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The World is our Parish

 Christ Church Overseas Mission Support

Through prayer and financial support Christ Church has resourced the following overseas mission initiatives throughout 2016/17:

Information on some of these initiatives is displayed on the Christ Church Mission Noticeboard at the rear of the church and updates are included in the parish magazine.

A dedicated Christ Church prayer group runs on the first Monday of each month to pray for our mission partners around the world.


Worldshare (Refugees in Syria)

‘Our Mission in the world’s needest places, is to partner with local Christians in their vision to bring about social and spiritual transformation.’ 


Love Russia

‘Young people who have grown up inside orphan institutions face the sad reality that many will become addicts and turn to crime because they are ill prepared for life. Most will suffer poverty and some will become homeless. Love Russia is changing this through reliable adult role models, shelter and life skills support. With guidance and nurturing, orphanage leavers can become independent, capable and strong and learn they are loved!’ Click here for the Love Russia website.


Hope Now Ministries – Ukraine

‘Hope Now is a Christian charity that aims to bring hope, by sharing the love of Jesus and making Him known by ministering to those in spiritual, physical and emotional need. Hope Now has pre independence homes for young people learning to live life following life in an orphanage. Child care officers oversee the young people in these homes, teaching them life skills and encouraging them to read the Bible.’ Christ Church sponsors Valeria (a Ukrainian Dental student) on a 7 year Dentistry course. Click here for the Hope Now website.


The work of Martin and Mary Barber in Madagascar through the Malagassy Scripture Union


Mary and Martin Barber – Madagascar




Christ Church supports the work of Martin and Mary Barber at a school founded by them in Madagascar with prayer and financial support. Christ Church sponsors a teacher at the school.


Toddlers Group – Madagascar

Toddlers Group – Madagascar

Training of Children’s Workers – Children’s Mission – Madagascar

Boo Workers Making School Aprons – Madagascar














Adonai UK

Adonai UK supports the work of Adonai Family Uganda, a Ugandan organisation based in Wakiso district. There mission is to help the needy and vulnerable by offering care, protection and a hope for the future. At their Child Development Centre, children from the local communities, along with some former street children are offered a good education at Adonai Primary School. Their health, food, clothing and pastoral needs are monitored. Some of the children also need secure refuge or support to enable their extended family to take care of them. The Adonai team attempts to meet all these needs. Christ Church supports Adonai through prayer, child sponsorship and fund raising.

Adonai Infant School

Adonai Junior School

Adonai Infants at Break Time

Adonai Football Team














To find out more about donating or child sponsorship visit the Adonai UK website.

Click here for the Adonai website.



We help children marginalised and abused by those who should protect them. We work with local organisations who are best placed to help find the most appropriate ways to prevent and help children escape from a life on the streets of El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Kenya and India. We always see the child at the centre of our work. This is the ‘Ecology of the Child’ approach. To change the lives of children we are aware that you also need to work with their families, and communities as well as addressing issues within society that are barriers to child protection and resilience. Christ Church supports Toybox through prayer and financial support. Click here for the Toybox website.

Alison and Paul Guinness in Burundi

Alison, Paul and Jeremy Guinness In Burundi


Paul and Alison Guinness are currently conducting a survey in Burundi about the interest and opportunities for the church to be more involved in cross cultural mission, both within and outside Burundi, which will be used as a strategic mission plan. They are also looking to have a co-operative agreement to work locally with Africa Inland Mission’s Africa Mobilisation Hub. The hub is seeking to help African mission agencies to work together to see Africans sent. They continue to connect more widely with the South to North African Partnership. Christ Church supports Alison and Paul through prayer and financial support. Click on the link for their latest prayer letter. Alison & Paul Guinness prayer letter no 10, 5.9.17



Mission Aviation Fellowship


WE work in close partnership with 1,500 aid, relief agencies and missions to enable safe access to the worlds forgotten people. Our flights enable them to provide help. hope and healing to one million isolated people. Our partners include:

Impact Foundation – One third of Bangladesh is covered with water, Impact Foundation’s answer to providing medical access in hard to access areas is their mobile floating hospital, the Jibon Tari.

Medair MAF partners with Medair to bring life saving relief and rehabilitation to areas affected by conflict, crisis or natural disaster, working alongside the most vulnerable.

Tearfund Is a Christian charity called to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest. We work tirelessly to help communities around the world escape the very worst effects of poverty and disaster and we believe that the same people facing these troubles also have the best idea as to how they should overcome them. Tearfund works alongside local churches and other locally based organisations to help realise these plans for a better future. Christ Church supports MAF through prayer and financial support. Click here for the MAF website.

Tugsuu Dumberell (The Mongolian Church in Europe)



The Mongolian Mission supports Mongolian Christians working in Europe. The organisation has more than 20 Christian Churches in Europe and has recently opened a Bible School in Salzburg, Austria where 17 Christian Leaders are being trained. Christ Church supports Tugsuu Dumbrell and the Mongolian Missionany work in Europe through prayer and financial support. Click on the link for their latest prayer letter. NEWS L of Tugsuu 2017



Leadership Training at Bible School, Austria


Mongolian Christians in Europe