs02/09/1969Interred with Henrietta Hoslett Prentice
PRESCOTTWilliam1 Norman Villas, The Avenue, Totland67 yrs11/07/1941
PRESCOTTAnna JaneSt Mary's Hospital, Newport71 yrs30/04/1943
PRESSWOODJohnSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/30322/01/200366 yrs30/01/2003
PRICEAletta Adele LloydWhiteriggs, ColwellR2/50173 yrs13/03/1952Headstone, no kerb surround
PRICEEsther (known as Jackie)York Road, Totland21/02/202094 yrs03/08/2020Ashes Interred with Kenneth Frederick PriceAshes interred on west wall of Bell Tower
PRICEKenneth FrederickYork Road, Totland26/01/199570 yrs28/04/1995Ashes interred with Ester PriceAshes interred on west wall of Bell Tower
PROCTOREdith May16 Havelock Flats, High Street, FreshwaterR3/16273 yrs27/10/1981
PROSSERViolet VivianThe Gouldings, Freshwater(Prev. Hamborogh Villas, Totland)R3/16725/02/198286 yrs29/03/1982Internment of Ashes
PUMFREYRoy LeslieGrayingham, The Avenue, TotlandR2/5180/2/195369 yrs03/03/1953Interred with Evelyn Marie PumfreyLow Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
PUMFREYEvelyn MarieGrayingham, The Avenue, TotlandR2/61776 yrs17/03/1959Interred with Roy Leslie PumfreyLow Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
PURKISOscarTotland Bay17 yrs14/12/1884
PURKISAlice KateTotland Bay20 yrs4/10/1885
PYRAHCarolynPittsorn Cottage, Pittenzie road, CrieffR3/33046 yrs27/08/2009
RAEBURNJohn WyllieTotland Bay75 yrs09/04/1924
RAILEYGeorgeColwell Bay, TotlandR2/263 yrs30/11/1923Tablet with no Kerb surround
RAILEYHelen BeatriceTotland bay298/C403/12/192941 yrs07/12/1929Interred with Ida Emily MerwoodLow Headstone, no kerbs, 2 small corner blocks
RAILEYHelen LouiseIona, Colwell BayR2/36087 yrs04/05/1946Small Headstone with Kerb surround
RALPHReverend - Frederick George11 Victoria Road, FreshwaterR3/10073 yrs19/07/1977Vicar of Totland 1960 - 1974Headstone with Kerb surround
RANDALLEdith EmilyLynwood, Weston Road, Totland91 yrs11/12/1964
RAWLINGSStephen RodneyCornerways, The Broadway, TotlandR2/70718 yrs22/04/1964Apprentice HMS FishguardHeadstone with carved anchor and kerb surround
RAWLINGSBarry Stuart78 Finney Rd, Indooroopilly, Queensland, AustraliaR3/13128 yrs07/11/1979Died Australia. Ashes with Arthur W Rawlings
RAWLINGSArthur William20 Solent Hill, Freshwater19/02/199577 yrs08/03/1996Ashes interred with Stephen Rawlings
REASONCharlesTotland BayR1/8674 yrs26/6/1893Interred with Hannah ReasonHeadstone & Small Footstone, no kerbs
REASONEthel Ann MayTotland Bay20 yrs17/07/1901
REASONHannahHeath Cottage, ColwellR1/15984 yrs30/01/1903Interred with Charles ReasonHeadstone & Small Footstone, no kerbs
REASONMaurice DouglasTotland Bay5 months21/05/1915
REASONFrankMiddleton, Freshwater72 yrs15/12/1915
REASONHannahMiddleton, Freshwater79 yrs28/02/1922
REASONMary Eliza30 Pallatt Grove, Wood Green, London N22R2/9172 yrs26/11/1930Wife of Thomas ReasonNo Headstone, Kerb Surround
REASONMarion AugustaMiddleton, Freshwater56 yrs15/08/1933
REASONThomasTotland Bay81 yrs18/08/1937
REASONFlorence Edith1 Hamborough Villas, Totland BayR2/35766 yrs08/01/1946Book restant, no kerb surround
REDDALLAnnie MayRoyston, The Avenue, Totland74 yrs17/12/1957Marble Scroll couchant & Tablet
REDDALLWalterNot Recorded0/12/1958Marble Scroll couchant & Tablet
REDISHRose ClaraWesthaven, Colwell Common, TotlandR3/8181 yrs10/11/1975Interred with Victor Herbert RedishBlack polished marble Headstone, gold lettering, no kerbs
REDISHVictor HerbertWesthaven, Colwell Common, TotlandR3/10581 yrs20/10/1977Interred with Rosa Clara RedishBlack polished marble Headstone, gold lettering, no kerbs
REDMANMatilda BearenSeven Gables, TotlandR1/350 - 203/C51841191978 yrs14/06/1919Red Granite Cross with kerb surround
REEVESJohn ReubenFirleigh, The Avenue, Totland72 yrs08/12/1919
REISHelen MargaretSalisbury House, Totland Bay65 yrs26/12/1941
REISAlice MagdaleneSalisbury House, Totland Bay77 yrs04/09/1946
RENNIEViolet CarolineLadysmith Cottage, Upper Princes Rd, Totland9 yrs24/12/1916
REYNOLDSGrace RevellThe Avenue,TotlandR2/16729/04/193559 yrs01/05/1935Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
RICHARDSONColonel - JohnAboukir, Warden Road, TotlandR1/26876 yrs16/08/1913Indian Medical ServiceRed granite Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
RICHARDSONPhyllis MaryUnknown303/C408/08/191713/10/200386 yrsUnknownnee Wright-with John & Winifred WrightFlat memorial plaque
RICHMONDMary FannyTotland BayR2/4776 yrs22/04/1927Interred with Onslow Robert RichmondTriple width, large couchant cross on rest, kerb surround
RICHMONDOnslow Robert19 Winsor Road, WorthingR2/15585 yrs24/07/1934Interred with Mary Fanny RichmondTriple width, large couchant cross on rest, kerb surround
RIDDETTReginald WilfredDoves Cottage, Totland25 days07/03/1911
RIDDETTEric DouglasMoons Hill, Totland5 months15/03/1923
RIDDETTMichael John18 Blackwater Road, Newport14 months27/05/1938
RIDDETTJacob2 Dove Cottages, TotlandR2/34972 yrs08/12/1945Low Headstone with kerb surround
RIDDETTLily Louisa3 Portland Terrace,Moons Hill, Totland78 yrs22/09/1958
RIDDETTAmy GertrudeOaklands, Lower Common Road, West Wellow, Hants15/01/199280 yrs09/03/1992Ashes interred with Jacob RiddettLow Headstone with kerb surround
RIDDETTWilfred Percy21 Kilver Close, Cuperham, Romsey, Hants01/07/199279 yrs07/10/1992Ashes interred with Jacob RiddettLow Headstone with kerb surround
RINGCharles GordonThe Hermitage, Totland BayR1/38857 yrs31/10/1922Interred with Marion Ellen RingCeltic Cross on pedestal with kerb surround & chippings
RINGMarion EllenHurstleigh, TotlandR2/24170 yrs28/03/1940Interred with Charles Gordon RingCeltic Cross on pedestal with kerb surround & chippings
RINGDorisWoodside Hall Nursing Home, Wootton18/04/2008-02/05/2008Ashes interred with Charlotte Morris
RIVERSHelenCoast Guards, Needles, I.W.4 months08/03/1921
ROBERTSMarySunnylands, Warden Rd, Totland91 yrs27/06/1919
ROBERTSArthur (Abel)10 Princes Close, TotlandR3/23418/02/199482 yrs23/02/1994
ROBERTSWilliam RichardThe Mount, Cliff Road, Totland02/01/198646 yrs05/02/1986Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (9)Memorial Garden
ROBINSONMargery MahetabelDown House Nursing Home, Alum Bay New Rd, Totland25/03/199291 yrs03/06/1992Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (18)Memorial Garden
ROCKGeorge ButlerSunnyside, Totland32 yrs04/04/1905
ROGANSFannyForest House, Newport, I.W.93 yrs23/07/1941
ROGERSCecilia BeatriceTotland BayR1/14818 yrs18/12/1901Wooden Memorial almost elegibleWooden Memorial Board, no kerb surround
ROGERSHenry St JohnTotland Bay6025/10/1910
ROGERSEvelyn CoraTotland Bay5 yrs04/05/1900
ROLFEMay9 Manor Villas, Totland Bay14 days30/05/1914
ROLFEHeather DianaMeadow Barn, Weston Road, Totland19/04/197225 yrs08/10/1986Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (10)Memorial Garden
ROLFESylvia JoyceMeadow Barn, Weston Road, Totland20/08/198664 yrs08/10/1986Ashes in G of R (11) with Frederick R. C. RolfMemorial Garden
ROLFEStella Gwendolene2 Heath Bungalows, FreshwaterR3/21405/09/199078 yrs12/09/1990
ROLFEFrederick Robert CharlesMeadow Barn, Weston Road, Totland20/03/200289 yrs12/04/2002Ashes interred with Sylvia Rolf in G of R (11)
ROUSELeila L A EmilyEden House, Eden Road, Totland BayR3/35378 yrs27/07/2018
ROUSE-MOOREVivian DaisyLittle Hayes, Church Hill, Totland15/03/197386 yrs05/08/1974Internment of Ashes
ROWLANDSKate1 Hilltop Cottages, High Street, Freshwater79 yrs23/11/1948
RUSSELLStanleyOaklands,Church Hill, Totland66 yrs04/04/1951
RUSSELLSarah AnnThe Cottage, Moons Hill, Totland88 yrs11/09/1952
RUSSELLIna Ella GraceBurnside, Queens Road, FreshwaterR2/79870 yrs15/08/1969Granite Headstone, no kerb surround
RUSSELLLinda42 The Avenue, TotlandBayR3/10991 yrs05/04/1978
RYDENMary Henrietta LouisaManor View, Totland66 yrs18/08/1928
RYDERMay (Mary) DudleyNot RecordedR2/640/8/192866 yrsGranite Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
SALMONStuart MorpheyBenbow Cottage, Eden Road, TotlandR3/16969 yrs15/12/1982Interred with Rosemary June Walter Salmon
SALMONRosemary June WalterBenbow Cottage, Eden Road, TotlandR3/19167 yrs20/06/1986Interred with Stuart Morphey Salmon
SALTERFlorence Cleave2 Prospect Cottages, ColwellR2/41768 yrs03/11/1948Interred with Thomas Henry SalterHeadstone with kerb surround
SALTERThomas Henry2 Prospect Cottages, ColwellR2/62482 yrs09/05/1959Interred with Florence Cleave SalterHeadstone with kerb surround
SALTERReginald HenryNot Recorded26/03/198589 yrs07/04/1995Ashes interred with Thomas H. SalterHeadstone with kerb surround
SAMPLESFrancis ThomasSpringfield, Colwell Common, Totland85 yrs18/08/1959
SANDERSJoyce IreneSt Josephs, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/26115/09/199774 yrs19/09/1997Interred with Stanley Thomas Sanders
SANDERSStanley ThomasSt Josephs, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/27727/06/199978 yrs09/07/1999Interred with Joyce Irene Sanders
SANDFORDGeorge Richard2 Clifton Terrace, Tennyson Road, FreshwaterR2/53884 yrs26/10/1954Low Headstone, crazy paving top & kerb surround
SATCHELLAlice SarahSt. Mary's Hospital, Newport87 yrs27/07/1943
SAUNDERSStephenTotland BayR1/11580 yrs23/9/1897Interred with Elizabeth Hannah SaundersHeadstone with Kerb surround, double width
SAUNDERSElizabethTotlandR1/18381 yrs12/04/1906Interred with Steven SaundersHeadstone with Kerb surround, double width
SAUNDERSGeorgeTotland Bay12 hours17/04/1912Not Baptised
SAUNDERSGeorge HenryThe Avenue, TotlandR2/11830 yrs21/09/1932Interred with Frederick S SaundersLow Headstone with kerbs & Tablet couchant
SAUNDERSFrederick SNot Recorded0/4/195459 yrs0/0/1954Interred with George Henry SaundersLow Headstone with kerbs & Tablet couchant
SAUNDERSElizabeth HannahKingston, Shorwell53 yrs12/01/1935
SAUNDERSEdward AlbertElim, The Square, Freshwater R2/18255 yrs12/11/1936Scroll couchant, no kerbs
SAUNDERSThomasAvalon, The Avenue, TotlandR2/379 - 307/D409/02/194781 yrs13/02/1947Interred with Rose Saunders & Frank LewisHeadstone with kerb surround
SAUNDERSRose LouisaThe Avenue, TotlandR2/515 - 307/D410/02/195385 yrs14/02/1953Interred with Thomas Saunders & Frank LewisHeadstone with kerb surround
SAUNDERSWinifred MayCulverdene Nursing Home, Church Hill, TotlandR3/22821/07/199394 yrs26/07/1993Internment of Ashes
SCADDINGCaroline Isobel MayWhitecroft Hospital, Newport81 yrs14/04/1958
SCAMMELLAnnieLyndhurst Villa, Princes Road, Totland76 yrs05/12/1946
SCARFFWilliam ThomasWyoming, Upper Princes Road, TotlandR3/261 yrs02/12/1969Headstone with kerb surround
SCHRAMReverend - RalphNile Cottage, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR3/26670 yrs14/09/1998
SCHWINDGeorge RichardThe Avenue, TotlandR2/59 - 317/D427/03/192884 yrs30/03/1928Interred with Frances Schwind
SCHWINDFrancesThe Avenue, TotlandR2/81 - 317/D419/01/193077 yrs22/01/1930Interred with George Richard Schwind
SCIVIERMortonIOW County Hospital, Ryde65 yrs10/01/1946
SCIVIERKeith JohnMiddleton Farm Cottages,Moons Hill, TotlandR3/20810/04/198961 yrs14/04/1989
SCOTTElizabeth HelenBedlingtonR3/31716/07/200486 yrs27/07/2004near York Road
SCOTTRobert WilliamAlverstone Garden VillageR3/32792 yrs04/03/2009abode not recorded
SCOVELLEdithGraham Cottage, FreshwaterR2/1883 yrs02/07/1925Interred with James Scovell2 Marble Scrolls couchant on marble cover with kerbs
SCOVELLJamesCastle Street, CarisbrookeR2/9287 yrs15/12/1930Interred with Edith Scovell2 Marble Scrolls couchant on marble cover with kerbs
SCOVELLMary Ann ElizabethRoyal County Hospital, RydeR2/27272 yrs05/07/1941Interred with Charles James ScovellBook on Flagstone covered grave with kerb surround
SCOVELLGeorge HenrySpring Vale, Totland BayR2/42474 yrs19/01/1949Interred with Emily ScovellBook with kerb surround & green chippings
SCOVELLCharles James164 Ember Lane, Esher, SurreyR2/50085 yrs06/03/1952Interred with Mary Ann Elizabeth ScovellBook on Flagstone covered grave with kerb surround
SCOVELLFannyThe Nook, Weston Road, Totland BayR2/53688 yrs17/07/1954Interred with James & Edith Scovell2 Marble Scrolls couchant on marble cover with kerbs
SCOVELLEmilyAncona, The Square, Freshwater BayR2/74690 yrs14/09/1966Interred with George Henry ScovellBook with kerb surround & green chippings
SCOVELLWilliam JohnThe Nook, Weston Road, Totland Bay98 yrs03/01/1967Interred with James & Edith Scovell2 Marble Scrolls couchant on marble cover with kerbs
SCOVELLKateDrommarklie, Totland Bay71 yrs13/12/1939
SEALEMargaretR2/7890/12/196891 yrsInterment of Ashes
SEARSMichael JohnR3/760/6/19752 yrsInterment of Ashes
SEFTONMauriceRosthene, Cliff Road, TotlandR3/1750/7/198364 yrs03/08/1983Interred with Marjorie Sefton
SEFTONMarjorieRostherm Lease, Cliff Rd, Totland BayR3/35799 yrs10/05/2019Interred with Maurice Sefton
SELBYAnnie LouiseShaston, Totland BayR2/9467 yrs18/02/1931Granite Cross on pedestal, no kerb surround
SELFArthur GeorgeNot RecordedR3/820/8/197563 yrs23/11/1975Ashes Interred with Rose Eliza ShotterNo Headstone - Resting Tablet with no kerb surround
SEYMOURGeorgeHill Crest, Uplands Road, TotlandR2/67779 yrs10/03/1962Interred with Emma Elizabeth Seymour
SEYMOUREmma ElizabethHillCrest, Uplands Road, TotlandR3/3085 yrs06/01/1972Interred with George Seymour
SHANNONRichardLondon House, FreshwaterR2/10166 yrs01/07/1931(M.B.E.)with Frances Ada Shannon
SHANNONFrances AdaLondon House, FreshwaterR2/22363 yrs28/07/1939Interred with Richard Shannon
SHARPEMary TurquandThe Hut, Totland BayR1/329 - 288/B464 yrs12/01/1918Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
SHEARINGWilliam GeorgeMineola, Princes Road, Totland62 yrs26/04/1957Interred next to George Dunluce Eccles
SHENTONHarold GordonTotland BayR1/838 months4/12/1892Interred with Ernest D Shenton son of A Shenton (R.E.)Headstone with no kerbs
SHENTONErnest DouglasFreshwaterR1/894 yrs23/12/1893Interred with Harold G Shenton son of A Shenton (R.E.)Headstone with no kerbs
SHERATONSgt. Major - Henry ThomasTotlandR2/26 - 230/C416/04/192667 yrs20/04/1926(A.O.C.) Interred with Mry Ann SheratonPolished Red Granite Scroll Couchant with kerbs & Chippings
SHERATONMary AnnWynberg, Princes Road, TotlandR2/14017/09/193377 yrs20/09/1933Interred with Henry Thomas SheratonPolished Red Granite Scroll Couchant with kerbs & Chippings
SHORTJames EdwardSt Mary's Hospital, Newport68 yrs15/07/1939
SHORTFlorence KateSt Mary's Hospital, Newport66 yrs20/09/1939
SHORTBrendaNot Recorded67 yrs04/04/2007Ashes with Louisa Toms (Grandmother)Book Restant, no kerbs
SHOTTERRosa ElizaRosarft, Cranmore Avenue, ShalfleetR2/26470 yrs20/03/1941Interred with Arthur George SelfNo Headstone - Resting Tablet with no kerb surround
SIBLEYAlanInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, TotlandR3/21826/04/199172 yrs01/05/1991
SIMMONSWalter HenrySpringfield, Guyers Road, FreshwaterR2/781-764/E143 yrs15/11/1948Interred with Ashes of Mary Ann Simmons
SIMMONSMary AnnSpringfields, Guyers Road, FreshwaterR3/145- 764/E176 yrs05/11/1980Interment of Ashes with Walter Henry Simmons
SIMMONDSJaneTotland BayR1/3365 yrs13/9/18831st Burial at Christ Church - Oldest GraveHeadstone- no kerb surround
SIMMONDSFlorence HelenaMoons Hill, Totland Bay12 months26/6/1891
SIMMONDSJohn Edwin EdwardFreshwater6 yrs7/11/1899
SIMMONDSFrederick CharlesFreshwater4 months20/12/1901
SIMMONDSAlfred HenryTotland BayR1/153 - 192/B512/04/190259 yrs16/04/1902Headstone with Kerb surround
SIMMONDSJohnThe Avenue, Totland85 yrs13/02/1904
SIMMONDSAshford HenryIngerston, Totland BayR1/34368 yrs28/01/1919Interred with Mary Simmonds
SIMMONDSMary2 Lynton Villas, The Avenue, TotlandR1/38671 yrs07/10/1922Interred with Ashford Henry Simmonds
SIMMONDSJohnFirsleigh, Totland Bay79 yrs08/03/1934
SIMMONDSEmilySummers Lane, Totland Bay86 yrs10/04/1935
SIMMONDSDorothyFernside, Queens Road, Freshwater40 yrs22/01/1940
SIMMONDSWilfred George HenryForest House, Newport53 yrs26/10/1940
SIMMONDSFrankCuppas, Manor Road, FreshwaterR2/48292 yrs04/07/1951Small Low Headstone with kerb surround
SIMMONDSBeatrice MaudClencaple Towers, Ward Road, Totland64 yrs06/10/1958
SIMMONDSBeatrice LouiseFairlee Hospital, Newport-08/11/1958
SIMMONDSHerbert Allart11 Hollicondale Road, RamsgateR3/3274 yrs0/2/1972Interment of Ashes
SIMMONDSHarry James CharlesHeytesbury Close, YarmouthR3/27403/03/199989 yrs11/03/1999
SKIPPCharles JohnBushey Rise, Weston Road, TotlandR3/13570 yrs28/02/1980Interment of Ashes
SLOCOCKEdmund2 Palmerston, The Broadway, TotlandR2/69389 yrs24/04/1963Scroll couchant, no kerbs
SMARTMargarite Enid (Paddy)Ronda, The Mall, TotlandR3/8531/01/197653 yrs02/03/1976Interment of AshesTablet couchant, no kerbs
SMARTCharles George GodsellRonda, The Mall, TotlandR3/12873 yrs23/06/1979Interment of Ashes (Service 17 May 1979)
SMARTWilliam DavidMount Pleasant, Ward Road, TotlandR3/1290/0/195585 yrs23/06/1979Interment of Ashes
SMITHMajor General - Mansfeldt GeorgeFreshwaterR1/3549 yrs25/3/1884Bengal Staff CorpsCross on pedestal with Iron railings and kerb surround
SMITHIsabellaFreshwaterR1/4581 yrs28/1/1886Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
SMITHHenryChatham26 yrs30/1/1894
SMITHFlorence Annie EuphemiaTotlandR1/19737 yrs27/07/1907(of the Noyce Family)Cross on Pedestal (broken) with kerb surround
SMITHJohn RobertTotland3yrs 8months19/10/1907
SMITHGeorgeTotland BayR1/22066 yrs10/12/1909with Sarah Strickland SmithRugged Granite Cross on pedestal with kerbs, double width
SMITHRosie MartinTotland Bay5 months29/12/1909
SMITHWinifred RuthTotland Bay9 months23/04/1910
SMITHMary EllenWoodlands, Camp Road, FreshwaterR1/278 - 197/C506/04/191474 yrs09/04/1914Stone Cross on 3 level plinth-kerb surround
SMITHSarah StricklandGrasmere, Totland BayR1/28575 yrs16/01/1915Interred with George SmithRugged Granite Cross on pedestal with kerbs, double width
SMITHArthurFreshwater53 yrs31/03/1916
SMITHEmma FrancesSunnybank, TotlandR1/336 - 200/C525/08/191882 yrs28/08/1918Interred with Rena Mursell SmithDecorated Stone cross on 2 level plinth with kerbs & chippings
SMITHAgnes FlorenceFreshwaterR2/5470 yrs24/09/1927Scroll couchant with kerb surround
SMITHLieutenant Colonel - SidneyTotland BayR2/5650 yrs24/10/1927R.A.No Headstone with kerb surround
SMITHJack21 Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham0/3/194342 yrs02/04/1943Interred with Jack SmithDecorated Headstone with kerbs & chippings
SMITHEllenDrumarkie, Granville Road, Totland82 yrs24/05/1955
SMITHJessie2 Queens Cottages, Colwell Lane, TotlandR2/62174 yrs17/04/1959Interred with Daisy DoveBook restant with kerb surround & green chippings
SMITHThomas21 St Saviours Road, TotlandR2/72956 yrs25/11/1963
SMITHRena Mursell21 Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham0/12/196468 yrs01/01/1965Decorated Headstone with kerbs & chippings
SMITHHenry JosephHeatherwood, Church Hill, Totland Bay92 yrs31/07/1965Interred with Sylvia Kathleen SmithGranite Headstone with no kerbs
SMITHFlorencePenshurst, The Avenue, TotlandR2/73792 yrs01/02/1966Interred with Lillian GibbsBook restant with kerb surround & green chippings
SMITHFrederick HenryLatton, Madeira Road, TotlandR2/75477 yrs27/02/1967(LI.D.LITT)Headstone with kerb surround
SMITHSylvia Kathleen40 Park Road, Widley, PortsmouthR3/6775 yrs30/10/1974Ashes Interred with Henry Joseph SmithGranite Headstone with no kerbs
SMITHWilliamAlum BayR3/8776 yrs22/04/1976
SMITHIda DorothyHeadon Hall, Alum BayR3/9968 yrs05/07/1977
SMITHWilliamThe Broadway, Totland BayR3/12673 yrs21/06/1979Headstone
SMITHRosamundJay's Folly, Amos Hill, TotlandR3/15471 yrs15/03/1981Internment of Ashes
SMITHDorothy BelleNot Recorded07/02/1984-15/02/1984Ashes interred in family grave
SMITHConstance LilianPalmerston House, Totland BayR3/18772 yrs18/08/1985
SMITHAnthony ThomasRosedale, The Square, Freshwater BayR3/32973 yrs22/06/2009
SMITHSylviaQueen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Hants29/10/200072 yrsAshes interred with Henry & Sylvia SmithGranite Headstone with no kerbs
SMITHChristina Sylvia AdaEarl Mountbatten Hospice, Newport23/05/201584 yrs16/07/2015Ashes interred with parents Robert & Daisy Cotton
SNELLINGReginald Albert4 Oak Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland05/04/198782 yrs-/4/1987Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (13)Memorial Tablet on Alice & Frederick Kellaway's grave
SOULSBYJoyceArncliffe, The Broadway, Totland7 Days03/11/1947
SPENCERFrancis JosephManor Villas, TotlandR2/7152 yrs18/04/1929Simple small block, no kerb surround
SPENCERJohn CharlesRonda, Uplands Road, Totland68 yrs07/05/1937
SPENCERMary DorcasMoons Hill, TotlandR2/36964 yrs07/08/1946Interred with Alfred William SpencerHeadstone, no kerb surround
SPENCERJessieNorton Lodge, Ward Road, Totland66 yrs23/05/1949
SPENCERAlfred William16 Stentford Hill, Kingsbridge, DevonR2/6500/10/196083 yrs03/01/1961Ashes interred with Mary Dorcas SpencerHeadstone, no kerb surround
SPENCERAlbert Ronald (Doug)St Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/32077 yrs31/05/2005
SPRAKEThomasDu Charodom, Heath Meadows, Totland64 yrs13/01/1956
ST JOHNFrances ElizabethTotland Bay3 yrs15/9/1888
ST JOHNMarthaTotland BayR1/16695 yrs16/09/1903Interred with grandson Ernest Charles St JohnTriple grave, Headstone, kerbs,chippings,Holly bush
ST JOHNCharlesAmos Villa, Freshwater84 yrs23/11/1911
ST JOHNElizabeth MaryAboukir, Warden Road, TotlandR1/275 - 292/B431/01/191477 yrs04/02/1914Interred with Charles St JohnAnchor couchant, kerb surround & chippings
ST JOHNEric CharlesThe Broadway, Totland5 yrs02/10/1916
ST JOHN (RN)Chief Petty Officer - Ernest CharlesThe Asylum, CarisbrookeR1/37546 yrs31/01/1922Interred with grandmother Martha St JohnTriple grave, Headstone, kerbs,chippings,Holly bush
ST JOHNHarold Stanley2 Amos Villas, Clayton Road, R1/389 - 227/C429/12/192245 yrs02/01/1923Interred with Ada Florence St JohnScroll Headstone couchant with no kerb
ST JOHNEmily AnneHilton, Granville Road, TotlandR1/39080 yrs05/01/1923wife of Rev. H. .B. St JohnCross on pedestal with kerb surround
ST JOHNElizabeth Ann (Martha Anne Elizabeth)ColwellR2/5 - 291/B409/07/185518/06/192468 yrs21/06/1924Scroll couchant, kerb surround & chippings
ST JOHNCharlesAboukir, Totland BayR2/33 -11/08/192686 yrs16/08/1926Interred with Elizabeth Mary St JohnAnchor couchant, kerb surround & chippings
ST JOHNAlfredAmos Hill Villa, Totland Bay83 yrs14/03/1934
ST JOHNFrances MariaForest House, Newport85 yrs25/05/1934
ST JOHNEmily ElizaCounty Mental Hospital, Newport58 yrs23/06/1934
ST JOHNAda Florence8 Tennyson Road, WorthingR2/67583 yrs18/01/1962Interred with Harold Stanley St JohnScroll (sunken) with kerb surround
ST. JOHNFrederick C1 Manor Villas, The Broadway, TotlandR2/24661 yrs18/05/1940
STACEYStanleyTreetops, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/11372 yrs29/06/1978Internment of Ashes
STADDONAlbertSt Peters, The Avenue, TotlandR2/62054 yrs07/04/1959Scroll couchant with kerb surround & green chippings
STAGGEdith MaryLittle Hayes, Church Hill, TotlandR3/31111/12/200398 yrs17/12/2003near York Road boundary
STALLARDHerbert Jessie ('Dib')4 Old Coastguard Cottages, TotlandR2/24266 yrs29/03/1940LifeboatmanStone Anchor couchant with kerb surround
STALLARDHerbert Walter John (Bert)28 Arnhem Road, FreshwaterR2/73460 yrs25/01/1966No headstone, kerb surround & chippings
STALLARDNellie VioletThe Largesse, Alum Bay,TotlandR3/15993 yrs11/08/1981
STALLARDMaisie KathleenAlum Bay, TotlandR3/17369 yrs09/03/1983
STANDINGHannahHillcrest, FreshwaterR1/36778 yrs07/04/1921Headstone, no kerbs
STANLEYLeonardHolmleigh, Colwell Road, Totland61 yrs04/09/1954
STARKEArthur HenryMaisonette, York Road, TotlandR1/39674 yrs19/03/1923Interred with Elizabeth StarkeUrn on pedestal with kerb surround
STARKEElizabethMyrtle Cottage, Weston Road, Totland bayR2/10284 yrs05/08/1931Interred with Arthur Henry StarkeUrn on pedestal with kerb surround
STARKEFrederick StewartStoats Farm, Totland BayR2/48666 yrs20/09/1951Interred with Gertrude May StarkeStone Book with kerb surround & chippings
STARKEGertrude MayStoats Farm, Monks Lane, Totland BayR2/67269 yrs09/12/1961Interred with Frederick Stewart StarkeStone Book with kerb surround & chippings
STEADEustice FrederickAlum Bay Cottage, Freshwater R3/7374 yrs10/04/1975
STENHOUSEGladysKinloch Tay, Granville Road, Totland Bay R3/3683 yrs08/05/1972 Stone grave cover, engraved Cross, no kerbs
STEPHENSNorah RosalineWeston Cottages, Totland BayR2/17225 yrs14/12/1935Wooden Cross on wooden pedestal, no kerbs
STEPHENSFrank JohnThe Hutments, Lynn Camp, WooltonR2/41634 yrs02/11/1948Interred with Lucy Jane Stephens (Mother)Wooden Cross on wooden pedestal, no kerbs
STEPHENSLucy JaneWeston Cottages, Weston Road, Totland BayR2/42879 yrs21/04/1949Interred with Frank John Stephens (Son)Wooden Cross on wooden pedestal, no kerbs
STEPHENSAnnie ElizabethMyrtle Cottage, Silcombe Lane, FreshwaterR3/492 yrs05/03/1970Beloved nanny of Waring FamilyTablet restant with kerb surround
STEPHENSONHerbert William2 Prospect Cottages, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/9775 yrs15/04/1977Interred with James Herbert Stephenson (Son)Tablet Restant with no kerbs
STEPHENSONJames HerbertSt Peter's Hospice, Chertsey, Surrey22/10/192201/08/201188 yrs28/09/2012Interred with Herbert William Stephenson (Father)Tablet Restant with no kerbs
STEVENSAlfred CharlesTotland Bay2 yrs16/1/1899
STEVENSLouisa15 St Saviours Road, TotlandR2/78885 yrs28/12/1968Headstone with kerb surround
STICKLANDMaryOverton, Ward Road, Totland66 yrs06/01/1913
STICKLANDLaura BennettCounty Mental Hospital, Newport63 yrs10/04/1940
STICKLANDHenry Bennett3 Manor Villas, The Broadway, Totland80 yrs26/03/1959
STICKLEYEdward ArthurLisbeencreagh, The Avenue, TotlandR2/39745 yrs22/11/1947Marble Headstone with kerb surround
STICKLEYAgnes Eugenie FrancesHarrow, MiddlesexR3/13777 yrs03/04/1980Internment of Ashes
STIRLINGGeorge WilliamLatton, Madeira Road, TotlandR2/74058 yrs22/04/1961Ashes with Winifred Gwendolene StirlingSmall book, no kerbs
STIRLINGWinifred GwendoleneLatton, Madeira Road, TotlandR2/67358 yrs09/12/1961Ashes with George W StirlingSmall book, no kerbs
STOCKErnest ArthurColwell House, Totland58 yrs15/07/1953
STONEEdithCrofton, The Avenue, TotlandR2/16561 yrs19/03/1935Interred with William George & Lillian Harriet StoneMarble Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
STONEWilliam George61 yrs0/2/1950Interred with Edith StoneMarble Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
STONELillian Harriet95 yrs0/12/1973Interred with Edith StoneMarble Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
STONEWilliamCrofton, The Avenue, Totland66 yrs01/12/1941
STONEMinnie JR2/2780/11/194166yrsInterred with John StoneNo Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
STONEJohn0/2/1951Interred with Minnie J StoneNo Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
STONEMarjorie Isa13 Stonefield close, Southgate, Crawley, Sussex12/01/201193 yrs07/02/2011Ashes in Garden of RememberanceMemorial Garden
STONEIsabel M0/0/196478 yrsAshes Interred with Benjamin & Mabel IvesonNo Headstone, kerb surround & chippings + Tablet
STORYLaura MaryNursing Home, ShanklinR2/33875 yrs15/03/1945wife of Charles Story buried at CaerphillyLow Headstone, paved with kerb surround
STRINGERCecily MaryKinlock Tay, Granville Road, TotlandR3/36294 yrs10/03/2021
STRONELLGeorge JosephDreems, The Broadway, TotlandR2/48066 yrs16/06/1951Interred with Margaret May StronellBook restant, no kerb surround
STRONELLMargaret MayRydeR3/7788 yrs20/08/1975Interred with George Joseph StronellBook restant, no kerb surround
STRONELLGeorge JosephNot Recorded
STRATTONMarion EthelHooke Hill, Freshwater59 yrs12/09/1937
STRICKLANDHenry BennettOverton, Totland86 yrs03/12/1928
SUDLELilian EmilyThe Cottage, Tennyson Road, Freshwater68 yrs15/05/1946
SUTHERLANDMaster Gunner - William GeorgeTotland BayR1/46 - 318/D412/02/188043 yrs5/2/1886Master gunner died Golden Hill FortHeadstone & kerb erected by military & civilian friends
SUTTONHilda AmyBrambletye, Headon Hill, Totland BayR3/11479 yrs08/07/1978Granite cross with kerb surround
SUTTONWilliam GratwickBrambledown, York Lane, TotlandR3/20408/05/198890 yrs13/05/1988
SWORDJohn StevensonThe Hermitage, Totland BayR1/354 - 239/D404/09/191972 yrs06/09/1919(of Tunbridge Wells) with Florence SwordLarge Marble cross on pedestal & Chippings double width
SWORDFlorenceSandhurst, Tunbridge Wells239/D420/01/192363 yrs24/01/1923Interred with John Stevenson SwordLarge Marble cross on pedestal & Chippings double width
SWORDJohn Nicholson239/D409/01/190230/09/1982Youngest son of John & Florence Sword
SYMMONDSJamesTotland78 yrs03/12/1926
TAYLORGeorginaWoodville Terrace, Middleton, Totland48 yrs21/05/1912
TAYLORFranklinThe Lunatic Assylum, CarisbrookeR1/34876 yrs24/03/1919Granite celtic cross on pedestal with kerb surround
TAYLORMaryTotlandR2/7280 yrs15/01/1926Interred with Isaac Taylor & Arthur WhittingtonHeadstone, kerb surround, chippings & small footstone
TAYLORIsaacPrinces Road82 yrs12/08/1929Interred With Mary Taylor & Arthur WhittingtonHeadstone, kerb surround, chippings & small footstone
TAYLORKate FrancesClarence, Totland BayR2/25369 yrs18/11/1940under treeLow headstone with kerb surround
TAYLORJessie MarySt. Mary's Hospital, Newport78 yrs15/06/1946
TAYLORChristopher Stanley TaylorBeaconcroft, Colwell Bay17 yrs04/05/1949
TAYLORMary AnnBeauleh, Princes Road, TotlandR2/57985 yrs24/09/1956Small headstone with kerb surround & chippings
TAYLORJohnThe Chalet, Ward Road, TotlandR2/63377 yrs06/10/1959Interred with May TaylorNo headstone, granite surround & chippings
TAYLORSarah KateSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/587 yrs19/03/1970Interred with sister - Ada Ruth WhittingtonHeadstone, no kerbs
TAYLORMaySt Margarets, Victoria Road, FreshwaterR3/2079 yrs18/03/1971Interred with John TaylorNo headstone, granite surround & chippings
TAYLORMargaret DorothyLandholm, Church Hill, Totland20/05/198274 yrs27/05/1982Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (2)Memorial Garden
TAYLORIdaGreen Meadows, Colwell Road, FreshwaterR3/25905/07/199790 yrs15/07/1997
TAYLORThomas William (Bill)18 St Saviours Road, TotlandR3/28225/03/200070 yrs27/03/2000
TEESDorothy VidaShaston, Weston Road, Totland Bay49 yrs25/09/1937
THACKERDudley HewittSt. Wilfreds, Totland BayR2/39462 yrs19/07/1947Interred with Winifred Margarita ThackerCross on granite base with kerb surround
THACKERWinifred MargaritaNot Recorded0/8/197593 yrsInterred with Dudley Hewitt ThackerCross on granite base with kerb surround
THACKRAHGeorge WilliamHomelands, YarmouthR1/349 - 214/D528/05/184606/04/191972 yrs09/04/1919Scroll carved on Headstone with kerb surround
THACKRAHFelicia MarjorieGreenland, Redlands Road, ReadingR2/460 - 215/D513/09/189204/10/195058 yrs09/10/1950formerly of 23a Scorcklyn Drive,CavershawSlab Stone kerbs
THIRLBYWilliam FrederickThe Thatch, Middleton, FreshwaterR3/10463 yrs07/10/1977
THOMASWilliam CharlesAlma Villa The Avenue, TotlandR1/26225 yrs31/01/1913Cross couchant on 'racks' with kerbs & chippings
THOMPSONRobertThornhill, The Avenue, Totland74 yrs29/04/1958
THOMPSONPatriciaThe Largesse, Alum Bay New Rd, Totland BayR3/35679 yrs22/05/2019Formerly Patricia Marston
THORBURNWalter HenryHolmlea, Heath MeadowR2/53976 yrs30/10/1954Stone surround
THREADGILLCarolineTotland Bay70 yrs28/8/1897
THREADGILLLauraForest House, Carisbrooke65 yrs27/09/1922
TILLERArthur GeorgeSpringvale, Summers Lane, TotlandR2/54770 yrs21/03/1955Interred with Hilda Lily May TillerNo headstone, kerb surround
TILLERHilda Lily MaySpringvale, Summers Lane, Totland74 yrs22/04/1961Interred with Arthur George TillerNo headstone, kerb surround
TODDHenry CharlesTotland BayR1/14239 yrs23/06/1901Cross couchant broken at pedestal with kerb surround
TOMSWilliam IsaacMiddleton, TotlandR2/29569 yrs17/07/1942died St Mary's Hospital, NewportBook restant with no kerbs
TOMSLouisaMillbank Cottage, Middleton, TotlandR2/43171 yrs14/05/1949Book restant with no kerbs
TOMSJames EdwardMillbank Cottage, Middleton, TotlandR2/53445 yrs02/06/1954Book restant with no kerbs
TOMSDouglas CyrilReaders Factory, The Avenue, TotlandR2/68450 yrs08/01/1963Interred with Jesse TomsNo headstone, kerb & chippings. Tablet at foot
TOMSJessie2 The Oaks, Amos Hill, Totland22/01/198980 yrs31/01/1989Ashes interred with Douglas TomsNo headstone, kerb & chippings. Tablet at foot
TONKSMargaret AugustaAmbers, Golden Ridge, Freshwater11/06/198874 yrs16/06/1988Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (14)Memorial Garden
TONKSSidneyAmbers, Golden Ridge, Freshwater21/10/198981 yrs14/01/1989Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (15)Memorial Garden
TOTTENHAMHazel JoyceWeston Farm House, Weston Road, TotlandR2/55462 yrs01/07/1955Interred with George R. Frederick TottenhamSemi -circular Headstone with kerb surround
TOTTENHAMSir - George Richard FrederickWeston Farm House, Weston Road, TotlandR3/9486 yrs18/01/1977(KCIE, C.S.I.) Interred with Hazel J TottenhamSemi -circular Headstone with kerb surround
TOWNSENDWinifred Charlotte Mary2 Baden Cottages, Colwell Lane, Totland13 months02/11/1917
TOWNSONGeorge HarrisonThe Privetts, Totland Bay74 yrs01/12/1949
TRANTERWilliamTotland Bay86 yrs31/12/1910
TRANTERMary AnnFlukes Cottage, Totland Bay75 yrs06/03/1911
TREVANIONGeorge CharlesThe Windmill, TotlandR2/391 - 867/F494 yrs08/08/1947Interred with Elsie Elizabeth TrevanionGranite headstone with kerb surround
TREVANIONElsie ElizabethThe Windmill, Totland BayR2/404 - 867/F492 yrs21/02/1948Interred with George Charles TrevanionGranite headstone with kerb surround
TREVANIONElizabethTotland BayR1/8179 yrs10/3/1892Interred with Elizabeth Caroline Trevanion
TREVANIONElizabeth CarolineWindmill Farm, TotlandR2/12184 yrs07/12/1932Interred with Elizabeth Trevanion
TUBBSFrederick GeorgeVisiting at Totland BayR1/494 yrs24/6/1887Small cross on pedestal with kerb surround
TUBBSJohnBrickfields Cottage, TotlandR1/157 - 287/B408/01/190370 yrs13/01/1903Cross on pedestal (falling over) with kerbs
TUBBSEmma41 The Butts, Frome.75 yrs12/09/1913
TUCKERJohn BlakeFreshwater BayR1/151 - 191/B59/10/183205/03/190269 yrs08/03/1902Red sandstone peaked memorial on small plinth
TUCKEREllen FannyBraemar, Southdown Road, FreshwaterR1/24822/02/191280 yrs26/02/1912Headstone with kerb surround
TURLEYHannah MariaWarren View, Totland BayR2/13271 yrs16/03/1933Interred with Walter TurleyHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
TURLEYWalterWarren View, Totland BayR2/28374 yrs14/01/1942Interred withHannah Maria TurleyHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
TURLEYJohn EdgarRose Cottage, Weston Road, Totland07/11/198274 yrs17/01/1983Ashes in Garden of Rememberance (3)Memorial Garden
TURNERSarahTotland Bay1 day25/01/1900
TWEDELLAdaClifton, The Broadway, TotlandR3/146 - 778/F593 yrs12/11/1980Interred with niece - Joan GregsonHeadstone no kerbs
TWYMANSophia Louisa6 Tennyson Road, Freshwater77 yrs22/04/1950Interred with Sister, Elsie Emily BrownLong,Narrow concrete covered grave,stone slab on pillow
TWYMANWilliam6 Tennyson Road, FreshwaterR2/62680 yrs22/06/1959Interred with Wife Sophia Louisa TwymanLong,Narrow concrete covered grave,stone slab on pillow
UNDERHILLWalter RonaldTrustley Cottage, York LaneR3/28517/08/200078 yrs23/08/2000
UNWINAlbert HarrySeafield, Madeira Road, Totland BayR1/37259 yrs05/12/1921Marble finished granite Celtic cross on pedestal with kerbs
UNWINFlorence Ellen
UZIELLIHerbert RexHeathercroft, Totland BayR3/65170 yrs25/01/1961Ashes with Gwendoline T UzielliHeadstone,crest on cross, small tablet
UZIELLIGwendoline TheodoraThrowleigh Lodge, Ridgeway, WokingR3/16129/06/198184 yrs13/08/1981Ashes interred with Herbert R UzzielliHeadstone,crest on cross, small tablet
VANNERWilliamAlum Bay, Totland63 yrs06/02/1901
VANNERFrances (Fanny)Oak Terace, Moons Hill, TotlandR2/20170 yrs28/09/1937Interred with Ethol VannerHeadstone with kerb surround
VANNERCharles JamesEaston Field, Farringford Farm, FreshwaterR2/32677 yrs31/07/1944Interred with William Charles VannerHeadstone with kerb surround
VANNEREthelI Portland Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland70 yrs09/11/1965Interred with Fanny VannerHeadstone with kerb surround
VANNERWilliam CharlesMoons Hill, TotlandR3/3378 yrs22/02/1972Interred with Charles James VannerHeadstone with kerb surround
VEARSMichaelC/O 12 St Saviours Road, Totland2 yrs17/07/1975Internment of Ashes
VICKERYLouisa EmmaWeston Manor, TotlandR2/26273 yrs10/03/1941Interred with William James VickeryCarved Angel Headstone with kerb surround
VICKERYWilliam JamesWeston Manor Lodge,TotlandR2/27768 yrs10/11/1941Interred wih Louisa Emma VickeryCarved Angel Headstone with kerb surround
WADEFrederick ThomasColwell Lane, TotlandR3/16877 yrs29/03/1982Interred with Eva Helen Wade
WADEEva HelenAncona Nursing Home, The Square, Freshwater BayR3/22412/12/199178 yrs20/09/1991Interred with Frederick Thomas Wade
WAISTELLMargaret IdaTotland (previously of Northallerton)R2/2180 yrs20/10/1925Granite Cross on pedestal with kerb surround
WAISTELL (DSC)Captain - Alan MurrayOld Mead, FreshwaterR2/51163 yrs20/10/1952Interred with Mary Isobelle (Sandford) WaistallGranite Headstone, kerb surround & Chippings
WAISTELL (SANDFORD)Mary IsobelleRoyal Victoria Hospital, FolkstoneR3/6076 yrs29/10/1973Interred with Capt. Alan M WaistallGranite Headstone, kerb surround & Chippings
WAISTELLIrene Margaret0/9/1966Interment of AshesMemorial Tablet (S/No 295)
WALKERIvan DelatosHome of Rest Hospital, Shanklin5 weeks15/03/1945
WALLISSimonNot RecordedR3/6303/06/19741 day07/06/1974
WALTERIvanNot RecordedR2/3370/3/19451 monthGrandchild of Thomas & Ethol ThornChilds small grave with kerb surround
WALTONFrances AudreyChart House, Madeira Road, TotlandR3/15879 yrs19/06/1981Interred with Michael Walton
WALTONFrank Michael0/0/1982Interred with Frances Audrey Walton
WARINGAda BlancheThe Peak, Totland BayR2/32364 yrs27/03/1944Interred with William S O WaringMarble Headstone with kerb surround
WARINGWilliam Samuel OndesloweTinklers, Totland BayR2/57387 yrs18/06/1956Interred with Ada Blanche WaringMarble Headstone with kerb surround
WARINGMajor -Samuel C.O.-/Dec/1941M.C. KORR Killed in actionMarble Headstone with kerb surround
WARINGJohn William BrodieWaterdip, York Lane, TotlandR3/24909/06/199682 yrs13/06/1996Interred with Evelyn Margaret Garnett Waring
WARINGEvelyn Margaret Garnett65 Brambles Chine, FreshwaterR3/31915/12/200489 yrs22/12/2004Interred with John William Brodie Waring
WARTONMary EdithLamosna, Totland BayR2/8373 yrs23/02/1930Unmarked Couchant granite cross on pillow with kerbs
WASSONAaron MurrayFreshwater Court , Court Road, TotlandR1/38218/05/192288 yrs23/05/1922Stone scroll couchant - kerb surrounds
WASSONAlice GertrudeFreshwater Court , Court Road, Totland80 yrs19/05/1937Marble scroll
WATERHOUSEHenryTotland BayR1/10242 yrs5/12/1895Interred with Thomas & Harold WaterhouseCross on pedestal with kerbs double width
WATERHOUSEThomasTotlandR1/19583 yrs09/05/1907Interred with Henry WaterhouseCross on pedestal with kerbs double width
WATERHOUSEHaroldSeaview Cottage, TotlandR1/24422 yrs01/10/1911Interred with Thomas & Henry WaterhouseCross on pedestal with kerbs double width
WATERHOUSEBernardRoyal Naval Hospital, HaslarR1/30125 yrs07/03/1916HMS Victory 2Headstone No kerb surround
WATERHOUSELouisa MaryThe Broadway, TotlandR2/5866 yrs24/12/1927Marble decorated slab with kerb surround
WATERHOUSEMartha JaneSeaview Cottage, Totland BayR2/8275 yrs08/02/1930Plain stone surround with kerbs
WATERHOUSEWilliam JohnSalisbury Villa, Totland BayR2/17574 yrs07/03/1936Headstone with kerb surround
WATERSReginald Dillaway2 Oak Terrace, Moons Hill, TotlandR3/10763 yrs29/12/1977
WATERWORTHCharles WorsleyYork Road, Totland81 yrs25/11/1965
WATHENReverend - William Mackenzie HulbertAmulet, YarmouthR2/37778 yrs24/01/1947Vicar of Totland. Interred with Mary H WathenGranite Celtic Cross covered with crazy paving blocks
WATHENMary HarrietAmulet, YarmouthR2/49581 yrs30/01/1952Interred with William WathenGranite Celtic Cross covered with crazy paving blocks
WATSONJohnHawthorndene, Colwell Road, Totland62 yrs20/11/1958
WEBBKenneth GeorgeFreshwater Court Lodge, Court Road, TotlandR2/28772 yrs05/02/1942Interred with Eva Charlotte webbBook restant with kerb surround & chippings
WEBBEva CharlotteHigh Street, FreshwaterR2/37378 yrs21/10/1946Interred with Kenneth George WebbBook restant with kerb surround & chippings
WEBBERLizzie RoseBriary Lodge, Middleton, TotlandR2/53062 yrs19/01/1954Headstone with kerb surround
WEBBERLEYEdith MaryHawthorndene, Colwell Road, Totland80 yrs17/08/1955
WEBBERLEYErnest JosephHawthorndene, Colwell Road, Totland86 yrs04/08/1961
WEIGHTEllen LouisaWhitecroft Hospital, NewportR3/1872 yrs25/01/1971Interred with William Alfred Charles WeightHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
WEIGHTWilliam Alfred CharlesRed Cottage, Colwell Common, TotlandR3/2789 yrs09/12/1971Interred withEllen Louise WeightHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
WELCOMEFrederick DavidTotland Bay10 months1/2/1890
WELSTEADDorothy PhyllisBrickfield Cottages, Totland4 yrs04/05/1912
WENDENHerbert Scanes63 Twyford Road, EastleighR2/43771 yrs05/10/1949Interred with Kate WendenLow Headstone with kerb surround
WENDENKateLangholme, Victoria Road, FreshwaterR2/65480 yrs21/02/1961Interred with Herbert Scanes WendenLow Headstone with kerb surround
WESTJamesTotland Bay70 yrs21/01/1911
WESTBROOKFrankInnisfail, AlumBay New Road, TotlandR3/10186 yrs01/09/1977Interred with mother Charlotte L Westgate
WESTCOTTAnnie Edith8 Manor Villas, The Broadway, Totland86 yrs08/06/1955
WESTCOTTEric George8 Manor Villas, The Broadway, Totland54 yrs18/06/1955
WESTGATECharlotte LouisaInnisfail, AlumBay New Road, TotlandR2/783100 yrs02/10/1968Interred with son Frank Westbrook
WESTHORPECharles EdwardWinitonia, The Broadway, TotlandR2/55570 yrs03/08/1955Book restant
WETHEREDMary EllenHeathercroft, Totland BayR1/36074 yrs14/01/1920Interred with Edward Bestbridge WetheredMarble Cross (broken)pedestal Iron surround
WETHEREDEdward BestbridgeHeathercroft, Totland BayR2/19285 yrs19/06/1937Interred with Mary Ellen WetheredMarble Cross (broken)pedestal Iron surround
WHATLEYReginald ThomasAvonlea, 5 Yarborough Close, Godshill, VentnorR3/16630/10/198169 yrs24/02/1982Ashes with Catherine Pearl Whatley
WHATLEYCatherine PearlAvonlea, 5 Yarborough Close, Godshill, Ventnor05/11/199583 yrs19/10/1996Ashes interred with Reginald T. Whatley
WHEELERAnnaTotland Bay53 yrs26/10/1897
WHEELERWilliamWeston Cottage, Totland85 yrs08/01/1904
WHEELERMildred ScottForest House, Newport70 yrs02/02/1940
WHEELERLouisa VictoriaLaleham, The Avenue, TotlandR2/79382 yrs08/04/1969Interred with Herbert Joseph MorrisGranite polished headstone, no kerbs, double width grave
WHILLIERHarry JosephNew Barn, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/15183 yrs22/01/1981Interred with Lillian M Whillier
WHILLIERLillian MNot RecordedInterred with Harry Joseph Whillier
WHITESoloman MarchTotland Bay45 yrs23/11/1895
WHITESarah AnneTotland Bay55 yrs03/11/1906
WHITECharles HarryAlmonte, The Avenue, Totland18 days07/09/1915
WHITELily AgnesBethfell, Colmar Way, Totland79 yrs17/03/1955
WHITELeslie Dunton1A Berkenshaw Flats, TotlandR2/60556 yrs01/08/1958Wooden Mahogany Cross with kerb surround
WHITERoseLismore, The Avenue, TotlandR2/65280 yrs02/02/1961Interred with Amos James WhiteHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
WHITEAmos JamesLismore, The Avenue, TotlandR2/75689 yrs01/04/1967Ashes interred with Rose WhiteHeadstone with kerb surround & chippings
WHITEWOODAlfred EdwinFreshwater7 yrs27/3/1884
WHITEWOODAmy Elizabeth1 Brickfields, Summers Lane, Totland77 yrs16/06/1953
WHITEWOODEdith MaudColwell Bay45 yrs02/09/1953
WHITEWOODJohn FrederickBrickfields, Totland90 yrs02/10/1962
WHITEWOODJohn Wilfred1 Brickfield Cottages, TotlandR3/4765 yrs20/11/1972Interred with George Albert WhitewoodHeadstone (fallen) no kerbs & chippings
WHITEWOODGeorge AlbertBrickfield Cottage, TotlandR3/9065 yrs18/11/1976Interred with John Wilfred WhitewoodHeadstone (fallen) no kerbs & chippings
WHITEWOODOliver Edward3 Prospect Cottage, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/84-28/01/1976Age not recorded
WHITEWOODElsie AliceBrickfield Cottages, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/11080 yrs04/05/1978
WHITEWOODBeatrice ElizabethBrickfield Terrace, Summers Lane, TotlandR3/15075 yrs20/01/1981
WHITEWOODHarrySt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/19028/03/198679 yrs04/04/1986
WHITEWOODBernard Charles Joseph2 Maydene, Upper Princes Road, freshwaterR3/20626/08/198866 yrs01/09/1988Interred with Beryl Whitewood
WHITEWOODBeryl RosinaThe Gouldings, St Andrews Way, FreshwaterR3/358not recorded29/05/2020Interred with Bernard Whitewood
WHITTINGHAMArthur0/7/1917Died Ypres-with Isaac & Mary TaylorHeadstone, kerb surround, chippings & small footstone
WHITTINGHAMErnest VictorStonewind Farm, Totland BayR2/64968 yrs28/12/1960Farmer-(with Eric C. H. Whittingham)Headstone with kerb surround & chippings
WHITTINGHAMJessie GeorginaShanklin Hospital,ShanklinR3/18092 yrs14/11/1984
WHITTINGHAMIrene MaudFlat 1, High Street, Freshwater25/05/198462 yrs30/05/1984Ashes interred in family grave
WHITTINGHAMEric Charles Henry8 Solent Hill, Freshwater11/07/198464 yrs21/07/1984Ashes interred with Ernest Whittingham
WHITTINGHAMLeonard GeorgeHighdown House, Alum Bay Old Road, TotlandR3/23916/04/199465 yrs22/04/1994Interred with Pamela Patricia Whittingham
WHITTINGHAMPamela PatriciaHighdown House, Alum Bay Old Road, TotlandR3/29120/05/200172 yrs29/05/2001Interred with Leonard George Whittingham
WHITTINGTONGeorge HenryMiddleton Farm Cottages,Moons Hill, TotlandR2/45464 yrs15/04/1950R.N. (with Alice Maud Whittingham)Book on rest with kerb surround
WHITTINGTONAda RuthSt Mary's Hospital, NewportR3/4092 yrs26/07/1972Interred with sister-Sarah Kate TaylorHeadstone. No kerb surround
WHITTINGTONAlice MaudMiddleton Farm, TotlandR3/8077 yrs31/10/1975Interred with George Henry WhittinghamBook on rest with kerb surround
WHITTLEBrian Adrian JamesSerenity Hotel, Church Hill, TotlandR3/3760 yrs23/05/1972
WHITTLEColin Adrian GrenvilleBeulah, Cliff Road, TotlandR3/34007/03/201363 yrs19/03/2013Interred Yorke Road Plot
WHITTLEKathleen FlorenceHeather Cottage, Heatherwood Park Rd, TotlandR3/13364 yrs21/02/1980Interment of Ashes
WICKENSJosephTotland Bay70 yrs02/04/1909
WICKENSRosettaThe Workhouse, Carisbrooke, I.W.78 yrs13/09/1919
WICKENSHenry Arthur JohnNorman Villas, The Avenue, TotlandR2/50545 yrs11/06/1952Sunken unidentified mound(next to Albert Staddon)
WIGGLESWORTHMary GutheriePine Bluff, Heatherwood Park Road, TotlandR3/12288 yrs10/04/1979
WILLIAMSThomas AlbertTotland Bay4 yrs1/5/1892
WILLIAMSFlorence EthelTotland Bay3 months3/6/1893
WILLIAMSMajor - Charles StanleyThe Knoll, Upper Granville Road,Totland BayR2/15170 yrs19/04/1934Indian ArmyLow Headstone with Kerb surround
WILLIAMSGrace EmilyMadeira Lodge, Madeira Lane, FreshwaterR3/20317/04/198874 yrs22/04/1988Interred with William John Williams
WILLIAMSLilianInglefield Nursing Home, Madeira Rd, Totland27/02/199293 yrs13/03/1992Linden, Kendal Rd. Ashes in G.O.R. (17)Memorial Garden
WILLIAMSWilliam JohnSteephill, Steephill Court Road, VentnorR3/25417/01/199783 yrs24/01/1997Interred with Grace Emily Wiliams
WILLSHEREEdward5 Manor Villas, The Broadway, TotlandR2/44374 yrs16/12/1949Interred with Florence Martha WillshereHeadstone with kerb surround & Chippings
WILLSHEREFlorence MarthaWest Wickham, KentR2/68786 yrs15/02/1963Interred with Edward WillshereHeadstone with kerb surround & Chippings
WILMERThomas GeorgeHeatherdown, Alum Bay, TotlandR2/78757 yrs24/12/1968Ashes with Peggy Wilmer
WILMERPeggyNot Recorded-/8/197052 YrsAshes interred with Thomas George Wilmer
WIMBORNEEileen57c Sunset Close, Freshwater29/09/201891 yrs00/10/2018Ashes interred with Arthur & Alice Wimborne
WIMBOURNEMontague WalterClaremont, Church Hill, Totland02/03/200177 yrs10/05/2001Ashes interred in Garden of Rememberance.Memorial Garden
WISEWinifred AnnieTamarisk, Elliston Road, TotlandR3/18175 yrs23/11/1984Interred with Leslie Joseph Ronald Wise
WISELeslie Joseph Ronald2 Durham Cottages, Beaconsfield Road, VentnorR3/29980 yrs19/11/2002Ashes interred with Winifred Annie Wise
WITHNALLJeanette VirginaWoodside, Cliff Road, TotlandR3/23726/03/199475 yrs31/03/1994Interred with Dennis Frank Withnall
WITHNALLDennis FrankLate of Nottingham, Formerly Cliff Rd, Totland13/10/201295 Yrs02/11/2012Interred with Jeanette Withnall
WOULFEHerbert ChardosKingsombourne Cottage, Totland BayR1/38458 yrs17/08/1922Under TreeGranite Cross on pedestal, no kerb surround
WOODSamuelHeatherwood, Totland Bay79 yrs03/12/1915
WOODDavid Reginald1 Queens Cottage, Heath Lane, Totland Bay23 yrs16/02/1933
WOODEmily ChristianaThe Avenue , Totland BayR2/22187 yrs14/07/1939Interred with George William WoodHeadstone with kerb surround
WOODBenjaminLongford House, Havenstreet56 yrs12/04/1941formally at Heath Lane, Colwell
WOODGeoffrey Michael2 Heath Lane, Colwell Bay3 months28/02/1947
WOODLinda MaryQueens Cottage, Heath Lane, Totland3 weeks08/08/1949
WOODGeorge WilliamChancit, The Avenue, TotlandR2/47591 yrs10/05/1951Interred with Emily Christiana WoodsHeadstone with kerb surround
WOODMinnie Florence1 Queens Cottage, Heath Meadow, Totland R3/10891 yrs02/03/1978
WOODWARDPercyThe Broadway, Totland69 yrs01/05/1947
WOOLHEADPercyThe Avenue, Totland65 yrs28/10/1946
WOOLHEADJanet Elsie32 Sunset Close, Freshwater84 yrs28/11/1968
WOOLLSLydiaTotland Bay78 yrs6/12/1883with Alfred Walter Duke (2nd oldest grave)2 headstones surmounted crosses with kerbs & chippings
WOOLWRIGHTRose EvaWhitecroft Hospital, Newport82 yrs06/10/1960
WORSLEYMargaret FrancesTotland BayR1/20472 yrs08/05/1908Headstone, no kerb surround
WORTHRose Hannah AliceLucerne Villa, Middleton, Totland37 yrs26/06/1920
WORTHWilliam ThomasLucerne, Middleton, Totland299/C409/12/194065 yrs09/12/1940Memorial flower holder, no kerbs
WORTHJohn RichardMiddleton, Totland301/C402/04/194271 yrs04/04/1942died I.W. County HospitalMemorial flower holder, no kerbs
WRENFredCosy Corner, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/2279 yrs06/08/1971Interred with Jane & Jean WrenGranite Headstone with Kerb surround
WRENJane Edith RoseCosy Corner, Colwell Lane, TotlandR3/24216/02/199596 yrs21/02/1995Interred with Fred WrenGranite Headstone with Kerb surround
WRENJean Margery Frances GwendolineCosy Corner, Colwell Lane, Totland26/05/199672 yrs20/06/1996Ashes interred with Fred and Jane WrenGranite Headstone with Kerb surround
WRIGHTEmily Ann3 Moons Hill, Totland Bay75 yrs19/09/1944
WRIGHTArthur3 Oak Terrace, Moons Hill, Totland86 yrs29/11/1948
WRIGHTWinifred SarahMyasotie, Alverston, SandownR3/21 - 303/C402/11/188902/05/197181 yrs04/05/1971Ashes with John Wright & Phyllis Richardson (nee Wright)4 Memorial Tablets couchant, kerb surround & chippings
WRIGHTJohnNot RecordedR3/91 - 303/C400/00/188104/11/197695 yrs26/11/1976Ashes with Winifred Wright & Phyllis Richardson (nee Wright)4 Memorial Tablets couchant, kerb surround & chippings
WYATTEda AliceMelita, Weston Road, TotlandR2/45854 yrs17/07/1950School CaretakerSmall Flower Block
YEATESHilda AliceSt. Mary's Hospital, NewportR2/63772 yrs23/02/1960with Rosalie Nellie Yeates (Sister)Headstone with kerb surround
YEATESRosalie NellieAston House, Church Hill, Totland76 yrs26/06/1967with Hilda Alice Yeates (Sister)Headstone with kerb surround
YOUNGJohnTotland Bay71 yrs27/9/1898Burial laws Act 1880 without ordinary service
YOUNGEdithElm Cottage, Princes Road, TotlandR!/29069 yrs19/03/1915Double grave, 2 Headstones, kerb surround
YOUNGWilliam HenryElm Cottage, Princes Road, TotlandR1/35273 yrs06/08/1919Double grave, 2 Headstones, kerb surround
YOUNGJohnGranville Road, Totland79 yrs24/04/1931
YOUNGArthurElim Cottage, Princes Road, Totland73 yrs17/10/1951
YOUNGJohn FrederickDrumarkie, Granville Road, Totland73 yrs27/03/1954
YOUNGPercivalPorchfieldR2/60272 yrs17/05/1958Interred with Florence YoungGranite surround only
YOUNGCarolineHazeldale, The Avenue, TotlandR2/62892 yrs22/07/1959Interred with Walter YoungSmall Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
YOUNGWalterHazeldale, The Avenue, TotlandR2/64183 yrs04/04/1960Interred with Caroline YoungSmall Headstone, kerb surround & chippings
YOUNGAlbert EdwardThe Knoll, Upper Granville Road,Totland BayR2/65681 yrs20/03/1961Interred with Lily Alberta YoungHeadstone with kerb surround, cement covered
YOUNGFlorence2 Homelands, New Road, PorchfieldR2/68681 yrs19/02/1963Interred with Percival YoungGranite surround only
YOUNGFrances ElizabethDrumarkie, Granville Road, Totland84 yrs23/10/1968
YOUNGLily Alberta112 New Rd, Netley Abbey, Nr. SouthamptonR2/79588 yrs23/04/1969Interred with Albert Edward YoungHeadstone with kerb surround, cement covered